The Real Life Super Hero Project Urban Avenger Portrait

Urban Avenger Portrait

Posted in Portraits on Thursday, April 1st, 2010 at 12:00 pm 4 Comments

Click image above for full portrait.

4 Comments to “Urban Avenger Portrait”

  1. shocker says:

    you are doing real good job

  2. Sacred Justice Protector says:

    You’re high on the list of great masks ! Keep fighting for justice, and a better world !

  3. Helloguy says:

    Hello! I was just wondering, do those lenses work as a night vision type thing and if so how did you acheive that effect?
    Love what you do. Just reading some of your reports. Great stuff. :)

  4. Felix Lopez says:

    Hey Urban Avenger how can I find out more abut Real Life Super Heroes? What are some great websites to look at? When is the next Super Hero Convention in New York City?

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