The Crimson Fist

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Before he could save others, he had to save himself. He is The Crimson Fist, and his work on the streets of Atlanta, GA attests to the power of the Real Life Superhero movement to help not only the public-at-large, but those who take on the cape and cowl as well.

A history of substance abuse issues ultimately led this affable, sharp hero to look within for answers as to how to move forward from a place of personal despair. “I led a bad life and treated people rather poorly, and thought I should make up for that. I realized that there were better things I could be doing with what I had. It seemed quite natural, really.”

Natural for someone who sparked to the pantheon of such Silver Age comic book legends as the Flash, Green Lantern and the Justice League of America.
“When it comes to what inspired all of us to don the mask and tights, I can say with fair certainty that we were all inspired by comics in some fashion. I came up with my name from a 1990 comic that I wrote. I knew how I wanted to look and what I wanted to have my uniform look like, but I don’t have super powers, and thus find myself more attracted to heroes who either have no powers, or have them rooted closer to reality.”

The Crimson Fist’s reality is centered around outreach to the ever-growing population living on the streets of his hometown, though it wasn’t always that way. “Originally started out wanting to be the Batman type of superhero, I went out at night trying to find criminals to beat up and make the city a safer place, but it was unrealistic. I was dark and serious, and I eventually (and thankfully), grew out that phase.”

Standing just 5”6’ in his simple, but striking gear, The Crimson Fist is still perfectly capable of making a strong impression. The night of his inaugural patrol, he came upon two men violently attacking another man in a dark alley. Without giving a second thought to the mathematical realities of the situation, he purposefully strode toward the perpetrators. The two men stopped, and apparently “freaked-out” at the sudden appearance of this white-and-red clad, mask-wearing man taking an aggressive stance toward them, instantly turned tail and ran. The victim in all this, once realizing that his attackers had fled, took one look at his would-be savior—and ran like hell in the opposite direction.

Today, his activities are of a more low-key, but nonetheless powerful nature. “Generally when I go out on patrols I pack up a backpack with different supplies—in the summer I hand out bottled water, in the colder months, I give them clean shirts and socks and things like that.” But his brand of
community altruism comes at a cost. “I don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like, for purely financial reasons. But I try to set aside some money every month to try and go out and do things.”

Being of service to others has had an abiding, restorative effect on The Crimson Fist, and he makes no secret of it. “I think for the most part, it makes me feel good to do it, as selfish as it sounds. The biggest motivation is just helping people, it’s enjoyable to me,” he says. “And if it means a little sacrifice, I’m OK with that. Because if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t feel whole.”

To find out more about how you can help the homeless in Atlanta, visit:

The Crimson Fist’s Pictures:

The Crimson Fist's Poster The Crimson Fist's Portrait

44 Comments to “The Crimson Fist”

  1. Champion says:

    great write up. i love the quote at the end.

    “And if it means a little sacrifice, I’m OK with that. Because if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t feel whole.”

    i couldnt have put it better myself.

  2. Geist says:

    Very cool, Man! I guess I never realized that you came from a somewhat dark past. I’m glad that you’re here and have risen above that!

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Champion. I am very proud to have been a part of this project and help spread my mission.

  4. RazorHawk says:

    What can I say, always liked CF and he looks freaking awesome here! Very heroic and very cool!

  5. Unkown Hero says:

    I think he looks quite nice, but I think that he should give the homless some healthy food instead of candy. That’s my opinion. Candy can make some one happy but if I were to be homeless, I’d love to have apples, carrots, or even some salt free mixed nuts with bottled water. You can get that cheap if you know were to get it.

  6. As a Georgian, I happily say he makes the Peach State proud.

  7. Unknown: I actually very rarely hand out candy. The closest I get is the occaisional granola bar or cereal bar. However, I try to pass out things with a bit more nutritional value whenever possible. Sadly, we have laws here in Georgia about handing out prepared or unpackaged foods, so I have to be careful about what I pass out in order to stay on the right side of the law.

  8. Thanks guys, I wish I could say I was half as cool as this article makes me seem!

  9. Unkown Hero says:

    Crimson: I think what you do is good. Question : As a kid did you have a favorite comic book hero? I like Wonder Woman. But now they have changed her out-fit. She now has black pants. I’m glad they kept her crown.

  10. Minuteman says:

    A great write up and another great poster
    kudos to both of you CF and Peter

    Crimson do you always wear deck shoes on your patrols?

  11. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Crimson Fist:

    I would be more than honored to finally meet you and do a team up at Dragon Con, as part of my concert there, while learning to assist you on your little mission with the less fortunate humans and keeping my concert safe from the evil triphobe, Reverend Fred Phelps!


  12. Unknown: Growing up, and to this day, my favorite comic book heroes are Captain America and Daredevil. If you look closely, you’ll even see elements in my costume that I based off of theirs.

    Minuteman: If I’m out on a standard hand-out patrol, I almost always wear my red converse Hi-Tops (they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned). However, I also have a pair of tactical boots that I wear during more intense patrols or disaster clean-up scenarios.

    DangerWoman: If I make it to Dragoncon this year, you will definitely be seeing me!

  13. The Blue Blaze says:

    Crimson Fist,

    “Beating Swords into Plowshares”? What does that even mean?

    Still, I like the poster a lot. The “traffic lines” on the bottom of the poster help guide the eyes towards your emblem. The lines on your costume are tilted just perfectly to guide them to your fist. The colors in the background behind you compliment your costume without drawing attention away from you.

    I the story about your “inaugural patrol” interesting. I wonder why the assault victim ran from you?

    Anyway, loving the poster, dude. It has the best color scheme out of all of them.

    The Blue Blaze

  14. Nyx says:

    It was a pleasure getting to finally meet you (brief as it was). Your reasons for doing this are profound, and it’s good to know you’re out there. Good stuff, guy!

  15. Blue Blaze: I didn’t pick the tag line regarding beating swords into plowshares, but I know the meaning so I’ll gladly share. It’s actually a quote from the bible (Isaiah, I think) that has to do with turning weapons into agricultural equipment. Basically it means that you get more good use out of a tool made to help people than a tool made to hurt people.

    As for the patrol story, I feel it should be clarified that this wasn’t my ‘inaugural patrol’ (not sure where that bit of information in the write-up came from). It was one of my first after I got my first uniform, but I had been patrolling for 2 years prior to the incident in question. I can’t say with any certainty why the victim chose to run. I assume it had something to do with my suit at the time (which had a full black cowl and such). Honestly, I probably would have run too if some guy in a black mask had come barreling down an alley towards me. Not to say that I was imposing by any means, but I’m sure I looked a good deal crazy (which helped in getting the attackers away, thankfully)

    Nyx: Back at you. Hopefully we can all get together again in the very near future.

  16. DJ Coffman says:

    Kudos on wearing the Hero By Night ring! That’s really awesome!Keep up the good work!

  17. DJ: Thanks! Your comic is actually one of the first things that inspired me to make the leap from “community patroller” to “community patroller dressed as a superhero”. I wear the ring to always remind myself of why I do this.

  18. Sean says:

    Any way I can help out, let me know. I live outside Atlanta and have been looking for ways to help the community.

  19. Sean: Just do what you can to look out for people who need it. That’s all I could ever ask of you.

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  21. The Shadow says:

    crimson, I would be honored if you came to TN and we did a team up sometime. I know your a busy man, but there happens to be an area that has some crime at night that we could take care of, violence as a last resort, if at all, of course.

  22. Shadow: I rarely fight crime these days (much more focused on humanitarian ventures), but I might be able to help you in some way. What area of Tennessee are you based in? Feel free to shoot me an email at

  23. lhia says:

    i just found out about this project and i think all of you heroes are doing a great job by helping out in your communities, it´s something we all can learn from, and even without a costum, try to be more giving and caring towards others near us.
    keep up this great job and god bless you!

  24. GonzoDog says:

    Hey Crimson

    This project has just been published in the UK national news at the Telegraph Newspaper
    I hope all of you heroes are not only proud of your personal achievements but also of the awareness you create for the plight of others.

    I am not sure if such an initiative will ever truly manifest itself in England as chaps in tights are
    Ikely to attract the wrong sort of attention. however, I am sure that your stories will inspire many people worldwide to do something, however small, to help others.

    Good luck with your journey.

  25. Mark says:

    Congratulations turning your life around. I’m proud of you. And your costume isnt that bad either :)

  26. GonzoDog: There are actual numerous heroes on your side of the pond. Maybe some of them will be kind enough to drop a comment here for you if they read this page some time. Thanks for the tip about the Telegraph!

    Mark: Thank you, but congratulations really aren’t needed. I will graciously accept the compliment without question, though :)

  27. lead sharp says:

    It’s not selfish to feel good about doing good. No zen philosophy needed, it just isn’t. What you do is fulfilling you the same way other things fulfil others.

    I want to be a UK superhero, there’s no two ways about, I just have to find a way so that my wife won’t kill me :)

    I live in Liverpool, we could do with a hero.

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  29. The Gallant Arthmael (training) says:

    I would like to say you are quite great Crimson Fist. I would also like to say once i think I am ready I would like to help you out one day. I just found this site and I have to say I my have found a calling. I never really found anything i liked so much until i found this. I live in the lilburn area and i would be more than happy to make it to an area and help you with what you are doing that day. well I hope you will welcome me and I will try to stay in contact with all of you.

    The Gallant Arthmael

  30. Thank you, Arthmael. I wish you the best of luck in your training and hope to hear some good things out of you in the future! We’re all in this together, after all.

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  32. The RaTMaN says:

    oh and also iv read your comments to the other people commenting and i want to thankyou for your kindness and attention to the new wave of rlsh such as myself you are a true hero man and thanks for the support :P

  33. RaTMaN: If it means potentially inspiring a serious-minded individual to make a difference in their world, I will never shy away from talking to anyone.

  34. The Juggler says:

    Crimson Fist,

    Tomorrow, my high school is having a “superhero” day for spirit week. I am the student council president and I decided to dress up as you. Thank you for the inspiration!

  35. Dark Hunter says:

    I just want to say that this is an amazing program. I had heard something like this existed but didn’t really know for sure. Then I saw a tv show that publicized the actions of real life superheroes. Its amazing what ya’ll do. I wish to do something close to this one day, but for now Im out of costume and making a difference here. Who knows what life holds…

  36. Juggler: That is awesome! Please tell me there are pictures?

  37. ? says:

    CF, you are an inspiration to come out of darkness. I have decided to become a superhero and just need a mentor in the FLorida area. Thank you for doing what you do.

  38. This is the coolest thing in the world. I love those who sacrifice to help others. This is amazing! You’re amazing!

  39. Nighthawk says:

    Hey CF I have my own team of heros a three man team and we stop drug deals around our neighborhood and guess what we live in Georgia and not so far from Atlanta so a team up would sound cool don’t u think

  40. Night flight says:

    I actually have a question CF. How old were you when you started this because I actually just started a hero nightlife and have done a couple things on the street and I am fifteen. Do you think that I am a little bit to young and should hold off the mask for maybe a year or so?

  41. lightning boy says:

    How do i join your site, I wanna become a super hero like you guys. I can fight and help people. When me and my friend started a fake fight, we saw this man before we started fighting. He just watched us for an hour, then walked slowly toward us. He took my friend so I chased him. in 8 seconds I punched him and he threw me at the garbage can. We started fighting. I used my hidden knife under my shoe. Then threw it at his back. I took my friend with me and we ran. He was chasing us, so I took my friends phone and called 911.

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  43. Henil says:

    Plz tell me how to become a superhero i always wanted to be one because i like helping people and fighting crime…

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