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He didn’t grow up with much, but that didn’t stop him from giving to others. He is Life, tirelessly and selflessly working on behalf of Manhattan’s homeless population. Minimally costumed in a mask and tie-and-jacket, he sets out every day with a backpack brimming with toothbrushes, lotions, soaps, even candy bars, delivering the smaller necessities of a life lived on the streets in a large metropolis. Raised in the Jewish tradition of leaving the world a better place than the way he found it, he was imbued at an early age with strong values of charity, courtesy and kindness, modeled for him by his Hassidic parents, who always gave to others, even when it was hard to do so. This moral code, underscored with a powerful sense of social justice, led him to his work with the homeless and disenfranchised that he found all around him, dispensing those seemingly small amenities that vitally fill in the gaps left by the NYC Department of Homeless Services.

But Life’s work does not end there. As a co-founder of Superheroes Anonymous, an organization bringing together other Real Life Superheroes across the country, Life not only seeks to reach out to those in need, he also burns with the passion to motivate others to acts of what he dubs “Creative Altruism.”

Working from the basic premise that the definition of a Real Life Superhero is someone who creates their unique persona to do good acts for others, Life believes that “Just because you are becoming something greater than yourself when you do these acts of good, does not mean you have to be wearing a mask while doing them.” The challenge, as he sees it, is to find people who are creative and altruistic—and there are, in his estimation, “tons of them”—and encourage them to express those charitable impulses in ways that may range from the subtle to the extreme, but above all, to jump in and start acting on them. And that, is what he sees as the ultimate mission of Superheroes Anonymous. As he puts it, “If I can inspire someone to do even the littlest of things to help others, and they in turn can do the same, think of how many thousands can be helped.”

Learn more about Superheroes Anonymous at:

For more about what you can do to combat homelessness in New York, visit:

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52 Comments to “Life”

  1. Jim Wayne says:

    Great story and very inspirational. I think Life is a great example of what people can do if they follow their heart and passion. How lucky for NYC, Life’s passion is bringing hope to the homeless. It will benefit the city is ways people often do not realize. To Life!

  2. Keep up the GREAT work. What more can I say?

  3. The Good Samaritan says:

    Life is definitely one of the most impactful RLSH’s I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’m excited to see what the future of Superheroes Annonymous will be and hope to get involved in some way in the not-too-distant future.

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  5. Minuteman says:

    This is probably the most powerful one yet I love it
    Great work Life keep it up

    These are just great Peter I can’t wait to see the rest

  6. Unkown Hero says:

    For all of ya. What inspired you all to become what you are? And what made ya decide to do it? What were your thoughts on your first patrol?

  7. Nyx says:

    You’re one of the most passionate RLSH I’ve met yet. Good words and deeds, Chaim.

  8. Thre3 says:

    Life! I just met you two days ago at the Supeheroes Anonymous Costume Workshop and I’d like to say that you are an awesome dood. I’m excited that your efforts were recognized and congratulations, major! The poster’s awesome!

  9. Hardrive says:

    I am just starting out, I don’t even patrol streets yet……and I can only be contacted on youtube. But still from the many that inspired me to be a hero… were one.

  10. I love your philosophy man. If you need an ear or a hand, let me know. I have my independent business and can help from time to time.

    Dan the Corset Guy

  11. marek knight says:

    i’m a french real life super hero but not like you , i’m the marek knight
    i have lot’s of capacity : i can run on wall ,running very fast (not like superman of course) i hate hurt other but can fight well i use a saber and a hidden blade . we are 2 marek knight
    i love your philosophy, you can do what you have to do on the light , but me i do it in the darkness

    i protect the cycle of the life
    continue on that side, marek knight

  12. Shivkar says:

    What can I say, you are all amazing people, but life is… life. Every hero needs a “slogan” (don’t know if that is the correct word) that guides him and yours is pretty inspiring. Instead of talking about justice, something that has two faces, you talk about hope, something that must be ketp alive at all cost.

    For you to take that mission upon yourself is amazing, and talks lots about your soul. For that I salute you, Life

    Shivkar Rüniel

  13. Cambion says:

    Great job. Keep it up. Wish they had some people like you out there, when “my friend” lost his place… especially in Atlanta and Columbia (SC).

  14. Isaac says:

    Oh man, this is fantastic! I’ve allways been searching for a Jewish super-hero, a Chabbadass, if you will. And Life totally takes the kosher cake. I also appreciate his theory on creating your persona and making “creative altruism.” I’m a member of a mental health awareness and promotion group on my campus and i’m burning with ideas to make people’s lives better, i feel that resonate within me as i read Life’s profile. This is all very cool and i hope to see more of this project and Life in particular, in the future.

    P.S. I really hope you know Krav Maga and defend young jewish kids when they’re harrassed by antisemites! (though i know vigilanteism doesn’t seem to be the MO of many heroes here).

  15. FireCrack says:

    Life I’ve heard about you on the news and on youtube.
    Your a very interesting individual and would like to meet you one day.
    But keep up the good work my friend.
    I’ll be sure to be in touch.

    FIre Crack

  16. Shelley A says:

    first visit and I just wanted to stop by and say Hello there everyone!

  17. prime says:

    life you are my favorite i really admire you i would like to do what you do in my community….i would like to help those in need i want to give back to the world…and i thought u should know you were my inspiration

  18. Opal says:

    Why is it that all these people are in america? Can some of you come round to the UK what with all the university and money problems we could probably use a few more idols.

  19. M says:

    He is one good looking guy…

  20. Sarah says:

    Total hottie…and your doing great work, keep it up!

  21. Josh says:

    Fell in love with his message, costume, looks, etc.

    Meeting him is definitely a goal in my life.

  22. The Doctor says:

    As a friend of mine is so awefully fond of saying, “mazal tov”. Life, ol’ boy, you have a “soul” that make me seem a tot by comparison. As I wrote on your colleague Nyx’s message boarde, do be careful because the homeless are not the only ones who resides in shadows. As my friend would say, “shalom”.

  23. Redviper says:

    Just wondering do you wear any armour? or are you a non combat hero?

  24. this is me says:

    I love these stories, I love, like, how these people came to be. That they’ve been abused, neglected, beat down, torn apart, and yet they rise up out of the dirt and ashes to HELP people, instead of sinking lower and lower into scum that society rejects. I love you Real Life Super Heroes!!! I will be one of you someday! I WILL change the world for the better!!! I WILL RISE!!!

  25. i wish i can be a superhero says:

    wow i really like your suit!. you know i wish i can be a superhero. but when cops come what if theres nowhere to hide? what if cops blacked all of the ways to the exit? i need instructions if im gonna be a superhero! i wish i can be one……..

    i wish i can be a superhero

  26. omega says:

    is there aroup in Nebraska?

  27. omega says:

    is there a group in Nebraska?

  28. monika says:

    I saw you in German television, I think it’s great what you are doing. Keep it up, you help the world a better place to be. excuse my English.

    PS. very cute :-)

  29. some random girl :l says:

    you are the most epic guy…ever. im gonna draw some fan-art for you soonish :D

  30. Blayze says:

    Amazing Hero with a great out look, and not bad on the eyes either. It’s a win/win :)

  31. Ninja Girl says:

    Life is definitely my favourite! Not just because he’s soooo cute, but his values and kindness too! I’ll be up there with you one day, bringing something completely new to the hero field. :D

  32. meaghan says:

    I think what you’re doing is really great! What you’re doing makes a difference in these peoples lives and it’s great to see someone being so generous and caring in a time where people tend to care less about others. You have inspired me to try to be more generous in my daily life and actually try to help people in need. I hope you continue to have good luck and stay safe in your endeavors to help people.

  33. craig says:

    life is my favourite hero, the way he dresses and the way he treats people makes me feel very inspired and want to do more in my comunuity. His constume is simple and says alot about him. Simple but able to show his love, your a great guy. ;)

  34. Salvation says:

    Life, you are an inspiration and one of the reasons I am starting down the road to become a real-life Superhero. Keep up the amazing work

  35. Ryan says:

    Awesome, just watched show on HBO in Delaware. Life, who doesn’t love life? Keep up the great work! You are making a difference, and I’m proud of HBO for airing your story and all other real super hero’s. When people laugh or taunt one such as yourself for doing what your doing, I feel it is because in general people want to relate to each other, what I mean by that is share in each others feelings. Like if your happy, then I will be happy. When your sad, I am sad too. You are showing true altruism. Those who do not “know” of this in themselves, I think that they probably have fear that eventually is expressed in numerous “unproductive” ways. In short, you rock, keep it up, and you have motivated me, thank you.

  36. dude says:

    Life is the coolest. I think he is a nice and brave hearted.Man superheros are the coolest.

  37. R.G.M.E. says:

    Hello Life,
    I am the literary editor/writer/reporter for the school news paper of Chinese International School Manila (CISM) , Dragon Chronicles. CISM is an international school in the metropolitan area of the Philippines which is currently a developing country. I would like to have an interview you to inspire the student body to put some heart into charity work (which we are required to do). Will you lend us some words of wisdom?

    Please contact me at

  38. Spykez says:

    Great job for giving to the people who are in desperate need of help. You are a great symbol that America needs to realize the importance of being benevolent.

  39. Mystery-Man says:

    I love what you people do for the world, and i would love to be a part of this. i want to make the world a better place.

  40. fred murray says:

    : Hello. I am currently enrolled at the Community College of Vermont taking a research and development course. In our class we were instructed to pick a topic and throughout the span of our semester draft a ten page research paper about said topic and all of the research we have amassed. That is where you come in. I have chosen to do my paper on the “real life” superhero subculture. I am an avid Batman fan, but not a comic book fan. Meaning, I believe in the character’s core values and why he chose this route to serve his community. That is what drew me to your organization. I wanted to get an interview for my paper, but I can’t seem to get anyone to grant me an interview. I assure you that this paper would in no way be demeaning to any RLSH or the organization. I just find it fascinating. I you could help me I would really appreciate any assistance you could send my way. I am totally willing to send a copy of the questions that I’d use in my interview so that any RLSH I would talk with would not be caught off-guard, or unprepared. Hope to hear from you soon. ~fred

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  42. Christine says:

    This has inspired me a lot. I want to make a difference, I want to make people smile. So today i created a hero, her name will be Hope, she will go everywhere and give hope and smiles to everyone and try to give them a reason to breathe another day on this planet. And maybe someone will be this person but I wish to be her someday.

  43. Abraar Elmi says:

    The world is in peril. The world is in desperate need of a hero. Never fear Life is here! Life is an inspiration to me to make change within my community. He has taught me that anyone no matter how little or how much you have can make a difference in someone’s life. He has taught me that selflessness is a reward in itself. I think the work he is doing with the homeless is remarkable. Many have people have misconceptions of homeless people and think that all they deserve the streets or they’re all alcholics and drug users, which is false. For Life to provide his services and this necessaties to people without passing judgment is inspiring. I am very grateful to have heard of Life and er keep living the…Life ;) .

  44. Nadia says:

    Life, you are a truly inspiring super hero! You motivate others to help make a change in someone’s life. You continue to make the world a better place in your everyday work. You have an amazing story. You do a great job. Continue to keep up the good work!

  45. Helen berihu says:

    It is a really grate job,I appropriate your work, to help people and comfort them and making somebody to smile and make them feel better is the most greatest thing to do in the world, it’s not only you do for them but also you can feel it inside you get happiness to yourself also, you will get peace of heart.

  46. Mc says:

    That is amazing your story… Is not important what we have, is what we can do to make the difference in this world. Sometimes we think that maybe our problems are so so hard to solve, and then our problems are just nothing comparing with different people around the world. We see on the TV some people that are crying for don’t have the new pair of shoes… This world have people without food, our a house, our money… our that pair of shoes… And this Super Heroes exist to make the world different… To change the mind of the people… Well Done SUPER HEROES! take Care

  47. Chris says:

    Amazing…….i think this is a real story and real “life”. keep up the good work with it. i hope there still another coolest and have a brave heart like LIFE

  48. Adfrench says:

    I’m french so excuse my english but I want to congratulate you for what you do. You are an example, you motivate people to do something and you have good values. You’re generous. It’s so important to think to others ,to help people in need and just to make a difference in someone’s life. Thank you to show that every person is able to do good things being simple.

  49. skypi says:

    Hello ! about myself : i’m 17 , i’m french. during the English lesson we spoke about the real life super hero project and then the teacher said that our homework for the next lesson is to choose one of you real life super hero and send you a message.

    After reading the presentation of all of you i finally choosed to write to you life , i choosed you because i really like your mind , in fact i really like this idea to make the world a better place , today i think people are just too much selfish and not enough helpfull. I dont know if the situation is worst in France or in the US , i cant really judge because i’ve never been in the US. Anyway ! you are acting really nicely , I really hope that the people will understand the message you are sharing and will change. Never give up , we are a lot of people supporting you !

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