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Convictions, and the courage to stand up for them, are the guiding forces behind KnightVigil, a Real Life Superhero working out of the Tampa Bay area in Florida. His activities center around patrols and community outreach, working with a number of groups, including Team Justice and the Skiffytown League of Heroes—but ultimately, he serves a higher calling.

“I have always been involved in church and community service, and been given a host of skills and the capability to do good. I have had a lot of hardship in my life, and overcame a lot. And one of the reasons I have done this is because my faith has helped me overcome those obstacles, so I feel always rededicated.”

A significant portion of KnightVigil’s outreach is to the migrant workers who pass through Tampa on the circuit, and often don’t have the means to clothe, feed and properly look after their children. Not seeing anyone paying attention to the situation, he decided he had to act on his own, bringing shoes, t-shirts, jeans to those who needed them the most. “These kids, moving all over the country… they don’t have anything, they’re very, very poor. And in desperate need of care and attention.”

KnightVigil’s origin goes back to his childhood, influenced by the cartoons and television shows he watched avidly. “I kind of started designing my costume when I was seven or eight,” he says, “but I really started pulling it all together around 2001.” With just a “basic” uniform, he began hitting the streets, looking for ways to demonstrate his desire to help.

“100% of my faith is expressed when doing my work, kids, seniors, adults—anyone who needs help, I do what I can to help them. That’s how its supposed to be. I try to show that you can show love to anyone, if they’re in hospice, if they’re in need, if they just want someone to talk to, I show my faith through words and deeds.”

KnightVigil has a specific message for the people of his community and beyond—and it’s not necessarily Scripture. For him, it’s all about neighbors helping neighbors, getting together to make a difference by building community. And his striking costume, which evokes references to the knights of medieval times, goes a long way toward delivering that message. “Good work goes on all the time, and we don’t seem to notice. But when we put on our costumes, people do. And suddenly the thought flips through their minds that ‘Hey, I can help people, I can try to make a difference.”

In the end, as it is for all his fellow Real Life Superheroes, it simply boils down the same: We all have the power to change the world, if only we’d find a place to start. “All of us have unique and personal motivations, so just get out and do it, that’s the problem. But we’re doing everything we can to inspire people to bring back the love and spirit to the community.”

Learn more about Team Justice and the Skiffytown League of Heroes at:

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33 Comments to “KnightVigil”

  1. Geist says:

    KnightVigil, When I met you, you struck me as so very kind and truly dedicated. Now I know why. Keep up the great work, Buddy!

  2. Mixsae says:

    KV…you are so awsome!

  3. you are tops in my book. thanks again for watching out for me Knight Vigil.

  4. Blue Lotus says:


  5. DangerWoman says:

    I was very honored to have Knight Vigil at my BIG 4-0 at Dragon Con two years ago.

    He also gave me the courage to finally shed my cute minidress and leggings look for something much more heroically stylish at the nice people at Hero Gear.

    I am looking forward to debuting this at Dragon Con, so if you are reading this Knight Vigil, I hope that you will see me at Dragon Con, wearing my NEW Battle Suit that I designed!

  6. Nyx says:

    An excellent philosophy. Very inspiring, KV!

  7. adam says:

    not that i don’t admire your charitable acts, but do you or any of your compatriots actually “fight” crime? Like by actually thwarting a criminal, fighting them if need be? Has anyone ever gotten into a fist fight?
    this isn’t a pan on you guys you’re doing a good thing, i was just wondering because it seems like you all focus on helping homeless which is noble but not very dangerous or well, much like an actual superhero.
    I ask because if your not vigilantees or making enemies with criminals you really don’t need a disguise as it is all just work people in the peace corps, soup kitchens, and ordinary people do everyday without fancy spandex.
    I guess it all comes off a bit self-aggrandizing with the posters and preachy interviews when you’re not really doing anything out of the ordinary.

    This isn’t squarely directed at you KV, but the site in general.

  8. peter says:

    Hi Adam,

    These are legitimate questions and I’d like to try to answer them on behalf of these people. First to your question about the disguises. The world has an incredible number of real heroes acting generously every day without wearing some type of costume. The RLSH choose to wear costumes for a number of reasons, wearing a costume while in the act of doing something good is memorable, people notice and they hope that witnesses to their actions are inspired by the simple acts of kindness they’ve seen. If you were helped in a time of need by Super Hero or KnightVigil I think you would remember it for a very long time. I believe they are simply marketing good deeds.

    They fight crime in many ways. Dark Guardian, Deaths Head Moth and others are well documented confronting drug dealers in New York City parks telling them to get out. They’ve usually scouted the parks in civilian clothes then returned in costume to confront the problem. They’ve had success and failure, dealers have moved off or on occasion flashed their guns. Crimson Fist witnessed 2 men attacking another and his very arrival on the scene inspired the attackers to run off. One hero in our group has a great deal of trust within the community he serves and was able to learn many details about a now deceased young woman’s history of parental molestation. He passed this on to the police who were inspired to do their own investigation and those parents are now charged with crimes committed against the remaining children in the home. Their patrols are in the same spirit as those done by The Guardian Angels, another group of uniformed crime safety patrollers. The very presence of The Guardian Angels on the street effects the criminal element and costumed super heroes can have the same effect.

    I must disagree with your last statement which suggests that they aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. When a tornado hits a small Minnesota town Geist loads up his truck with supplies and goes there. When the recent rioting started in Oakland Motor Mouth hit the streets and stopped a mob from looting a store and helped an injured woman get to a medic. Team Justice collected 700 toys for children last Christmas, Life goes nowhere without supplies and a kind word for the homeless of NY, Civitron is doing 100 kind deeds in 100 days ( ) hoping others will follow. I hope one day these types of things will be considered ordinary.

  9. adam says:

    thanks for the answer.
    i didn’t want to come off like i was ripping on anyone one, all the work they do is real exemplary.

  10. peter says:

    You bet Adam, you raised very good questions and I hope you continue to look in on the site.

  11. The Mega-Man says:

    i cant find death heads moth superhero thing on here

  12. Neil Masters says:

    you are an exception to the rule well done keep up the good works you are doing…

  13. The Shadow says:

    Knightvigil, Earlier today I was wondering “Should I become a superhero, I’m not sure?” I was afraid to, but now, I’ve read about you, and your friends. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION. I will do my best, I will be a superhero. my decisoin is made. you may not hear of me, but you may, just as well. You inspired me. you are a hero. I AM NOW THE SHADOW.

  14. Ninjagrapher says:

    I am very intrigued by what you are doing in your communities. As a youth & children’s leader I would like to start something in my community however, it would be hard to keep my identity secret in this area. There isn’t a lot of cultural diversity here. Is it a necessity to do that ? I can see the benefits.

    If I can’t do exactly what you do, thank you for the inspiration to think about what my team and I can do!

  15. Shivkar says:

    A Holy knight in shiny armor. That something Its haven’t been seen in centuries and I’m glad they have returned (not trying to be cheesy or cliche, just my thoughts)

    I’m not particularly believer, mostly beacause of difference of opinions with the Catholic church, but it gives relief to my soul to see a Guardian Angel here, a one that the ones in need can recognize.

    Thanks for keeping faith alive, maybe some day I’ll regain mine. I surely wish for that

  16. KnightVigil says:

    It isn’t just about religions, its what religions represent and teach us… hope… and a universal love for those less fortunate. We all have our different reasons for doing this, mine is my faith, but we all try to be a symbol for soceity, a reminder that individuals can make a difference. What I do, what we do and give… we do to try and better the world. If people can go out and be cruel, hurt and destroy… then why can’t we step forward to do the opposite? We all have different approaches but the goal is the same, changing the world starts with just one simple act of kindness.

  17. Blazar says:

    I have known KnightVigil for almost 3 years now. He has been able to overcome adversity to go out and protect the citizens of his city. He has a great heart and a great purpose. I salute you sir.

    The folks of the RLSH, with their costumes, are a beacon of doing good to one another. They attempt to motivate us to do good in our everyday lives. It doesn’t take a costume to help people. Ninjagrapher has an excellent opportunity. As a youth and children’s leader you have the ability to mold the minds of our youth. You can teach them about the golden rule, help show them ways they can impact their community and world. You can help the next generation of “do-gooders” to step up and become active in helping their neighbors. Let me state that I, in no way, am advocating children to go out and fight crime. Children can help raise money for worthy organizations and charities, maybe even volunteer at animal shelters and such, do something so they can see the difference they can make.

  18. [...] true identity. He is a Christian superhero who works to provide needed food and clothing to the children of migrant workersin [...]

  19. paladin says:

    SWEET ARMOUR DUDE! and i will pray for you. keep on helping.

  20. paladin says:

    KV is right i may still be in the planning and training stage but we all have our reasons for doing this mine is not only faith but when i look around i see criminals bullys and drug adicts alike and no one doing anything about it heck i see people braging about doing those things here in magna crooks rule the streets and i will change that as soon as im ready aka as soon as i have a black belt in karate and a suit and big ol muscels and some help please come over here anyone i cant do this on my own (well anyone in utah or coming to utah)

  21. 143 says:

    you’re amazing…what can I say? I’m proud of you.

  22. the basher says:

    hey knight vigil! your costume is awesome! i was wondering were you got those 2 baton things?
    -The Basher-

  23. Nighthawk says:

    Hi Knight Vigil!!
    I’m also practising tonfa since some years and I’m really impressed by you! I always wanted to become a rlsh but it’s forbidden here in Germany…


  24. The Metal Skull says:

    if i was a criminal walking down an alley, and i saw you jump out from the shadows, i would stop, and run. your outfit ROCKS and keep up the good work!

  25. Capitán Covinhas says:

    Great costume! I would just add a helmet

  26. Virus says:

    Hey Knight Vigil, my name is Virus and i want to be like you guys, i have training in martial arts and handy with a bo staff, please email me when you can thanks man.

  27. ? says:

    KnightVigil, it appears we have some background in common. I notice you are in the Florida area. I move back and forth toward Panama City and Tallahassee with school. I would like to begin with the cause and become a superhero, as well. If I can ever meet you, and you show me the ropes, it would be an honor

  28. KnightVigil says:

    I’d be happy to share thoughts or ideas with all of you, you can hit me up on my myspace page anytime and yes working on a helm of some kind a bit more protection

  29. DM says:

    so you guys have like a group? that is so cool, anyone in pinellas county? …any age limits to join? lol

  30. Ghostwolf says:

    um wow dude nice costume never thought there would be real life superheros out there too bad my only superpower is reading and writing but hey if you ever need a person to write yoru story just ask

  31. Hello, I also have got mine own blog and I would like to write on it what I found on yours. You wrote interesting things and I want to use your words on my blog. Is that OK?? I wish you all the best.

  32. Robert william says:

    Wow you have inspired me to be a better person wana be like you people one day

  33. Atomic & The Haunter says:

    Hello KnightVigil,
    me and my friend have been working in Tampa for almost a year and was wondering if we could meet up some time and possibly team up for the same causes.

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