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In the Real Life Superhero community, Urban Avenger stands tall among equals. And for more than the most obvious of reasons. “I’m on patrol, even when I’m not on patrol,” the San Diego, California-based hero states, “even when I’m not in my costume as a visual deterrent for crime, if I see something going down, I will act. Anytime, anywhere.”

As a former victim of crime himself, Urban Avenger always had a strong sense of social justice. And when some of his friends alerted him to the growing movement of creative altruists across America, he was intrigued. “I saw a movie once where someone asked ‘Why don’t more people dress up in costume and help others?’ and I thought ‘Yeah, why not?’,” he says. “And when I looked into it more online, I was so inspired by what I saw, that I knew this was something I had to get in on, something I could do to make a positive contribution to the world. I wanted to go out and actually stop people from being victims of crimes.” And once that seed was planted, there was no stopping its growth.

Joining up with the locally-based Xtreme Justice League in Fall of 2010, Urban Avenger can most typically be found working neighborhood patrols, in his ever-evolving gear (“I recently changed my body armor out to be more cyborg-like,” he says). Having only recently arrived on the scene, he hasn’t seen a lot of action, but that’s alright with him, too. “I know, even though it’s hard to substantiate it, that just being out there is a deterrent. I patrol a lot around the bar district, and while people might not notice me on my own, if I’m dressed up, people will notice, and I do get attention. So maybe people won’t try and get away with something when they see me that way.”

And a lot of the time, Urban Avenger is hard to miss. Enter Power Bocks, the spring-loaded, elastic-like stilts that are the most distinctive part of his gear. “I read about the springs on the forums,” he says, “they’re really great for exercise and leg muscle development, and when I heard about what they could do, I went ‘Holy cow, that’s like straight-up Superman,’” he enthuses. Each of the boots consists of a foot-plate with bindings (much like a snowboard), and a fiberglass leaf spring. On the springs, which elevate his 5’7” frame to a towering 6’8”, and using no more than his own weight, he’s able to jump roughly four feet in the air, and run up to speeds of 20mph (“I’m at 12 now, but I’m working my way up,” he says).

He debuted his bocking gear in October 2010 at the Los Angeles AIDS Walk as part of Team Being Alive. “Once I did that—6.2 miles, in the rain—I was inspired to keep doing charity walks on my stilts. I think it’s a really great way to contribute to an event, to literally stand out. And I do wear them on patrols, just usually in plainclothes,” he says. But even with all that visibility, the Avenger is discovering that there are certain tensions that come along with the job.

“It’s hard to balance this work with the rest of my life,” he says. “Most of my family doesn’t know, so it’s sort of awkward. I want to be able to tell the truth, but sometimes I have to make up excuses why I can’t go hang out with my friends. I don’t like lying, but at the same time, I don’t think this is something I’m ready to tell the whole world about. I not really ready yet to deal with the repercussions of ‘coming out of the phone booth’,” he says.

So until then, he’s dealing with his impending local fame the best way he knows how: With a healthy dose of humility and awe. “I spoke with this really famous writer recently,” he says, “and here is this guy whose stuff I’ve read, and he’s excited to meet me. I mean, I’m just a guy who dresses up in a costume. I felt so honored that someone like him would be impressed with someone like me. It just blew my mind.” Something he’ll just have to get used to.

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20 Comments to “Urban Avenger”

  1. SPAWN says:

    I was just in San Diego,on 3/14/11, sorry I missed ya, perhaps next time.

  2. Kaiju says:

    Man, Urb. You remind me a lot of myself sometimes (only you’re way more active than I’ve been so far :P )

    Humility is always a good thing, and it’s the reason I keep a secret identity myself. You’re a huge inspiration, buddy.

  3. Geist says:


    I love the work you do and I love your common sense AND humor on the forums. Keep it up, Buddy!

    I’ve always been impressed with your cool look, too! I can’t wait to meet you and work with you at HOPE 2011 in San Diego this July! Maybe we’ll be able to fit a patrol or two in there in your city, too.

    All My Best,

  4. Good Samaritan says:

    Can’t say enough about how great a guy Urban is. He’s been a fantastic ally since I first met him less than a year ago. We did a mini-outreach just a couple of weeks ago (in fact, it was immediately following the photoshoot for his bio here), and it was such a blast to just connect and serve with him. An amazing man with an amazing heart.

  5. Blue says:

    Great Job Man!!! You ROCK!!!

  6. Red Voltage says:


    Im so happy for you, your such an amazing guy, doing all this incredible work with the extreme justice league, I cant wait to finally meet you, this lineup of characters is unbelievable and UA is one of the greatest! I love your look and like geist said sense of humor and all that on the forums!

    Great Job!

  7. Animal` says:

    U.A. You Have Seemed To Know What You Are Doing, And You Only Speak When You Know What You Are Talking About. I Respect You For That And I Can’t Wait To Possibly Work With You At H.O.P.E.

  8. Urban Avenger says:

    thanks guys, your kind words are much appreciated.

  9. Mystic says:

    You wear bocks on patrol? Madman!

  10. X-Factor says:

    I REALLY want to be a RLSH, any chance i could join the league?

  11. gphhawkins says:

    were did you get those Enter Power Bocks, the spring-loaded, elastic-like stilts

  12. Urban Avenger says:

    x-factor, of course! we’d be interested in talking to you. email me at the.urban.avenger@gmail.com

    gphhawkins, I got them at air-trekkers.com

  13. Agent Smith says:

    Im looking to join up. I’ve been active in the sacramento,Ca region for 3 years and im looking for some allies. if your in my area shoot me an email

  14. Comic Privy says:

    UA, that is the coolest costume ever, it’s like you just do not know what is underneath. On a personal note, I would suggest that if you are effective on the home front with this, keep it that way since once you involve the wife, it may change things. I am not even a hero and I know the feeling that you must get from what you do is beyond amazing, only having kids and a wonder wife and family compares…at least I am thinking.?! I could be wrong, anyway keep fighting brother and if I drop in the area I will look you up, You have become my inspiration.

  15. Alitec says:

    Good evening or morning, I wanted to know if there is an age had a meet to be a super hero, I board 14 years and then I dream of little servire the world and the life saver in my etablisement I am a very alone with comics, but I built a disguise for more than 350 euro and what deconnomie defend the other if one place and free me “I am e Alitec to crack near my city (Amiens – France) … Yes I am French I live in France and I hope it will not be a problem, thank you reponce.

  16. SL says:

    I think you are so cool! Keep doing what your doing, and if you can watch out for people who are trying to take advantage of others under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  17. crimsion moon says:

    i am a real life super hero too i patrol in Arizona and i would like to join you guys how can i oh and urban avenger i am a big fan and where can i get that mask of yours????

  18. Vursman says:


  19. prankler says:

    man i know you do parkour so learn kickboxing to you need it men

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