Mutinous Angel

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At the intersection of rebellion and redemption, stands Mutinous Angel. Strapped and buckled, his face obscured by a full mask and dark glasses, it’s difficult to discern whether he is friend or foe. And the answer may lie somewhere in between—for at times in his life, he has been both.

“Throughout elementary school, I was kind of a bully and a ringleader” he says candidly. And he grew into that role a little too easily. ““I was kind of a troubled kid, and got put in a special class for ‘bad’ students,” he says, “I got into fights a lot, all through middle school, high school—it was always the same thing.” Growing up in a neighborhood dominated by gangs, the pressure to join, to conform, was immense. “There were times when I was walking home from school, and getting picked on by people in their 20’s.” But in his junior year of high school, things began to change. Change prompted by a chance encounter that would alter the course and trajectory of his life.

“In the 11th grade, I got sent to after-school detention for two weeks,” he says, “and I was brought into the Assistant Principal’s office while she called home to let my parents know why I was in trouble. The whole time she was talking, I was making fun of her, right to her face, which could’ve gotten me kicked out or expelled,” he goes on, “But she didn’t kick me out. She reached out instead. She showed me kindness when I was doing bad, and that got me thinking what a fool I was.” And that was just the beginning of a 180° turnaround.

In time, Mutinous Angel was introduced to the world of the Real Life Superheroes while browsing online. “I thought it was strange that there was this guy in a mask being interviewed, dressed-up as some kind of a superhero,” but it was the mention of a “community” of these like-minded individuals that sparked an interest. Gradually befriending activist heroes in San Francisco’s East Bay via MySpace, “I was invited to go out on patrol with some guys. Being an adventurer, I pretty much said ‘yes,’ just to see what I could get myself into, what I was capable of.” Prior training in martial arts was helpful in getting started, “and originally, I was out almost every night, in dangerous neighborhoods, staking out areas where I thought it was likely trouble would happen—and it did. But now things are different,” he says.

Different because Mutinous Angel is pursuing a career in law enforcement, with a specialization in gang-related work. “I look back and I know,” he says reflectively, “I think of my family, and if they saw me in one of those gangs back then, I would bring them all down with that.” So he hopes to help others recognize that they do, in fact, have a choice to get out of the life, or never get into it altogether.

The tension between the rebellious and the angelic is ongoing for Mutinous Angel, and is reflected in the name he chose. “This character is, I guess, like a type of representation of myself and what I am inside,” he says. “The reason I chose the name is because I’m a follower of God, and while that doesn’t make me perfect, I still have my mistakes. So I rebel against God, and at the same time, try to be his servant. It’s what I am.”

Now, with one foot in the activist community, and the other in the criminal justice system, Mutinous Angel can see more clearly, how critical that Assistant Principal’s intervention truly was. “I know now what I want to do. I want to do this, to safeguard the streets, to return the kindness that changed me. I want to contribute to society, not tear it down.”

Mutinous Angel’s Pictures:

Mutinous Angel's Poster Mutinous Angel's Portrait

68 Comments to “Mutinous Angel”

  1. lead sharp says:

    Inspirational and also gives you hope that more can turn their lives round.

  2. DC says:

    this is a very good representation of the man. . .


  3. Geist says:

    More than a few of us are doing this as a form of redemption, I think.
    What a very cool photo… The relief on the building is a beautiful poetic touch.

  4. Motor-Mouth says:

    Mutinous, my teammate in the Nor Cal Protectorate & long time friend…you look amazingly excellent in your photos & your words cannot speak highly enough of you.

  5. phoenix says:

    how do i register with the super hero project ? i fight crime in seattle and my face book is phoenix please contact me

  6. Thank you all for your comment’s and your support. good times Motor-Mouth

  7. Cadet Zero says:

    Mr angel im Cadet Zero i im but 15 years old i need a mentor a trainer i was inspired by your story and want to follow in your foot steps if you can’t please let me know if you know any one who could i thanks

  8. Cadet Zero,
    Thank you for your interest, you can visit my myspace by clicking on my name and we can talk from there.

  9. Heroic says:

    MutinousAngal, well done but I would like to know are you willing to become both a Superhero and criminal justice do to the fact that pride can come easly to one who walks both paths and remember about another Mutinous Angal noted to be the brightess star in the sky and how with pride how he fell.


  10. Heroic,
    To my recollection I have not let pride get the best of me. My friends would describe me as a humble gentleman. I will not choose a career out of pride, I simply have a passion for helping others and I have put many things aside to do so.

    Thank you,

  11. Zero says:

    My name is Zero, I’m trying to become a RLSH, currently I’m working on acquiring a costume but am having a hard time finding the right things, where did you get your equipment?

  12. Black says:

    I never thought purple could look cool, guess I was wrong.

  13. clive liu says:

    greatings from Beijing China!


    keep in touch! please! I am a superhero fan and I am a martial art coach in China.

  14. Thank you for taking an interest,
    I was watching your website and your video which I found to be entertaining. Please feel free to ask any question you may have.


  15. clive liu says:

    oh, my God,
    you visited my website? and you watched the video?
    I am so inspired.

    I read your introduction, you said you were once a bully.
    now you are patrolling to protect the neighborhoods.

    I have two questions:
    1, are you actually wearing those armours while patrolling ? or you just use them as a mask in this website? if you do, what if people who does not understand superhero’s life laugh about you? what will you think and do?

    2, we both know that fighting can not solve the most of the problems. so what do you exactly do to protect the neighbors?

    in China , we are not allow to carry guys. so I guess patrol in the neighborhoods here is lots of safer.

    anyway , thank you again for being a super hero and inspire my life.

    PS:there are more videos in my website

    if anyone would like to see. although they in Chinese.

  16. Clive Liu,

    1.) I do wear this armour while patrolling both in my car or in the streets. I wear it to hide my identity and to intimidate others. I have been insulted and taunted by others but I’ve also been complemented and supported by many. I simply ignore them as long as they don’t put a hand on me. I always carrying a taser.

    2.) I’ve broken up fight’s and also just walking in dangerous areas prevent drug dealers from dealing. They simply walk away from us to prevent getting caught. I’ve also reported crimes to the authorities which I’ve been thanked for by both neighbors and police.

    Again thank you for your support and your videos.


  17. clive liu says:

    thank you MutinousAngel!!!

    you are a real life super hero to me.not only because of your cool armours but also your heart and courage.


  18. The Shadow says:

    nice suit. if you saw mine you’d think I was going to pull a knife and take your money. I think it makes you look like a character from a Tom Clancy video game.

  19. Thanks Shadow, now I’m interested in seeing your suit.


  20. The Shadow says:

    @MutinousAngel Well, I prefer not to let people see it, but I’ll paint you a mental picture. my mask is a dark blue ski mask under one of those golden skull masks you see around Halloween. that’s all I have, I tend to act quickly, no time for the rest.

  21. ex phoenix says:

    Mutinous Angel, i come from a dark place….. i am a 15 yr old australian boy and i want 2 help people.
    i dont like to talk about my operations openly so if u would like 2 talk u can contact me on my hero facebook profile ex phoenix (it has no connection to who i really am it is simply a facebook profile of my alias ex phoenix)

  22. ex phoenix says:

    also….. i think in one of the comments someone asked you if u could become a mentor towards them i was wondering could u also be my mentor ?
    i think i could learn lots from u.

    kindest regards ur wannabe apprentice, ex phoenix.

  23. Bud says:

    That is amazing. Hope this works out for you :)

  24. @ex phoenix,
    I currently do not have a facebook; you can however email me at
    Anyone interested in emailing me feel free to do so.

    @ Bud thanks for your comment its actually working quite well for me.


  25. P.R.E.Z. says:

    I must say, I am impressed. Seems that you have it together and are doing this with a heart of service. Keep up the good fight. If you need some spiritual encouragement, hit a brotha up. :o ) God bless.

  26. You Know who Mutinous :) says:

    hey there mutinous, i see youre enjoying your new found fame somewhat :) cool picture

  27. @ “P.R.E.Z.”
    Thanks for your words, it always encourages an RLSH when they have supporters.

    @ “You Know who Mutinous :)
    haha! You’re funny, you know I always hide my face from the media. Encouraging others to do what’s right however; is a great responsibility and for that, if I gain fame then so be it.

  28. You Know who Mutinous :) says:

    yeah yeah and also get involved in problems that i know you dont care for :)

  29. The Flood says:

    Wonderful!! I think your amazing. Love the costume, it’s so good to see Christian people making a difference in the world. I love the fact you have a bible verse on your poster. It’s very encouraging to see you doing waht your doing(well, hear not see since I don’t know you personally. ) but you are so much cooler than Spider-man!!!

    Me and my friend are working towards being a hero in our area, and you are very inspiring, we are working on our costumes right now.

    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  30. The Flood,

    Thank you for your comment, I’m glad I inspire you.
    Good luck with your hero gear,


  31. The Flood says:

    Mutinous Angel,

    You welcome! BTW what exactly is your glove? I noticed both your gloves are different, and that sparked my curiosity.. just wondering.

    The Flood

  32. The Flood,
    I’m assuming you’re talking about my right glove, it’s a titanium armored gauntlet made by “icon”. I wear one on my right because it’s my power shot which makes it more damaging on impact.


  33. Mutinous angel,
    great costume, absolutely love it! Is it ever hard to see through the shades and ski mask tho? im wondering for my costume thats why I ask, just doing shades tho. Either way big fan, im becoming a superhero my self, i want to help those who cannot help themselves. Im put down alot, and im going through tough times, so helping others will cheer me up and give me a boost, I get joy from seeing others happy so this would be perfect.And if you wouldnt mind I’d like 2 talk 2 you through email, give me a few pointers, im not sure on a few things.
    —- Fervent Shadow

  34. Fervent Shadow,

    To answer your question yes it did become difficult looking through those goggles. If you noticed my new gear I use different type of goggles now.
    Please feel free to email me at


  35. Fervent Shadow,

    feel free to email me at

  36. WwLoganxX says:

    To quote you when you said “I’m a follower of God, and while that doesn’t make me perfect, I still have my mistakes. So I rebel against God, and at the same time, try to be his servant. It’s what I am.” I am also a follower of God, and that’s also exactly how I feel. I know I’m not alone and somewhere others feel the same way I do, but it’s always nice to see someone come out and say it; thank you for that. I support you, and all the real life super heros in your efforts.

  37. Thank you WwLoganxX for your comment, we are not alone

  38. paladin says:

    oh and by the way its good to see another servent of god here so this is awesome

  39. The RaTMaN says:

    can i just say angel thankyou for replying to all these comments, thats shows people that you are not a rude ass and that you can spare time for others, i guess that is a lesson for real life to buddy :)
    good luck in your journey my friend, i guess we all need it.

  40. The RaTMaN,

    I will reply to every person willing to comment or ask questions because they took their time checking my profile. It is in my nature to be humble and polite.

    Thank you for noticing,


  41. black fade says:

    man u are my favorite u have in spired me to be a vigilante i vall my self black fade

  42. Black Fade,

    I’m thankful that I’ve inspired others to do what is right and I encourage you to do what is right for yourself and those around you.


  43. Nosferatu says:

    mr angel,
    you are a truly inspiring individual. i think its really neat how you have turned your life around and really made a difference for the better. i was wondering if you knew of anyone active in the chicagoland area? i am looking for a mentor/buddy.
    keep up the good work and stay safe

  44. Nosferatu,

    Unfortunately I cannot find an “RLSH” based out of the Chicago area at this time. Don’t give up hope I’ll keep searching within the community.

    Thank you,


  45. canadian crusader says:

    i do i become a real life hero like you

  46. Canadian Crusader,

    Very simple: Put on your heroic gear, look for us online (via facebook) and start making the world a better place.


  47. Anonymous. says:

    Interesting bit. I must say though. I’ve never seen anything about this stuff before, kind of hard to believe any of it is real.. if they had a better site, maybe something more legit, then yeah, i could maybe be a bit more understanding, yet this seems too much like a hoax. No offense to you, Angel, or any of your fans.. I just find it hard to believe, that any of you super heroes actually put in any real effort to change the world, maybe your community is fine, but honestly? obviously your hearts aren’t just fine with your community alone being alright, if you were , then you wouldn’t be out ” patrolling “, so much. I remember when I was younger, it seemed like a good idea, to put on a mask, and black outfit, to pretend to be a ninja, escaping the light, and hiding / stalking the prey of many. I could , and probs will eventually look into joining this crusade, if and IF it is real, for now, I’ll be studying.

  48. What I say about myself is absolutely true, whether it offends others or not I’ll stay honest for as long as I am alive. I AGREE that we have yet to make a great impact in this world, understand most “RLSH” are community activists, they’re not out there literally getting into fights. Most aren’t fighting crime they’re just inspiring others with their efforts to clean up their community. In comic books, superheroes are crazy vigilantes out for vengeance or some personal vendetta, a goal to physically fight crime with crime. I don’t believe anyone here has made that a reality including myself. I don’t believe putting on a costume and telling the media that you’re a “crime fighter” makes you a superhero. Actually it just makes you seem like you want attention! Very few “RLSH” including myself have been through serious situations but I have to agree with you, none of us have put in the real effort of changing the world. That would involve committing white collar crimes and even taking lives, becoming revolutionaries or patriots fighting to win back our government from these greedy pigs who have destroyed and corrupted our nation and the world. I don’t expect you to believe in what we do but I can promise you one thing; when a revolution hits our country and we go into civil war again, I’ll give my life to end the corruption within our government…

  49. Comic Privy says:

    MA, I appreciate that you take the time to answer all questions, it shows the kind of person you are.

    Question, once you join law enforcement, do you plan on still patrolling as a RLSH? I would hate to see the community loose such an awesome member.

  50. Comic Privy,

    Thank you for taking your time to comment. No matter what obstacles come my way I will continue to be an RLSH for as long as GOD is willing to keep me alive and functional. Even if its only 1 day a month or 1 day a year I promise you I will be out there.

    Mutinous Angel

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