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Posted in Posters on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 at 9:33 pm 6 Comments

Click image above for full poster. Cityscape photograph courtesy Henry Lehn.

More hero posters coming soon!

Learn more about Life on his profile.

6 Comments to “Life Poster”

  1. Jim Wayne says:

    Life, this poster is so you and consequently, SO awesome. Great poster, Pete. You and your crew are freakin’ rockstars.

  2. Geist says:

    Where there is Life, there is hope. True indeed and in so many ways! I’ve now met Life twice and he’s an awesome person.

  3. Heroic says:

    Life is one to look up to, when it come to the fact of the RLSH as well that of one from a comic book like you said “where there is Life, there is hope” but I say to you that Life has become something more he became a symbol of who we of the RLSH must be.


  4. Idea Man says:

    I love the way that you are reaching down to pull others up. Great poster!

  5. baronterror says:

    Life is clearly at the heart of the greatest part of this movement. Until we can fight and and cause positive change as a people with a unified voice the greatest injustices that allow the environment of decay to grow, the greatest good we can do is at the individual level.

    And who needs hope and help the most but those that have lost everything except for the time being their life which they cling to when so many give up?

    The greatest crime is perpetrated by the most people. With our ignorance and or apathy, these people are ignored and invisible. To give them even a moments respect, in their basic humanity…

    That is the most amazing power someone could have.

  6. red cross says:

    dude u r so awesome and im a hero my self patroling the streets at night but there is never any crime u should give me some advice

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