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Soundwave and Jetstorm

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It’s said that heroes come in all sizes—and Soundwave and Jetstorm are testimony to that. Whereas many Real Life Superheroes cite their childhoods as the genesis of what would become their adult activities, these two have chosen to exercise their altruistic impulses while they’re kids. “If you can walk, you can help somebody out,” says Soundwave. And Jetstorm is quick to agree, adding, “Anyone can do it. Except babies, of course.”

Real Life Superheroes (and real-life siblings), Soundwave and Jetstorm began their community activism in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Members of the Skiffytown League of Heroes, they are usually to be found at a variety of charitable events, from blood drives to Independence Day celebrations, from visiting at VA hospitals to hitting the streets for the Walk For Cystic Fibrosis. And yes, their parents know what they’re doing.

“I saw all the adults doing it,” Soundwave says, “and they got to do all the fun stuff. But it’s actually more fun once you get to do it. Then, it kinda comes easily.”

Originally a way to help break out of her shell, Soundwave created her character around her personality. “I was really shy, so I made my character fit me,” she says, “It gave me an excuse not to talk too much, but still do something.” And that typically takes the form of personal appearances where she can perform her unique outreach. “I carry marbles—since as Soundwave I have voice power, and it’s really, really hard to break a marble—and I hand them out to people and tell them I’ve put the Pledge of Allegiance into it, so they can remember to love our country,” she explains. “At first it’s weird, people actually remember you, but once you get used to it, it’s kind of like ‘Hey, I can really do something’.”

And while Jetstorm may have a lot in common with his older sibling, particularly as regards community service, there is nothing at all shy about this sheer bundle of energy. “I like working with kids, giving people food, toys, making sure they have power in their houses… and running so fast, even a race car can’t beat me,” he declares with his usual enthusiasm. And what does he like best about life as a hero? “I like my costume, the cape—the silver and blue look really cool—the sunglasses, because they protect my eyes, and when I take them off and look at the sun, it’s too bright—I like it all!”

Still, at the end of the day, these two are an object lesson in teaching your children well. “I want to help put the smile on people’s face and show other kids they can do something, even if they’re young,” Soundwave explains. You can do whatever you want to do—hand out toys, flyers, food drives, convince people to give something even if its small.” And what does she see for the future of the team? “We want to keep doing charities, meeting people, going on missions…”

“… And riding a really fast dirt bike,” Jetstorm adds.

“I also want to keep doing ballet,” she continues, “and gymnastics, rock climbing, sky diving… I seriously don’t know what I want to be because I want to do everything.”

To learn more about the Skiffytown League of Heroes, visit:

Join Soundwave and Jetstorm in supporting Samaritan’s Purse:

Soundwave and Jetstorm’s Pictures:

Soundwave's Portrait  Jetstorm's Portrait

47 Comments to “Soundwave and Jetstorm”

  1. KnightVigil says:

    Glad to have you aboard!

  2. Prime Penguin says:

    Heroes that inspire.. way to go guys.

  3. Mixsae says:

    I have had the honor of working functions with these two young heroes. They are inspiring…Soundwave carries the proffesionalism and wisdom beyond her years and Jetstorm…let’s just say he can really motivate a crowd :)

  4. Good Samaritan says:

    I love these kids!!! They are the AWESOME-SAUCE!!!

  5. Geist says:

    This is great! I hadn’t heard about these two cool young Heroes until now.

    It’s so great that young people are inspired to do good. That’s where it really starts and it further inspires me to do my best and be a better Hero.

  6. Dragonheart says:

    Awesome job!! I have also done a charity mission or two with this young heroes and they truly represent what is brightest and most noble within all of us.

  7. Sentinel says:

    Welcome to the good fight little hero dudes! Uniforms rock.

  8. Mixsae says:

    Skiffytown has several future members/Junior League Heroes in our ranks. Soundwave, Jetstorm, HyperCharge, Inferno…and many others. It all goes back to Skiffy’s history and origins and how we all came together in the founding of our organization. They inspired us “grown ups” to create our suits…our names….and to show the world. They had a hand in our concept designs and for many (if not all) to set the example that there is no limit to what you can do. What we quickly found out was they wanted in on it as well…why should the big kids have all the fun?

    Our junior heroes, the kids at the Children’s hospitals we’ve visited…the ones who come out to our costuming/safety workshops…they learn alot from us…but it’s nothing compared to what we as a group and as individuals have learned from them. Without all of those kids…Skiffytown would not exist. They have made us what we are!

    And I have no problem saying I’ve been schooled and mentored by a handful of 4 and 5 year olds, a couple of 10 year olds here and there and even teenagers. Their lessons are just as valuable as any that could be given by a more “seasoned hero”


  9. Phlegmis says:

    Awesome, super dude and dudess :)

  10. Arachnid Kid says:

    I’ll be doing the same thing in my town as a kid

  11. O says:

    Jeezy creezy– just made my day. Legit.

  12. Kaiju says:

    I’m with Geist on this one, it’s great to see kids joining in on this crazy movement. They sound like they have the right idea. Way to go, guys!

  13. DangerWoman says:

    To Soundwave and Jetstorm:
    I have heard many good things about you kids and I too can be a great help to you all.
    At least I would encourage you kids to stay in school and earn your diploma, so that you would be very well-educated superheroes.
    I would also encourage you kids to do your heroic part for your community and keep up the fight for justice.
    And, if you ever need a heroic makeover, my good friends at Hero-Gear will help you two look heroically hip. If you do not believe me, ask my pal, The Knight Vigil and the other heroes in the Real Life Superhero Project.
    And, I could be of great service to you young ones.
    I know that you, Soundwave have voice powers, but when I use my voice powers, I do give evil such a headache with my singing.
    And I could help Soundwave find some marbles to help her out in her honored outreach.
    For Jetstorm, I would see that he and Soundwave have a proper utility pouch, to carry whatever things they need for their heroic outreach.
    I have learned that it never hurts for you two to be prepared for whatever heroic missions and outreach, being that you cannot be too careful these days.
    And I also know that you can get some capes at Power Capes, being that they are a great place to be hip in the latest in superhero cape fashion as well, plus they do their part for helping various children’s causes.
    And if they need a heroic mentor, I am always on call, online and on my Danger Cellphone, if they need some good heroic advice from one who has been in the RLSH business for 18 years.
    So, keep up the fight, kids and until we meet on the net, GAME ON!
    Yours In The Fight For Justice,

  14. Crusader says:

    Man you guys are awesome even though your just kids and you do community stuff. I’m a few years older than you but I think in several years I’ll become a hero, hey I maybe one of the most famous heroes in the USA. Maybe you could do more than community service when your older, but for right now your doing great.Crusader

  15. The Shadow says:

    bravo. bravo. almost makes me want to show my face. I’ve been hiding my face behind my camera. I am inspired, but I still will not show my face.

  16. Bud says:

    Nice work! Great way to inspire heroism in everyone!

  17. the savior says:

    ever since i heard about these two ive wanted to do the same thing , me and my friend are going to

  18. Seriously, these two have made my day, and at the risk of sounding patronizing–this is off-the-cuteness-charts.

  19. caleb121 says:

    can you guys tell the gang yo meet the x ill be your best friend.

  20. magmazone says:

    children are always the next generation and therefore hope

  21. The Scarlet Skull says:

    Looks like smallest of us can make the biggest difference, Well done you too, you have proved with your spirit to help other people the world does have guardians to look up to, and hopefully inspire others to join the cause.

  22. paladin says:

    yes lil supes well hey children are always the future, i know this cause im freaking 15

  23. Night Hawk says:

    Thats very awesome of young ones to do, keep it up, I myself am a superhero and am very proud to see everyone help out , including young ones, very awesome (:

  24. Guest says:

    You know, these two are awesome-sawce!!!!Kids doing this?Epicnesss, I’m a kid too, and I’ve been thinking about doing somthing like this, though i doin’t know if theres anything in my area, anyways, keep up the good work guys!!!

  25. mockingbird says:

    im a young hero to and im glad little kids are doing this too

  26. Vince says:

    Im not a kid anymore, but in my heart, i’m forever a child and you two, your a great example of community helping… great job, guys!

    -If there is life, there is hope-

  27. me and my conpanion nightwing are amazed

  28. CandyCorn says:

    They’re so adorable. More kids should get into this. Waytago little guys. Keep up the good work.

  29. Bookworm says:

    Wow! It’s AMAZING to see such young individuals making a difference! I had always thought I was one of the youngest superheroes because I am only sixteen, but when I saw these kids’ photographs I was slightly taken aback, and after reading about them I felt that if these kids who are much younger than I can make a difference, maybe I can too. Good work Jetstorm and Soundwave; keep it up! :)

  30. Kristina says:

    i think these kids are so inspiring. It is difficult to even get adults out and helping with their busy scheduels but to have children take the time out of their childhood voluntarily to put smiles on people faces everyday, its a blessing.

    dear Soundwave and Jetstorm,
    you guys have hearts of gold and you guys are setting examples for everyone else out there. You should be very proud of yourselves, just like everyone else is proud of you. You real life superheroes have given me the inspiation and extra push i needed to get out there and make a difference. i want you to know that you are setting an amazing example for the generations to come and words cant even describe how happy i am to see young people with such desire to make a difference. With your desire, heart and determination i am positive you two will go far in life and be very successful. Just remember to never give up, be the change you want to see in the world and keep up the great work. you put a smile on my face :)

  31. Amber says:

    Wow! I think It’s just amazing at how two little kids want to make such a big difference and get involved with helping people in need and even their community. I’m shocked that they are so young but they have such big hearts and they care about everyone around them. I’ll be honest that at their age I only cared about playing with dolls and making sure I get the first swing at the park. They are a real inspiration to any kid or even any adult because they really do show that anyone can make a difference even by doing little things no matter what age! I am looking forward to see them grow up making a difference. I hope people can learn from these two little kids and follow in their footsteps. Jetstorm and Soundwave powers go! :-)

  32. nightguardna says:

    Awsome, the world needs more heroes like you two. you really inspire people.

  33. Red Wolf says:

    I am very inspired by these two young heroes. As I reach 15 years of age I look back on my very early years and think of hiow I could have improved my town… i want to give back to my comunity and be a real life superhero but lack the resources needed. So I will do my part even if it is a small one in the very small town of wilmington ohio as red Wolf! Gret job guys thanks for making this great country even better!

  34. welcome to the club.young heroes.

  35. blackdog phantom says:

    ROCK ON!

  36. That One Guy says:

    To Soundwave and Jetstorm: I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but try to avoid any fights you may not be able to win. I’m not trying to judge you by your age, but sometimes an important advantage is to have a good amount of weight you can work with, not just muscle. I know you can always work around those things with other techniques, but just wanted to say, be careful out there. Keep it up!

  37. Hector J. MacHines says:

    And I thought I was too young when I was 12! Inspiring work guys!

  38. Sithon says:

    Makes me smile. Im happy to see kids out there making a difference :)

  39. SPXMEN! says:

    Soundwave and Jetstorm,
    At a young age you guys are already helping your community. You’re right that anyone who can walk can help! You guys prove that at any age or any size everyone can make a difference just like the smallest pebble in the largest pond. You guys should keep up the good work and hopefully your work will encourage more kids your age to take a more active role in their communities.

  40. Farin says:

    It is inspiring to see such young kids caring about the community and the world. Even though I think that the super hero’s are unrealistic, for dressing up, I still believe these two siblings are perfectly suited for their job. At such a young age you wouldn’t think that these two children would notice that helping out those in need is important. Even most adults don’t know how to help out. The little activities they do really can make a difference. To Soundwave and Jetstream; Don’t ever give up on what you believe in. What you are doing is tremendous.

  41. Yeidi says:

    Reading about RLSH always makes me cry out of joy. I read the first few sentences and I’m a bundle of tears. Jetstorm and Soundwave are pretty much the bravest kids I’ve ever seen. You guys rock!!

  42. Holy Seeker says:

    Hey guys, Just figured id say love what you are doin’ and I’m been in a really confusing place in my life and I had looked into this I’m quite into it exactly. But I just cant take that first step although it would be hard figuring I’m still in school and such but I hope you guys reply to this and I hope that you guys could help me out with this tough decision!
    That would be my name but im not registered yet,
    Holy Seeker

  43. queen of dimonds says:

    these kids are amazing they are definitly dimonds shineing in a bleek world. i hope you keep on doing what you do and show the world your shine

  44. [...] n’y a pas d’âge pour être un RLSH. Soundwave et Jetstorm sont soeur et frère et ont à peine 10 et 8 ans. Ils visitent les hôpitaux, les galas de [...]

  45. Henok says:

    Your are small physically but you have the largest power.

  46. Witney says:

    You guys are amazing, I love your work please keep it up, and at your age Wow.

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