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For Zetaman, it’s all about community—both the one he serves on patrols and through charitable foundations, and the one he works to build for the Real Life Superheroes of the Pacific Northwest. But multi-tasking on this level is not a problem for someone with true convictions.

Imposing in his blue and black gear, this “costumed activist” works with the homeless of Portland, OR, runs neighborhood patrols, and actively supports such local organizations as Oregon’s chapter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Portland’s Community Transitional School, and March of Dimes’ “March of Babies” walk-a-thon in his native City of Roses.

Determined to drive wider attention to the causes he supports, in May of 2009, he launched “The Real Adventures of Zetaman,” the first broadcast-length reality series for the internet. 100% independently produced, the project aims to chronicle his mission to promote heroic change, and hopefully, influence and inspire others to act on their own best impulses. “I thought about where my best skills lie, and how to apply them in a unique way. Becoming a superhero was my answer. Maybe it could be someone else’s too.”

To that end, he has taken the lead in growing the superhero movement in his part of the country, creating an organization he dubbed, “The Alternates.” This “Team of Civil-Minded Individuals” has set out to foster a culture that accepts people based on their character, rather than looks or politics, and assist in finding alternative ways to help their communities—and advertising those ideas to the public at-large. “I’ve always been a leader, and often I found myself in the position of advising others who are interested in the movement, so this seemed like a natural.”

In that role as an advisor, Zetaman has had his share of run-ins with those who see their true calling in vigilante justice. ““I don’t wear a mask or a cape. I tried that the first time and got into some trouble, so never again. I’m not a danger-seeker, I just want to go out and try to help,” he says, “I’m an adventurer. The true heroes are the police, fire-fighters and other first responders.”

And while the Real Life Superhero population is growing in Zetaman’s corner of the nation, he’d still like to see more joining the ranks, while acknowledging the difficulties inherent in reaching out to increase those numbers. “There is a certain amount of ego that goes into it, you have to dress differently, you’re standing out, you’re doing something not socially accessible. And though being headstrong is good, and having an ego is good—it keeps you motivated, and strengthens your convictions—it doesn’t really lend itself to organizations.”

But the challenges only serve to spur him on. “I just want to live my life to the fullest. People have given me opportunities to do some really awesome things because other people wanted me to help them out. I’ve met and made some great friends and I work at trying to be a good person. This rollercoaster hasn’t stopped yet, and I can’t wait to see what is on the horizon.”

Learn more about The Alternates, at:

For more about the organizations Zetaman supports, visit:

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16 Comments to “Zetaman”

  1. Minuteman says:

    These are Wicked Awesome!
    You look great Zetaman
    and your work is amazing Mr. Tangen

  2. Geist says:

    Lookin’ great, Man! Awesome shots and awesome words, My Friend!

  3. ZetaMan one of the true greats out there. a man of his word and good intents.

  4. Civitron says:

    This is the most beautiful images I’ve seen from this series, yet! I feel it really captures Zetaman’s sincerity and humility while making him look absolutely sensational! Zetman is one of my favorite people, committed to his work and his community. He is a true hero!

  5. Nyx says:

    It really does personify Zeta! Awesome stuff!

  6. Wow, what a poster!

  7. dr J says:

    hey zetaman my uncle lives in portland and i might go round to his house sometime, i will look out for you

  8. Swift Justice says:

    Great costume! If you ever wan’t to patrol with my friend Black Dragon and I you are Welcome to, us heros stand together as family.

  9. NewZealfighter says:

    contact me

    I have lived in Seattle for 10 years and Portland for two.

    I think I have what it takes to become a superhero

  10. john says:

    Could you use someone in Alaska? Been out a few times bringing people food and an encouraging (written) word as I don’t speak. I live in a small community and my size (smaller) already is a key to my I.D. I’m 42 years old. My colors are red, black and silver. Faith is a strong motivator in what I do and my philosophy is if I can give people an idea that their are ones who care for them then maybe they wont turn to crime. Sort of crimefighting from the other end. Also, if you know how do I keep a seperate facebook or e-mail for my other self. Always appreciated. yours truly. Griffin

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  12. Animal says:

    Sadly, Zetaman Has Retired. You Will Be Missed, Zeta!

  13. Oni says:

    zeta you are a true hero. if anyone in alaska would like to join up with me, i need more heros to help protect the people, please contact me at 907 854 XXXX (admin edit, sorry no phone numbers!) or jutty156@gmail.com my name is oni.

  14. That One Guy says:

    Zeta Slow!!!
    JK, I just had to say that… I play this one videogame, and one of my favorite characters always says that, along with a million other annoying mathematical lines… XD
    Anyway, glad to have had you helping out. Hope things went as well as you intended.

  15. Colin says:

    ZetaMan I really just wanted to say that i think what you are doing is great. You do not really go out and fight crime but you go out and help people. I also think your right about having an ego doesn’t help others. I think it is really great what your doing to go around and help out the community and hopefully other get inspired by you.

  16. Aaron says:

    Zeta, I HAVE Heard a lot about you.I will tell YOU SuperHeroes don´t GIVE UP!!!!

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