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Eccentric, eclectic and heroic to the core, Master Legend is of a category unto himself. Quite possibly the most colorful of the Real Life Superhero community, his outsized personality and sometimes over-the-top energy are exceeded only by the utter sincerity of his convictions, and the sheer enormity of his heart. A heart he puts to near-constant use in his community of Orlando, FL.

Master Legend views his mission as multifaceted, especially given his diverse interests. A regular fixture on his city’s streets, handing out bottles of water to the homeless on hot days, running Christmas toy drives for local hospitals, and helping the elderly, he also prides himself on his ability to adapt to any given situation. “I am a fighter, along with being a person who helps people,” he says. “I’m not afraid to bust heads. And I also do handyman stuff.”

Raised by his parents in the presence of the Ku Klux Klan, Master Legend found his way free of that poisonous situation as early as the 2nd grade when he found it within himself to take out the class bully. “I came at him outta nowhere, dressed in a cape and mask I made out of an old t-shirt, then quick-changed my clothes so he didn’t know. And after then, he never knew when that masked guy was gonna jump out of that corner again.”

And from there, things get a little creative, spurred by his spiritual life experience, encompassing both Christianity and Louisianan Vodou traditions.

“I was born with a veil on my face,” he confides, “and I use my powers from that all the time. But when I tell people, they get scared. See, I’ve died two times, and the second time a lot of wisdom was revealed to me. I have a divided spirit—when I came back, I did so with only half a spirit, half of me got divided in the metaphysical world,” he reveals. “I am able to do amazing things with my missing half. I have no fear for myself, just for others, I worry about everyone else. People wanna see something, and I give ‘em a show. I show ‘em a wild time.”

Over the years, Master Legend’s candor and unpredictability have earned him a good deal of attention—and the word has been decidedly mixed. But keeping his eyes firmly on the prize, he takes it all in stride. “There’s always someone putting their own intention behind it, but I accomplish my mission everyday,” he states. “People all around the world know of me and my work, but I’ve kept a sense of humor about it all. I’m a fast person, and that’s how I try to accomplish things.”

And it is those accomplishments—from forming team Justice, Inc.
the first officially-recognized, tax-exempt non-profit for Real Life Superheroes, to the slightly more incredulous tales of psychic interventions and superhuman trials—that find Master Legend with one foot in the realm of the mainstream Superhero movement, and one in a world all his own. No one is perfect, we all must live with our shortcomings. But it is by working through those imperfections that a hero finds his or her footing, and the path to making a positive difference in the world. And that is Master Legend’s course.

“You have to have a vision,” he states, “and you have to hold on to that vision. And if you do, if you wish it and will it with everything you got, one day, eventually, you’ll reach it.”

Learn more about The League of Justice, at:

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26 Comments to “Master Legend”

  1. lead sharp says:

    There is something fundamentally cool about ML, I get the feeling that f you look for whatever it is, it’ll go away. So sit back and enjoy.

    Better still get up, join in and enjoy.

  2. Geist says:

    That is super cool! That’s just such great fun! Good work ML, Pete and Hillel.

  3. Black says:

    That helmet is awesome.

  4. Victor Lyon says:

    ML, I think that we all have a part of us that has never left the Tao, the Presence, God, whatever you want to call it. We just get disconnected from it in this carnival ride we call life. I’m glad you reconnected, and may that power be yours in alignment with the Tao.

    If they come to you talking about damaged personalities and escapism and all that, remember what Tolkien told C.S. Lewis: the people most concerned with escape are jailers.

  5. i am living proof dreams come true.thank you all.

  6. Tek says:

    Found you guys through an article on Slashdot and I love the work you all do. So much so that I’ve started to evaluate my own life and been wondering if I have been doing enough. Sure I work hard at what I do as a student, but my whole life has been just keeping my head down and trudging through. You weirdos are exactly what this world needs, and once I get myself back into shape, I would be honored to join anyone in Washington DC and NoVA.

    Also, Master Legend, your uniform reminds me of the Soldier from Team Fortress 2 mixed with Robocop. Not a bad thing really, the Soldier is one tough badass:

  7. always have a helmet if you plan to just makes good sense.

  8. Tek says:

    That it does ML, that it does.

  9. Crusader says:

    Good work on Hurricane Charlie

  10. Native One says:

    This dude gots a epic story. I always wonder why doesnt L.A. have any of these guys??? I live on crenshaw and the police are worse then the criminals they ”claim” to be catching! I understand the risk of all the gang territories(which are HEAVILY armed) but we really need the safety, really.

    Is there anyone thats willing to tame the wild west?!

  11. Thresher_V says:

    Love the cape, the over the shoulder ones would get in the way of a good hit. Just saw this movie yesterday and wanted to say to all the superheroes out there to keep up the good work!

  12. the tick is awesome says:

    gonna write a short comic about you if you dont mind

  13. the basher says:

    hey im the basher! i was wondering if you were the first hero? please respond.
    -The Basher

  14. nick says:

    Dear ML, I just watched the special about real life superheroes and to be honest, my first impression of you was that you were crazy. But by the end of the special, I realized that you were pretty cool. I think the way you help people on the street is really great, keep doing what you’re doing :)

  15. Hugo N says:

    Whats up ML? In my civics class we watched a movie/documentary called, “Real life super heroes”. You were one of the main heroes in that film and one of my favorite. You helped people in a struggle around your community, you were nice to people, you got girls ;) , and most important you had fun doing what you love and don’t care what other people have to say about it. Keep doing your thing.

    - Hugo

  16. hervini says:

    do you need a partiner i may help you in this war against crime

  17. Nick says:

    I would love to talk with you. I would like to start a patrol here in NJ. Our Camden City is usually the murder capital per capita every year. Its on the river right across the bridge from Philadelphia. The drug scene,prostitution and street assaults are rampant for such a tiny place. Look it up on the net. Camden,NJ. I would just like some veteran advice on what i can expect. How to approach a crime in progress,not get hurt but still be effective. Thanks for all your sacrifices for public safety. You are a truly good man.

  18. Hi,M.L, i have a story to tell you.a few years ago,i was coming home from the i walked into the apartment building,i heard a scream,one of the seniors had fell& busted her,i went to help her&called 911.if i had not heard her scream,she may have been dead.well after the rush wored off& i was able to think clearly,i called my sisters&one of them called me a”real life superhero”.at that moment ,everthing that very day.i decided to become a r.l.s.h.feel free to contact me. at

  19. dark crusader says:

    30 years,that’s 30 years of kicking criminal ass & helping the downtrodden.i’m kind of new at,any advice for the new guy? keep up the GREAT work.d.c.

  20. ? says:

    ML, I have been inspired to become a superhero, as well. If there is any chance we can meet at any time and you can teach me a thing or two, it would be my honor. I am also in the Florida region in Panama City and in Talahassee.

  21. inkblot says:

    Regarding very abused kids.
    I have something in mind. SuperHero has heard, Artisteroi is aware of it, as well as MidKnight (friended me day one), Slink, and thebrotherman. If you even say “hi” I’ll feel honored. Collecting voices is my goal now. I certainly can’t remain idle with what I’ve recently been through. I saw stuff that’d make you cry, ML. I did. Enough comic books and video games… For two days now, I haven’t done much but my job and forum crawling. Gathering what wisdom I can glean from the experienced RLSH, giving my opinion on this and that, trying not to let my pain show, and trying to contain the more sensitive details of my plan. If you’re interested, contact any of the above RLSH or check the website. Thank you for your time.

  22. The Nightshade says:

    [quote] Native One says:
    August 13, 2011 at 3:21 pm
    This dude gots a epic story. I always wonder why doesnt L.A. have any of these guys??? I live on crenshaw and the police are worse then the criminals they ”claim” to be catching! I understand the risk of all the gang territories(which are HEAVILY armed) but we really need the safety, really.

    Is there anyone thats willing to tame the wild west?! [/quote]

    you could do it you know. If you really want change, don’t wait around for someone else to do it. you don’t have to though, just a suggestion.

  23. Beaugosse says:

    You are the most impresive RLSH. You are fantastic.

  24. the detective says:

    hi master legend im your biggest fan i want to become a real life superhero im starting my training keep doing your good job

  25. d deinert says:

    I would love to team up with master legend and fight crime

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