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There are two sides to the mask—and Death’s Head Moth lives them both, working as a costumed and civilian activist in and around one of Virginia’s largest metropolitan areas. But whether he’s aggressively confronting perpetrators of violent crimes or looking in on children in local hospitals, this dual-lived hero believes one thing with all his heart: “There is no sanction for evil. And the one weapon necessary to defend against it, is justice.”

Introduced to the online community of Real Life Superheroes by a friend four years ago, his initial reaction was more than a little skeptical. “I read this article about these guys and I thought the same thing as everyone else, ‘These guys are gonna get shot.’ But the idea got planted in my head, and I thought ‘what if… what if. And if something were to happen—worst case—I have a mask on, and no one would know who I was.’ So I decided to give it a shot.” And after putting himself back into training, leaning down to bulk up, refining his martial arts skills, and creating a distinctive persona capped by an arresting, signature mask, he felt he was ready to try.

“You don’t have to have a crazy ‘origin story’ to realize that some things are wrong and shouldn’t be allowed,” he states. And to that end, Death’s Head Moth appears out of the shadows, masked and forbidding, a strikingly intense presence in an equally intense pursuit against those who would commit rape, robbery and malicious vandalism. “People shouldn’t be allowed to perpetrate evil against each other unchecked,” he says. And so, cloaked in full Death’s Head Moth gear, he concentrates on patrolling dangerous areas in his city—and the towns that surround it—hoping to act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. But he also makes it abundantly clear that he will not back down from a fight, if he is faced with one. “No one has the right to force anyone to do anything against their will. And that’s what I’m trying to stop.”

But there is another side to this complicated hero, one that walks among us in the clear light of day, unmasked and unburdened of gadgets and weaponry—but with no less fire in his belly to see justice served. In his civilian identity, he visits the young patients in places like St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children, bringing them gifts at holiday times, and often just to reach out a loving hand to our society’s most vulnerable members.

So how does he reconcile these two very different paths?

“Handling the difference in personae, and identifying with these opposite images, is like anything else, really. It’s about using the right tool for the right job. Sometimes jeans and a t-shirt are more effective then full body armor,” he says. “And I guess I think differently in one role than the other, too.”

In the end, there’s only one kind of thinking that underpins it all—the singular belief that he can be an instrument for change. “It crosses all boundaries—politics, religion, sexuality,” he says. “Throughout doing this, I have stood side-by-side with anarchists, Hassidic Jews, and good ol’ boys from the South… men, women, from one coast to the next, and they all have one thing in common. They want to make the world better. And I want to be a part of that.”

Learn more about St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children:

Death’s Head Moth’s Pictures:

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44 Comments to “Death’s Head Moth”

  1. DG says:

    DHM is a bad man. I have had the pleasure of working with him a few times. He is one of the best people to have watching your back. I trained with him as well and he can fight. Great guy. The poster has a horror movie feel to it.

  2. Geist says:

    DHM (as some of us get away with affectionately calling him) is the real-life Batman as far as I’m concerned, without the vast fortune and estate.

    But with all the seriousness and discipline about what he does.

    Unlike myself and a lot of my RLSH friends, I have to drag stories of any sort of self-accomplishment out of him. And given that sincere reluctance, I know they’re true.

    I knew DHM for nearly a year before he admitted that he saved a “roofied” woman from being gang-raped by four men in a show-down of intimidation that would have led to brutal force if need be.

    His humility combines with other real anti-crime and charitable acts to make him a Hero whom I deeply respect. Also given that, I’ve seen him take down a mutual friend in a friendly spar with only two fingers.

    I wouldn’t want to be on the his “bad side” of his multi-faceted attitude. ;-)

  3. Nick says:

    Death’s Head Moth is my fave RLSH, does great work and manages having a costume that isn’t dorky for once, and is actually pretty intimidating.

  4. Grizzly says:

    I’ve had the chance to spend some time with the man behind the mask, and I can say without hesitation he is the best man to have by your side in any situation. Constantly vigilant, devilishly intelligent, and remarkably compassionate; he is a man of all seasons.
    With the logic of an objectivist and the heart of a truly decent human being, I personally believe the streets and ally-ways of my city are safer because he is out there somewhere, selflessly braving the night.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty certain that is one of the scariest masks I’ve seen in a long time. Death’s Head Moth has the look going for him.

  6. dc says:

    very cool. . .this is a great image of dhm. . .


  7. Champion says:

    DHM is another RLSH i hope to work with some day.

    oh, and he scares the poopy out of me. :P

    that poster makes me feel like he’ll be carrying a machete.

  8. Ghoul says:

    This guy is awesome.and he gave me the inspiration, as a martial arts trainee to start training even harder and become like him. You all guys are my inspiration.. thank you!

  9. Voodoo says:

    Unfortunately i have not had the pleasure… Ive heard only incredible things about him and i hear we have alot in common. if i can be half the hero as he has become, I will feel very accomplished.

  10. Dylan Macready says:

    i was trying to get in touch with peace maker. he said he is your friend, but i can’t find him on myspace. he and i live in oklahoma and i am currently training to become a superhero. would like to meet him. any help from you would be greatly appreciated. kick ass suit by the way. scary as hell mask. peace

  11. Voodoo says:

    lol are u talking to me? were friends on facebook but i havent been able to speak to him yet and if your referring to my suit and mask… thanks ;) if not… im officially embarassed lol

  12. Dylan Macready says:

    my message was for deaths head moth. the peace maker said they were friends. do you know how to reach him?

  13. raven knight says:

    how do you join the project?

  14. the Death's Head Moth says:

    don’t know him. myspace friend I guess.

  15. Crusader says:

    Hey Death Head Moth I’m in Virginia too but I’m just a teenager. I’ve been doing some reseacrh and I hope maybe one day I can see you somewhere in Virginia and be like you. Keep up the good work.Crusader.

  16. Cosmic Caper says:

    Hey Moth could use some help here. When is the next time your in Chesapeake? If not is there anyone local here? or are you the only VA hero?

  17. Bud says:

    Nice costume!! Looks great

  18. the Death's Head Moth says:

    what do you need?

  19. FireCrack says:

    Interesting it’s about time heros came into play with the world.
    With everything begining to get crazy around the world more heros are needed.
    I’m coming to you from Kansas you don’t need to know were but I myself am a hero.
    Just thought I’d check out this site me and my partner Zi like to do things alittle different.
    It’s better to work in the shadows then be known all over telivision.
    But if any heros would like to meet post something on her and name it (To Fire Crack)
    I’m sure to give you my attention if needed.
    Goodluck to all of you heros and remember always have your backs to the wall.
    And your eyes to the shadows.

    Fire Crack

  20. Cosmic Caper says:

    Moth email me and we will chat dont want to broadcast it up here.

  21. ?????????????????? says:

    hey dhm if your looking for a sidekick around the new young justice robins age i will check back often

  22. Cosmic Caper says:

    still waiting… email yet you trying to team up or not?

  23. Cosmic Caper says:

    I am down with being a sidekick since i am in the Norfolk area!

  24. ?????????????????? says:

    i know right

  25. ?????????????????? says:

    i live in the va beach area

  26. Mid-Knight Hunter says:

    I am in the Norfolk, VA area and I think it is awesome what you all are doing and considering doing…….Hoping to work with someone soon

  27. the Death's head Moth says:

    NO SIDE KICKS!!! I’m not looking for any sidekicks. I’m not trying to get some 16 year old stabbed in the face by some meth freak. If you want advice email me at .

  28. Deaths Head mouth,

    Im the fervent shadow, and im gonna become a RLSH and Im a little worried, so could i get a few pointers from you, such as precautions, and working out techniques, anything that might help. we dont have to do it through email, replying on the wall will be fine. I wanna aim towards cleaning up the streets drug-wise. Not to sure on that though yet. just write back and let me hear your thoughts on that.
    ——The Fervent Shadow——

  29. Leviathan says:

    I still say the man behind the mask is Frank Castle.
    P.S. Is your maille japanese or british link style? Not a fashion thing, just an issue of flexibility vs. protection.

    Keep up the good work.

  30. the Death's Head Moth says:

    butchers maille.

  31. paladin says:

    awesomeness DHM you are awesomness

  32. lady bugg'n says:

    hi d h m i’am a calif girl , and i read ur story ,u r a great hero and person all round i want to be a super hero how do i start xo

  33. do have to admit though love the suit n mask DHM, espically the batarang things…

  34. Mr Grim says:

    You do have a nice outfit. Pretty wicked…… You may be a hero, but only in your area…. If you’ve served time in the military then you truly are a hero. If not, then you have a lot to do. Street thugs and rapist are just petty criminals…

  35. I support Death's Head Moth says:

    Death’s Head Moth, You and your peers are doing great things. Your success in your future endevours will prove the legitimacy of your initiative. Do not get too overconfident in your ability. Your failures are equally able to prove the iligitimacy. It takes a lot of determination to fight against the apathy of civilization. I have been in the United States Army Infantry for over ten years and I appreciate the good all of you have been doing for our country. Keep it up, but stay smart and as safe as possible.

  36. JustSomeGuy says:

    Death’s Head Moth, I think I had you as a myspace buddy when I was going by DarkStrike. You’re really cool, like, literally the real life Batman! I really miss when I wanted to be a superhero, but school got in the way and then life itself. I haven’t checked my email in forever, and It makes me kinda sad that I stopped this. But idk, I thought my town was safe cause it’s small, but right now, it’s kinda going to crap. Places got robbed, fights are going on, and there was even a murder a couple of years ago. So, I don’t know…. Maybe DarkStrike should come back?

  37. Matt Brown says:

    Where do you patrol DHM? Mosby Court? Gilpin Court? Northside? Southside? Just curious. Also, what seems to be the most popular crime on the rise, in River City? Hopefully I’ll be moving back to the 804 and have to admit I admire the real life superhero movement, but then again I’ve always read superhero comics. I really like the fact that RVA has a superhero of it’s own

  38. Mothman says:

    And here I was thinking I was the only “Moth” in town. I just herd about you a coupe of nights ago. I’m glad to find another soldier on the battle field agianst crime and coruption.

  39. SMazza says:

    You’re really awesome, I think what you’re doing is great, and I would like to be a superhero, but I’d much rather help the entire country rather than just my area, since nothing bad really happens around where I live. There’s only a few occasions, and I’ve only heard of one murder. The most we have are pedophiles yet they’re mostly not very smart, they always get caught and put in jail before they get to do anything too serious. The most they’ve done was ask kids questions when they were alone.
    I’m planning to sign up for the U.S. Marine Corps when I’m old enough, and my older brother is a Marine. I think what you’re doing, to make things in better in your area since policemen and emergency services can’t be there all the time, it’s really great. And I think what you’re doing for the kids is really good too.
    And I wanted to say, I hope you’re not getting in trouble with the police or anything for this, even though it’s great, fighting crime as a civilian is considered Vigilante, which in my opinion, kind of sucks.
    Be careful! And keep up the good work :)

  40. Detective Volt Posneg says:

    Can i just ask how did you make the mask. Not the exact but what is its base you know.

  41. Vadan says:

    I say this to all of you, after having read through each and every one who has voulentereed your information here. Though you may have had difficulty, pain, even fear affecting you… I believe you all have done the right thing. Where none would stand, you all have. Wear your name with pride, for each and every one of you has earned in ten fold. Continue one with your drive, your passion, your need to do things to better the lives of others – for without it this world will have fewer still by the day to give them hope. And in the end, you are spreading it.

  42. Garrlokk says:

    You…ALL of you at RLSH are creating legends. Legends that people will remember.

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