The Real Life Super Hero Project Meet The Real Life Superheroes

Meet The Real Life Superheroes

Posted in News, Videos on Monday, May 31st, 2010 at 3:36 am 56 Comments

What makes a hero most?  Get to know the real lives, real stories and real truths behind The Real Life Super Hero Project. They don’t fly.  They don’t stretch.  Neither do they explode, morph nor regenerate.  They possess no dazzling arsenal of gadgets, turbo-charged vehicles, no futuristic ballistic-armored suits.

Rather, they are ordinary men and women, who have made a conscious choice to live extraordinary lives—living, breathing, feeling embodiments of Creative Altruism, and all that it entails.  In a world where too many people have given up and settled for less, they have decided to rock the status quo by getting up, going out and making whatever small differences they can, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

They are Real Life Superheroes, and these are their stories.

56 Comments to “Meet The Real Life Superheroes”

  1. McJugga says:

    Here’s a little chocolate =3

  2. Thanatos says:

    Thank you for showing the world who and what we are. Thank you for showing the world that if one person can try to make a difference, then many more can make that difference.

  3. in 1999 i was the UPRIGHT MOBILE MAN of Seattle, WA. today, i’m the PURPLE LOTUS and sometimes GOOD JOB BOB in south Florida. i possess an incredibly uncanny suspension of disbelief, and i’m a reeeeally good ” synchronicity and magic detective.”
    where do i sign up?

  4. Geist says:

    Thank you for your kind attention to what we’re doing, Peter.

    As I’ve told you, you’re a Real-Life Superhero without a costume. And that’s totally cool, if not in fact, ideal.

    All My Best,

  5. PhxEris says:

    To all the superheroes: Thank you for being willing to put yourself out there! If everyone did just a part of what you all are doing what a difference could be accomplished!!

    To DC’s Guardian and Gheist(and all the heroes): Good luck, god bless and stay safe

  6. Amazonia says:

    Those are really cool images. I wish I could have made it out for the shoot. What with moving and stuff I couldn’t. I’m looking forward to seeing the 20/20 show tonight and making the opening in LA and seeing all my friends again and looking forward to finally meeting the man who has put these awesome images together.

  7. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

    The Movement has made it to mainstream. Now the fun really begins!

    Living a limitless life is what being a real life superhero is all about. What’s why I do it, to vaporize limits on possibility and doing good.

  8. Red Voltage says:

    wow, this is crazy cool! I am excited for tonights 20/20 on it, but wait a second, theres Citizen Prime is he or is he not retired? this is so cool, Great thing to inspire many that average citizens can help others!

  9. Max says:

    Beautiful work, Peter. Just beautiful. You show these folks at their very best. They are brave and good people trying to make a difference in the world. Makes me proud.

  10. Zetaman says:

    Mr. Tangen,
    Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into this project. You put in a lot of hard work and personal time and finance to get this going. And you have been a friend to a lot of us. So I want to thank you personally for everything. Thank you for your care and concern towards our group of misfits.

  11. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Mr. Tangen:
    As I am a singing superheroine/disabilty rights activist, I want to say that you are doing a great job, but I wish that you had the esteemed honor of meeting me.
    Being that I am very heroically cute and lovable, despite the fact that I refuse to let my disabilty, Aspberger’s Syndrome, stop me from being a very real singing superheroine and advocate to my peers with disabilities.
    I would be more than honored to be interviewed by you for your esteemed project.

  12. McJugga says:

    I’m seeing a whole lot of discussion but very little chocolate.
    What’s up with that?

  13. moycon says:

    Can’t wait for this site to grow. Really looking good so far.

  14. The Owlman says:

    Very cool site. I find myself wondering if this ‘project’ caters to the RLSH of countries outside of the US. I’m in Australia, however it’s no secret that I was influenced by the movement.
    Keep up the good work everyone

    The Owl is Watching…

  15. Heroic says:

    You don’t know me but I’ve been a costume Superhero for 20 years. If you look hard enough, you will find me in Branson MO. I am writing to say thank you for showing the world we are real and to say that as I enter my 32 year of life I’m looking for a sidekick to train in my image.

  16. Heroic says:

    To the Owlman yes this ‘project’ more then likely caters to all of this world’s Superheroes. thanks for your help.


  17. RazorHawk says:

    I just think its awesome to see some really good friends of mine who do some really great work in their respective communities looking as much larger than life in pictures as they are in my mind and heart. All I can say is BEANS!! and those who know me know that is the greatest compliment that can be given.

    I look forward to more pics and to work with Peter who has done some wonderful work here and in the past.

    Great Lakes Heroes Guild

  18. Amy says:

    To the Owlman yes this ‘project’ more then likely caters to all of this world’s Superheroes. thanks for your help.


  19. hope says:

    hey you guys rock

  20. legend says:

    i changed from hope to legend i like that name

  21. Heroic says:

    Amy, thank you for helping me with Owlman. I don’t know about the other Superhero’s words on the matter but it has not been an easy path for me, unlike the others I’ve been alone and unkown to my city. But with a website like this there is still hope that one day I to will come from the shadows and show the city of Branson it’s unseen superhero.

  22. jack says:

    hey to all you real life super heroes out there i just want to say that you guys rock the name is dark valley is my super hero name i cant be a hero now but you well see me out here soon by the way don’t take my name because it took me a long time to come up with that name not that you guys would take my name oh and one more thing i live by a rule never kill because killing is a sin i was bullied at school lot but I’m not giving up oh dark guardian life phantom zero and shadow hare if you read this theirs a school called Jackson county high school in Tennessee when school starts if you got the time maybe you could volunteer a this school not saying you have to come but everyone needs a hero this is the dark valley see you in the streets oh and jacks not my name

  23. dark valley says:

    this is the dark valley here i was watching TV and they said on the news that this man ate at a waffle house and left without paying so as soon as the guy ran out and got in his car to get away a man jumped on the the car to try to stop it but the man just keep going that one guy still on the car until they got on the interstate then guy pulled out his phone and called 911

  24. Heroic says:

    Dark Valley, you may call me Heroic, I would like to say that if you’re ready to be a Superhero then listen up the path of one is not easy. I have been one for 20 years, unknown to those I help, I don’t do it for fame I’ll just go where I’m needed but now with this website I can maybe help so much more. My point being it is not a game so if you costume up, help those who need it, feed the hungery, be true to your hart and fight for what is right.


  25. RazorHawk says:

    Why dress up while doing this? Well, maybe it is for publicity. Do you ever notice when a celebrity does work with or sponsors a charity, suddenly that charity is the cool thing to help?
    Thats kind of where my reasoning stands. My civvi self going and packing food for feed my starving children doesn’t entice anyone else to help out, but when RazorHawk is out raising money for a friend who has had some bad luck, or for our yearly toy drive, suddenly the support is there.
    So yeah, maybe we do attract attention. And when we do charity work, attention is a good thing.

    Plus, its Hella’ fun!


  26. Delta Bravo says:

    Texas needs to join the movement!

  27. dark valley says:

    yeah but heroic im to young thats the reason im not a superhero now but when i turn 18 im going to make a plain to help those in need thanks for your respond from a soon to be hero

    -dark valley ps
    what do you think of my name i hope its not to dark

  28. dark valley says:

    one more thing i just want to tell you guys that i had a bad life in middle school because i was bullied one day i was looking for a friend then i asked these guy if you seen him and one guy said shut up then i walked away then he followed me and started pushing me and getting in my face i asked the teacher to make him stop but he wouldn’t and 30 people just watch so i said to my self that he is a dark and evil man and i was in this valley of his that i cant escape so i thought to m y self that maybe i could get out of his valley and become the dark valley and i thought that’s what i am the dark valley the dark symbolizes to scare gangs and the valley symbolizes a valley that no gang cant escape the dark valley

  29. Heroic says:

    Dark Valley it is good you would like to wait until you turn 18, but just so you know I started at the age of ten to be a Superhero and I have been one for 20 years. I was a bully and a jerk to everyone even my family untell the year I turn ten and hurt someone I loved, after that day I stop bing a bully and faded into the shadows where I reach into myself and pulled forth the inner hero that is inside all of us. That day the bully was no more I was only Heroic.


  30. Heroic says:

    I help the homeless, the bullied, I detox junkies, I protect those who can’t and I’ll try to being out the hero within all living being.


  31. dark valley says:

    thanks just one more thing there’s a video on you tube that says the swarm is coming are they heroes or are they a threat because i couldn’t understand what they were saying in the video if you haven’t seen this video look up on you tube and put real life superheroes I’m just want to make sure if there heroes or not if there not then they have to be stoped

  32. dark valley says:

    hey danger woman i have aspbergers to wow me and you have somthing in common its nice to know that im not the only hero with aspbergers nice to meet you im the dark valley

  33. dark valley says:

    hey guys I’m going to tell you what the dark valley looks like so you will know which super hero a I’m okay i ware a miner mask and a brown long coat a cow boy hat brown dress shoes and black pants and black dress shirt and welding gloves i may look a little scary to some but they will see that i am good see you out there
    dark valley

  34. Geist says:

    Welcome, Dark Valley!

    It’s nice to have another cowboy among us, Pardner.


  35. dark valley says:

    nice to meet you Mr geist im the dark valley i cant be a superhero wet but when the time comes ill be one see i dont want my parents to know im going to be a superhero so im going to be a superhero when im 18 i live in a small town in tennessee school starting back in one month ill be in highschool next month you know what ill try to spread the word about you guys so mabey people i tennessee will know you guys are here your not a bounty hunter superhero are you nuk nuk nuk just kiding

  36. Hello out there, my name is Peace Maker, named after the colt revolver not a joke on our lord and savior, I am new at this, I’m pretty sure that i am the only super hero in oklahoma. Ever since i was three i have always wanted to be a superhero, i even used to have a costume i kept in my back pack when i went to school, after a recent event when my girlfriend was attacked i knew i couldn’t live with myself if that happened again, i decided to get the old costume remade and to go be the first ever superhero, what i was unaware of was there are alot more than me, i respect everyone here, and after i realized it was possible i felt so amazing, please contact my myspace, deaths head moth is my only current friend at the moment, all of you mean the world to me and i hope together we can make this world a better and safer place

    Peace Maker out

  37. peter says:

    Welcome Peace Maker! Feel free to write to me directly, the info at email gets to me.

  38. shifterneo says:

    I got a question is there any RLSH in wisconsin or in wisconsin green bay?
    because i been doing some work there and i haven’t met one, is there a possible that there could be one besides me,am not trying to sound negative or anything. Also i don’t have a costume is there any good websites that you can point out?

  39. dark valley says:

    nice to meet you peace maker im the dark valley i want to welcome you to this site so your the first superhero in Oklahoma im going to be Tennessee’s first superhero when im 18 so its nice to meet you sorry about your girlfriend i hope shes ok good luck out there

    the dark valley

  40. peter says:

    Check out for custom super hero costumes.

  41. dark valley says:

    hey guys i got the perfect song that reminds me of the dark valley creeping in my soul its perfect and it doesn’t just reminds me of my hero but it reminds me of all of you guys the song reminds me of justice and peace and hope and that’s what you guys are all about lets remember the words that let our great county to greatness we have nothing to fear but fear its self god bless the united states and god bless the rlsh and god bless us all

  42. dark valley says:

    you know a long time ago i read a marvel zombie comic and it was good and it got me thinking why not make a real life super zombies i thought it might be a good comic book could you imagine the dark guardian citizen prime nyx shadow hare every superhero a zombie

  43. dark valley says:

    hey Geist the dark vally isnt a cowboy hes a soul reaper because well i had this dream one night and it was about me being tourcherd by demons until this man in a long coat and a minner mask was telling me to follow the light and couldnt see him beause it was to bright but when i saw he said you have nothing to fear the demons cant come near light and he said become the reaper and his spirite went in me then i woke up

  44. Vanquisher. says:

    Well, wow… just wow.
    It’s been a long time since I checked on the RLSH community and holy 5 stars Batman you guys never looked so good!
    Production values are polished and slick, the site, the vids and the promotional photography and grafix are superb.
    The interview style is pro… A full length DVD documentary in this style is begging to be made!
    It’ll be your collective legacy.

    You all look healthy and still full of the fire, the group shots look like Alex Ross JLA paintings btw :D Pure class.

    I’ll stop gushing now, but I’m genuinely delighted to see not only are you all still active but you’ve actually evolved into something much more!

    Superheroes are real now, nobody can deny it.
    My childhood dream is fulfilled and the world is just a little bit brighter for it.

    Excelsior my friends, I love you all!

  45. Masquerade says:

    Is 12 years old too young to be a superhero?

  46. peter says:

    Hi Masqeurade, I’m sorry but 12 years old is a little young to be a superhero. While you’re growing up and becoming an adult you can find many ways in your community to contribute. You can find local charities or outreach programs that would be happy to have your help.

  47. Random says:

    it’s nice that you guys go around giving hobos sandwiches and stuff, but does that really make a difference?

  48. peter says:

    I’m sure it does to people who are hungry and living on the street.

  49. confused_guy says:

    and shadow hare? what hapened with this hero?

  50. Becky says:

    You all are freaking awesome!

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