In Their Own Words

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Their backgrounds are as varied as the garb they wear, but beneath each bronzed breastplate, every chunk of chain-mail, each carefully-crafted cuirass, and every square inch of home-sewn spandex beats the heart of a genuine hero.

These men and women have each made the decision to act on their own best impulses by elevating everyday acts of simple kindness and consideration through creating a colorful array of personae—and in the so doing, move others to follow. Suit or no suit.

This is merely the first tremor of what may prove to be a groundswell. And your first look at the complete scope of photographer Peter Tangen’s heroic vision.

See. Feel. And be inspired.

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13 Comments to “In Their Own Words”

  1. Champion says:

    its things like this that remind me why i do what i do. very inspirational. i’m honored to know the people that are shown in this video.

  2. great work , a perfect day after my birthday present.

  3. The Eye says:

    All these portraits and posters look fantastic!

    In Seeing Justice Done,
    ~The Eye~

  4. Minuteman says:

    Very Awesome!
    Can’t wait to see them in all their glory

  5. Locust says:

    in the words of my idol “i love it when a plan comes together” great job

  6. Lorewolf says:

    Beautiful and encouraging -)—-

  7. eruiz327 says:

    how do i get involed in this? i have always wanted to get involed but have been scared ….i have been in martial arts for over 15 yrs and have over 20 fights in mma ,,muay thai etc.. maybe i can help by teaching some classes to heros..and maybe some one can give me the push i need to get involed ..

  8. dothebedn says:

    Wait, so there are people out there that are actually pretending to be super heroes in real life? Wow, now I have seen everything.

    Though I think if I saw one of these guys I would probably think there was some comic convention near by.

  9. dan says:

    @dothebedn So did you even read? They’re called Real Life Superheroes for a reason; they can’t fly or have superhuman strength, but they lend a helping hand when they can instead of posting cynical remarks on the Net about real people helping others purely out of goodwill.

  10. Shield says:

    These are wonderful people. I have a friend who was describing these people exactly as something he wanted to do. He wanted to take a more law enforcement role, but I quickly talked him out of that. This is how you help. It’s not only by stopping crime that we help, but through guidance and as gentle a hand as is possible that we help people. I am moved and excited to have found them. I would like to participate as soon as I discover how. And trust me, I’m going to recruit as soon and as much as I can. You don’t have to wear a costume or uniform to help.

  11. cheese400 says:

    after being inspired by a film i really wanted to be a super hero, i thought i was the only one, thank you for raising my self confidence, i would really like to join this as the police around my area don’t do anything.

  12. Archemedes says:

    You guys are beyond amazing. It is truly marvelous to know that it does not take super powers to change the world only the ability to spread a smile, joy, love and hope. People need you more now than ever and I look forward to continuing to watch your growth – and perhaps soon be able to contribute to the cause. I will tell everyone i know

  13. jasmine says:

    you guys are amazing. so many of us have so much excess – it’s time to get out there and embrace humanity.

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