The Real Life Super Hero Project Gallery: Pop Culture Meets Sub-Culture

Gallery: Pop Culture Meets Sub-Culture

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Enter the “outsider” world of the Superhero. Look past the mask and discover the true spirit of Creative Altruism. Photographer Peter Tangen’s stark, arresting portraits of these ordinary men and women who have chosen to live extraordinary lives, reveal nothing short of the reinvention of what it means to do good in the world.

The second set of Tangen’s photographic images immortalize the superheroes in traditional “one-sheet,” theatrical posters, created by the leading art directors working in the field today. And while this may at first appear to reflect the very anthesis of the superhero ethos, for the many people their work has touched, this is their reality. This is how they are seen.

Latest Additions:

Life's Poster Life's Portrait Group Shot #1 Group Shot #2

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1 Comments to “Gallery: Pop Culture Meets Sub-Culture”

  1. vampireto! says:

    all everyone needed was to get under the right light to shine the brightest!!!

    congratulations superheroes, you deserved this!


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