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Vigilant and sharp, focused and cutting edge, Razorhawk is the very embodiment of his chosen persona. Still, labels don’t fit so easily on this Minneapolis, MN-based Real Life Superhero of many interests and abilities. “If I had to choose,” he says, “I’d prefer the title ‘Masked Adventurer.’ After all, I’m all about Deeds not Words.”

In 2008, after 15 years in pro-wrestling, Razorhawk sought a way to put those words into action outside of the ring in a way that encompassed both his show-biz background, and his life-long love of comic books. He found that opportunity in designing and fabricating wrestling costumes for his friends on the circuit, and Hero-Gear.org was born. The “best place on the interweb to make heroic dreams come true,” Hero-Gear.org specializes in the custom creation of battlesuits, jackets, belts, masks, templates and patches, and many in the Real Life Superhero movement became—and remain—among his cherished clientele.

But Razorhawk’s ambitions didn’t stop there.

Intrigued by the men and women who were commissioning his gear, he began to explore ways to become involved himself. “My first foray into the community was becoming the guy who was doing patrols… without actually doing patrols,” he says, “I was always trying to find ways to make myself more active in watching for crimes and looking out for people in trouble. I had always done that—and still do. But once I actually hit the streets, it just snowballed from there.” The turning point was meeting a local legendary Superhero, who befriended and mentored Razorhawk. That friendship led to his forming the Great Lakes Alliance, bringing together costumed activists from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida. Since its inception, the Alliance has successfully launched toy drives for Toys For Tots, as well as People Serving People, an organization dedicated to providing transitional housing for families, “to get them back into the working world, in their own homes and their own lives.”

A trip to ComiCon in 2010 sparked yet another ambitious plan for Razorhawk. Moved to near-tears by a homeless outreach effort in San Diego that united local and visiting Superheroes, he decided to take on the planning and execution of an even bigger ComiCon-related effort he dubs HOPE2011. An open invitation to “join together for fun, camaraderie and just doing good,” he hopes to lead his team on two four-hour runs to distribute as much food, water and other supplies as they can. With over 30 Real Life Superheroes already committed to attending, he hopes to draw greater attention to the human toll of homelessness. “Our goal is to help them through not only an afternoon, but whatever it takes to get these people to the next level: Off the streets and back with their families.”

Kind, creative and captivating in conversation, Razorhawk comes across as the consummate organizer, and draws his inspiration from it. “I’m spread so far over so many things—patrolling, HOPE, toy drives, family life, everyday life—I guess my greatest strength has always just been being… me.”

Support HOPE2011 by visiting:
Learn more about The Great Lakes Alliance at:
And join RazorHawk in supporting People Serving People:

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27 Comments to “RazorHawk”

  1. Razorhawk is a great man who leads by example. . .one to keep an eye on. . .


  2. RazorHawk says:

    And check out http://www.HOPE2011.info for more info on HOPE2011. Say, thats kinda’ catchy.

  3. Animal says:

    I Would Love To Meet You In Person

  4. If I’d never seen you on Fox news the Mutinous Angel would not be a hero today. When I saw you I looked up the RLSH community. Thanks to you I’m a “masked” adventurer today.

    “in these conversations sometimes a spark is kindled which henceforth nourishes itself” – Plato


  5. RazorHawk says:

    I’m blushing over here. Thanks guys!

  6. Kaiju says:

    Man, RH, You’re an inspiration. Good job!

  7. Geist says:

    Hey Buddy, congratulations on your awesome profile which I’ve just seen by Hillel and also your awesome profile shots by Pete! I love that you have a street-shot from one of our patrols together. I think it’s glamorous and raw at the same time. You are a Hero of the streets, Bud! You’re a kind and brave man who I’m honored to call my Friend. Way-cool!

    All My Best,

  8. Blue says:

    Great picture man. I’m happy you’re on here for children to see. I hope to work with you again soon. You are a great artist and wonderful person to talk with. Remember, you never have to be blue because I will be blue for you, Blue

  9. The Watchman says:

    It’s great to see you on here! I wish I could make it to HOPE2011, but it doesn’t look like it will happen. Still, I’ll be doing my part here, and you’ll be in good company doing great things there. I can’t wait until the next time we can meet up though. Perhaps everyone who can’t make it out there can put on there own HOPE2011 locally.

    -The Watchman

  10. antonio says:

    it’s amazing to know that guys like you are real. it’s awesome

  11. RazorHawk says:

    Thanks Antonio, the support means alot to all of us.

    Watch, Atavistik is trying to get people in other parts of the country and world to do handouts at the same time we are doing the handout in San Diego. For those who can’t make it out there. I know Tea is going to be with us, but maybe you, Blackbird and Citizen can get together in Wisc to do something that day.

  12. Daniel says:

    Completely geeking out- really kool, what’s with some of the odd texts? such as ’s looks like a wierd font your using. should use regular fonts for your site if your using an exotic font that no-one uses that’s all they will see —’s’s’s type font

  13. HEY!! says:

    your an inspiration… i live far far away..
    we really need you here…im planing to do my best..
    to destroy the evil.. i need a name.. i have fought thief an other society craps…
    an i want more…

  14. Gaucho Negro says:

    Hello friends, I am a Brazilian RLSH … I’m acting six months, and I contacted the Amazon a while ago … work has been good and productive, although I can not get out as often as you want ….. there is a link to a story that came out about the Brazilian movement … http://wwwchamandosuperamigo.blogspot.com/2011/02/herois-da-vida-real-brasil-conhecam.html # links

  15. Atavistik says:

    HOPE should be worldwide everyday…… and honestly, it was my little brother that suggested a simultaneous hand-out. I only suggested HOPE as an opportunity. it just happens to be the perfect fit for such a venture and folks agreed.

    every little bit helps, a concerted, charitable crusade chock-full of colorfully costumed citizen crusaders from coast to coast would most likely be noticed. so, mark your calendars and get a few care packages ready. if not that, maybe you could volunteer at a kitchen or shelter….. toss a pair of socks to someone that could use them…… or maybe even just tell the folks you see about the event and what it’s about. who knows. maybe you could do your part by planting the idea in a fertile and willing mind.

  16. peter says:

    we switched our server and the transfer caused some problems with some type / ‘ ” ( ) / and others changed into symbols like this ’ so we’re slowly fixing every written word on the site.

  17. caleb121 says:

    hey man your awsome let me inntruduse my self im a super hero just like you im the x awsome name right.

  18. paladin says:

    hey does any body know where i can get some armour for cheap (only got $80)

  19. theLastMohican says:

    i learned about you guys just now….i think it’s really admirable and brave of you guys to be doing this, in a world filled with naysayers, doubters and haters. i would join the ranks but man is this town quiet:)
    keep it up.
    ps: those FOX news anchors are the biggest douchebags ….don’t let them bother you Razorhawk.

  20. Geist says:

    Razorhawk is THE RLSH to have your back. We’ve patrolled in 90 degrees and also -20. This is the good man who will be at your side and stand up to anything. He would have the tactical skills, but more frequently. the heart and kindness needed to really help people on the streets. A better team-mate, I could never have. A better friend, I could never hope for.

  21. phil says:

    thank you RazorHawk for your engagement!
    I have seen the “tagesschau” report about you and your hero-fellows.
    greetings from Germany

  22. Natalie says:

    Just saw a news report on German tv with you in it. I’ll never be a super hero, but as an ordinary person I just really needed to see what you do for the homeless. It’s inspiring. Thanks.

  23. Reinhold says:

    i saw a report about your job in our television here in germany. great compliment.
    absolutely exemplary. Thanks.

  24. Stefan Knoll says:

    Super, mach weiter so!

  25. Justin says:

    I hear that along with Geist, you’re the guy to talk to about becoming a part of the RLSH project! You’re costume is cool, and you seem like you know what you’re doing too! Hey, so I’d really like to hear more info. Message me on my FB page:
    Senrab Nitsuj
    Thanks! Have a great day, and keep up the good work as usual!

  26. Annie says:

    Hello razor Hawk! I just wanted to say that it is great to see the Great Lakes alliance doing good in my home state MN. You guys have definitely inspired me. Hearing about what you guys do has inspired me to get more involved in community work. I might not dawn a mask, but I figure if regular, non superpowered humans like you guys can go out and make a difference, why can’t I? If it weren’t for you guys, I probably wouldn’t have started volunteering here in my own town

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