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“To everything there is a season…,” and no one possesses a better understanding of that than Citizen Prime. An accomplished and respected éminence grise in the Real Life Superhero community, his focus is primarily on educating children with his heroic, yet gentle, persona through a program he developed for the Arizona, and then Utah, school systems called “Kid Heroes.”

Designed to transmit the values and morality he gained through his own childhood love of comic books, “Kid Heroes” was an instant success. Together with his wife, a director of theatre arts for middle and high schools, who also had experience working with at-risk youth, he created a series of role-playing exercises, acted out by professional actors. At various critical junctures, Citizen Prime would appear to “freeze” the action, “and let the kids see what was right or wrong with the situation, and discuss the solutions to each one of them.” He found that this level of engagement between the actors, kids and his own commanding presence, had the power to leave lasting impressions with his audiences.

In fact, it is that “commanding presence,” thanks in no small part to the distinctive armored suit he devised for himself, that earned him the widespread respect and admiration of his fellow heroes. “When I went in to design the armor I started from the perspective of ‘I want this to look like a superhero,’ I didn’t want to marginalize my efforts—if you’re gonna be a superhero, BE a superhero.” But designing a ballistic armored suit is one thing, finding someone capable of bringing it to fruition, is quite another.

“I found the guy who made the jousting armor for the Long Beach, CA Jousting Association, the late Greg Podgorny. I took my designs to Greg—he was a true craftsman, and he had the temperament of one—and we’d go for it, throwing it across the room, thrashing it, and going again.” Eventually finding the middle ground between what he designed and what could be realistically executed, “Citizen Prime” was ready to suit up. “Once we got to the point where it was flexible enough for me to jump up onto the kitchen counter, I knew we were done.”

But late in 2009., with the birth of his second child, he reached a turning point in his Real Life Superhero career, and made the decision to “hang up the cape and cowl.” He explains further, “It got to the point when I didn’t want my private life to suffer for any semblance of a public life. Life needs to be treated in radials, and my family comes first. You simply have to decide what’s more important.”

Since the announcement, much has changed. Though he is still sought out by those looking to be mentored in the movement, retirement means retirement. “I try to find the best person to direct them to who is still active. Look, when it comes to this community, you can check out anytime you like—but you can never really leave. Still, if you’re going to retire, you retire. I don’t want to confuse people or water down the message I have worked so hard to put out there.”

When Citizen Prime looks forward, he likes what he sees. “I look at the armor in the closet and, sometimes, I itch to put it on and go out there. It had an impact, and I miss being able to contribute that impact to the world, but along with that came some baggage that I didn’t want,” he says. “I have an obligation to stick to my own priorities, and that is to teach my kids to be the best kids they can be. I try not push ‘Citizen Prime,’—and all that goes with it—on my son, but I think he gets the connection that his dad is a superhero like Batman and Green Lantern—but who’s also around to play after dinner.”

Citizen Prime supports the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake:

As well as The Utah Food Bank:

Citizen Prime’s Pictures:

Citizen Prime's Poster Citizen Prime's Portrait

15 Comments to “Citizen Prime”

  1. Geist says:

    WTG, My Friend! Good words for good work! It was such a privilege to have patrolled Minneapolis with you and Razorhawk. Now you know why I had a scarf Buddy!

  2. Champion says:

    I hope some day i get the honor of meeting Citizen Prime.

  3. The definite leader in what I call RLSH-inspired Community Coalitions ( RLCCs ) and one of the people who showed m I could make this life long dream ( formerly ) deferred come true…

  4. Unkown Hero says:

    His outfit is very neat. Is it bulletproof like the comics. I think it would be wise. He’s right about the retirement business. But Mr. Silent, Indy, IN, has retired. I think he worked as a hero for no more than a few years and then he retired. I hope not. Did he retire? And if he did, why?

  5. Minuteman says:

    Very Awesome poster for perhaps the most awesomely suited RLSH
    though you may have hung up the cape you’ll still inspire us all CP

    Great shots Peter

  6. Nyx says:

    Your philosophy and work is much needed. Excellent job, CP!

  7. David says:

    Very cool looking costume, but is it lightweight enough to battle a criminal? It looks a bit restrictive!

  8. Iron Maiden says:

    Your doing a fine job!
    Keep it up
    Iron Maiden.

  9. Hyo Leinbach says:

    Wow, great site!

  10. Rusa says:

    this is going to sound crazy but its not so out of place here.
    i always thought that Citizen Prime was the real deal.
    all i know about him is from the net but he is the first real super i have heard of and to hear the news of his retirement is heart braking, im not kidding a tear is rolling down my face typing this.
    i know it is for a good reason and had to come some day but just not so soon, who will wear the cape?
    Prime if you’re out there
    you are a inspiration to me, you’re the real true super man

  11. The RaTMaN says:

    this man has gone for it,,someday the ratman will go for it,,,except the ratmans goal is to fight criminals and dominate the subway,,or not,,,ehhhhhr nice work prime k buddy

  12. paladin says:

    awsome great job CP (for work and mind set) i wish i knew the dude that made your armour but sadly in utah theres nobody that makes armour (especialy in a semblence to a knight).

  13. o SUPREMO says:


  14. eclipse says:

    i’ve seen u in the news. i would like to meat up with you. obviously in costume, and patrol some time (if i can get my partner to chime in).

  15. Nightlocke says:

    I’m from the Philippines and reading this article has inspired me a lot. I find myself wanting to find my true purpose in life but no matter how much I dig deeper in my capabilities, I simply do not know what to do with my life. But reading this article has shaped me into becoming my own superhero, and I know now that being a superhero is my real goal in life. I haven’t felt anything close to excitement and adrenaline before, so please is there anything I could do to join? The Philippines is known for it’s corrupt governing system and pollution, I personally would like to change these negativities someday by being my own kind of superhero

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