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While he may be a man of few words, Geist reserves his strongest ones for those who are considering donning the gear and joining the movement. “Wanna become a Real-Life Superhero?,” he asks, “COOL! But get ready to pay the price for all the secrets you’re gonna have to keep.”

Working to protect the people of southeastern Minnesota, kitted out in what can only be described as “green Space-Cowboy chic,” Geist focuses his efforts on those who need it the most; the victims of tragedy, the homeless, and various non-political local charities, getting in quickly and quietly, and getting out the same way, much like the ghost from which he takes his name. “I become a lot less interesting if I hang around,” he claims. He also devotes a considerable amount of time running crime deterrence patrols—fully cognizant of the boundaries between his work and that of the police—and is prepared to make a Citizen’s Arrest, if necessary. And he does it all with a uniquely humble wit that borders on the self-effacing. “I’m basically just a guy who tries to do some good things,” he says. “I’ve succeeded at some, had marginal success at others, and have had my fair share of total screw-ups.”

A relative newcomer to the world of Real Life Superheroes, Geist has quickly become admired and respected by his compatriots, which explains why so many potential Superheroes seek him out for advice. Eager to hit the streets swinging, they are quickly met with Geist’s own brand of tough love, actively discouraging such newcomers from taking on what he characterizes as a highly-compartmentalized life. “I keep my identity a secret among a few close friends. The rest [of my former friends] don’t think I like them anymore, and I’ve given them a lot of good reasons to keep away.” That said, once a neophyte demonstrates a sincere commitment to the principles of life as a Superhero, Geist is there for them 100%. “I’ll do anything to talk them out of it, but then, I want to help them do it any way I can.”

Yet beneath the no-nonsense demeanor, lies a heart that beats for the sole purpose of selflessly doing everything he can to comfort, aid, and assist those in need, whether it’s watching over the safety of others, exhausting his “Geist budget” to provide treats for cats and dogs in a local shelter, or bringing a smile to the face of a child living in Ronald McDonald House. “We’re all people who have met through the Heroes Network,” a stronghold of information, strictly limited to those in the Real Life Superhero movement, “who are trying to be good. We’d be doing this whether we get press or not. It’s awesome, sure, but with or without it, we’re doing it anyway. And we’re going to keep doing it. Someone has to watch over those who no one watches.”

Serving as a symbol to encourage others to think about—and act upon—what they can do to make their world a better place, without wearing a uniform, Geist readily admits to the transformative effect of suiting up and going to work. “You have to be pure, and when the costume goes on, it becomes pure. It’s the best thing you can possibly be, it’s the best I can possibly be. And every moment that costume is on, I am the best that I can possibly be.”

Learn more about Paws & Claws Shelter at:

And Ronald MacDonald House of Rochester, MN:

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99 Comments to “Geist”

  1. Endgame says:

    Hey Geist. I gotta say I love your work. Listen you seem to be experienced and also I know your somewhat critical of newcomers which is why I want your input. I`ve been throwing around an idea you see… I`m small weak and very sick… genetics is a pain in the ass so I cant quite defend myself or patrol like many of the other heroes. I have a shitty job and because of a disorder I`d rather not mention being in public for long periods of time is just out of the question so public service is kind of out of the question. I`m a gamer and somewhat of a former troll. (I used to annoy the hell out of others online and just make people miserable) So I know a lot about cyber bullying and how to avoid hackers and the like. My idea is to be an internet hero. I wont have a flashy costume and the only way people will know me is by my alias Endgame but the general idea is to mentor people who`ve been harrassed and to combat trolls. I have years of expertise with internet forums and have an uncanny skill to judge people by the way they type(age sex intellect). ….so yeah boom theres my idea get back to me when you get the chance.
    Thank you good sir for all you do

  2. Geist says:

    Danny: You’re catching the old-school references there for sure. But don’t forget about the Shadow, Green Hornet with a bit of cowboy and musketeer stuff thrown in for good )or just plain weird) measure.

    Soulman: Good luck if you decide to do this. There is no one specific way to “Become an RLSH.” You just go out and help people. But it’s best if you’re trained and equipped for the worst that could happen. I’m afraid to say that I rarely visit my myspace site anymore, but I can be easily found on facebook. I can be contacted there. Be safe, Buddy.

    Abdi: Is a Ninja really the right message you want to portray to people? Do you want to help people or scare them? With my appearance, I sort of walk the line between the two. I can be intimidating with the mask or take it down, smile and walk into a children’s hospital as a friendly “Hero.” These are things to think about, My Friend.

    Gemini: Sounds to me like you’re already a Hero, Man. Now all you need is a costume to become a Superhero. -Almost all you need… There’s a great new book out by Sage Michael called “How To Be A Superhero” and I’ve met Sage and highly recommend the book. It can be found on Amazon and will put you through some tough challenges.

    Prodigy: We have a friend named Blue in Granite Falls. He might be able to help you. Aside from that, meet us (the Minnesota contingent of The Great Lakes Alliance) in Minneapolis for a patrol sometime if you’re able. There’s nothing like hitting the streets with some veterans who can show you the ropes. Look me up on fb and I’ll try to let you know when we’re meeting there again.

    Kaiju: Heya, I forgot which state over you are in, but I just got back from Iowa, was recently teaming up with Watchman and others in Wisconsin, have been to South Dakota and have “accidentally” found myself in North Dakota. I feel that a meeting is virtually destined, Good Friend!

    Heya JustSarah! Believe me, we’re not cooler than Superman by far. I’ve had my fair share of screw-ups and misjudgements and try to share them honestly with everyone so that they can learn from my mistakes. (Never offer an ice cold soda along with a hot meal to a homeless man in a blizzard. Why didn’t I think of hot coffee?!)
    But thank you for your kind thoughts. We’ll try not to disappoint you as long as you keep in mind that we’re pretty fallible.

    Basher: Hit me up on fb sometime, Man!

  3. DarkTiger says:

    I’m thinking about becoming a superhero with a Biker Helmet with a mask underneath a bullet proof biker helmet as well as Kevlar pants with some a thermal shirt underneath to help people! Is that a good idea for a costume?

  4. DarkTiger says:

    I meant a bullet proof Jacket xD! Any advice to a newbie? Besides talkting me out of it that is

  5. DarkTiger says:

    U can just email me if u like

  6. If you’re a man of few words, then you must really believe in the congrigation of RLSH mambers, ALOT of the other profiles have comments that claim to be from you. I would LOVE to know if there argh ANY members from KY, USA. I’m THE biggest fan of Green Lantern around this site, undisputedly. I’m a Pirate as well. As a Pastafarrian, our “8 I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts” provide me with standards to abide by. It’s my unrelenting WILL that POWERs my determination to crusade, in a friendly comptative way, amungst all that display desire for life improvement. I aspire to be the green light answer to the red light problems that argh aflicting alot of people. This is a major goal of mine that a team up would significantly help.

  7. Read part of your long reply. I wanna say Jonna Hex-ish & the book title is actually “How to Become a Superhero”.

  8. How to be a superhero
    by: Doctor Metropolis

  9. Zodiac Atlas says:

    Hey there Giest, Im a newcomer to this but iv’e been training for years for this day, I just finally accepted that this is for me and I can make a difference I just need some good advice for starting, you would be making a great difference in my life with this help. Hope you have a great one, and be safe.

  10. luis says:

    i think what your doing is awsome it good to know that people are there to help us and that there is still lots of good people in the world. we need more people like you and the other supper heroes to give people hope and strength to know that the world isnt all that bad if you think about it.There are some people that think they don’t have any hope in the world but if more people start doing what all the other heroes are doing we can make the world a better place for everyone.

  11. Angel says:

    As someone from southeastern Minnesota myself, I wanted to extend my own thanks for the amazing work that you do. It’s truly an inspiring thing to see someone doing what you do, and I wish more people out there were aware of it. I’m currently a college student on my way to medical school, and I’m interested in becoming a part of the RLSH movement once I graduate and find a permanent place to live. I was wondering if you had any advice to give someone who is interested in this movement but isn’t sure where to begin?

  12. Unsure kid says:

    Hi geist. Im a 12 year old boy, live in sweden. Im very new to this. I have a few cuestions: Do you get paid for this “job”? and if you do, how? Im thinking of like having 2 jobs, going out just sometimes patrouling the streets. but its a looong time since i get like 19 and move out. Ps, does “the lightning wave” sound good? :D please reply…

  13. the Wraith says:

    i am considering “donning the gear” as you put it. i will be operating in north Minnesota i need advice about where to start. can you help me? please contact me at this is not a joke. i am not some kid that just might be insane. i really want to do this. it would help if you would give me advice on where to start.

  14. Geist says:

    Dark Tiger and Zodiac: If you intend to concentrate on crime-fighting, good combat training and bullet-proofing are excellent beginnings. If you intend to be more humanitarian in nature, you might want to save the weight for the supplies you’ll be bringing to the needy.

    Pirate: Yeah, those comments are from me and I do feel the importance of the support of other RLSH. There was a time when no one supported us and we HAD to reinforce each others’ beliefs because everyone else just thought we were nuts. And there are a couple of other heroes in Kentucky, but I can’t think of them right now. Is Show-Stopper one of them? Can’t remember…

    Luis: Thank you, My Friend.

  15. Zagoner says:

    Hey Geist!

    Just wanted to say I love your costume, It reminds me of the green hornet. And not to mention your work! I’d love to be like you lot but I’m in the UK and i’d probally be useless at my age!

  16. Geist says:

    Thank you, Zogoner!

    The Green Hornet is one of the ideas I started out with. And the Lone Ranger… and The Shadow.

    I’m not sure what age you’re at, but it’s never too young to help others. You don’t need to be a “crime-fighter,” but can find ways to help the needy in your community. That’s actually most of what I do, too. And if you do it in costume, you’re anonymous, not taking credit and also providing a symbol for others.

    I’ve had important news networks talk to me about “Why do you do this in a costume?” One of my answers has been, “Would you be talking to me now and would we be drawing attention to this problem if I wasn’t wearing a costume?” I don’t think that answer has ever aired, but you, I and they get the point.

  17. Geist says:

    I’m sorry for misspelling your name, Zagoner. My vision isn’t what it’s always been.

  18. deathmask says:


  19. wonderboy says:

    Hi, I was wondering if being a crime fighter would end up being in trouble with law !!

  20. Black Reaper says:

    Hello Geist I would like to share some words. I am a Guy who has been thinking about this for a lone time then I find out there’s acutely ppl that is already doing it.well the reason why I want to be a hero is when I was 17 me and my best friend stumble into a crowed and they where drug dealers smokng weed. And stuff.we tried to walk pass but they seen us we where surrounded the Guy with the weed in his hand..unfortunately he had nt now idk if it was luck or nt but I did a stupid move and tried to get the gun from his hand…it worked and I had the gun pointing at them and then called the police after we ran away.IV been thinking ppl at my school get picked on a lot anecdotes nobody does anything they just laugh at them.I live in west Memphis Arkansas and I’m going to put a stop to it I’m 18 now and I play high school sports like basketball and soccer plus I do a little parkor as for getting a costume I trying to save up but soon I hope to become one of you guys.Thanz for listing…….. Black Reaper.

  21. Mothman says:

    You helped inspire me Geist to where a cape-n-cowl myself.

  22. thegreenboot says:

    Hello Geist
    I wanted to say that I caught your segment on NPR about a week ago and the story was great. I thought what you and your fellow RLSP’s had to say was great. I especially loved the part where one of your associates talked about the sick boy in hospital that was dying and that they help him create an alter ego. I thought that was wonderful.

    All that aside, I have seen several photos of you and your ‘kind’ on line and I’d like to make one observation. I am an architect and I would like to point out that many of you successful conceal your identities by sacrificing your peripheral vision. For instance, your specs that this site shows you wearing create a 3 to 5 degree blindspot. Some of your kind, like DC Guardian need to cut back the eye opening on their masks at least 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch behind their eyes, otherwise they are walking around with a blind spot that could be the difference between a victory and a defeat. As for you, perhaps you need to look in to a goggle of some kind with a wide lens, that wraps around the side but still has a clear line of sight, perhaps a type of welder’s goggle with a shatterproof lens.

    As an architect, I am always trying to help and solve problems. That’s why I mention the vision issue. Plus your story on NPR prompted me to follow up with you. Good luck to you in the future, be safe.

  23. Geist says:

    Thanks! But you don’t have to have a favorite or anything. Except for Lionheart in Africa, I’ve met them all and these folks are all pretty cool in their own ways.

  24. Geist says:

    Unsure Kid / Lightning Wave: What a great name! Man, I’m sorry, but I missed your question way back in the thread. I’ll still answer it though because some other people might be curious about the same thing.
    Nope, I don’t get paid for doing this. None of us do. In fact we lose money doing it. A LOT of money…
    We create or purchase our own outfits and equipment. We pay for our own traveling costs almost all of the time. Almost all of the donations that we give to those in need are purchased out of our own pockets. I should mention a couple of exceptions to that, though: There have been times when a few of us have earned some sort of fee from a production company for interviews or filmed patrols. When that’s the case, that fee is automatically donated to go toward goods to be given away by us at events like HOPE 2011 last summer in San Diego. We never even touch the money.

    And Wraith, I missed your comment, too! I suspect that the moderation process causes things to appear with a bit of a delay.
    You’re in northern Minnesota? Cool! Dude, you’ve GOT to meet up with us and patrol sometime in Minneapolis if you can. I’ll email you and tell you when our next patrol there is. The Great Lakes Alliance usually patrols Minneapolis about once a month because it’s a pretty central place for us all to meet since a lot of us live in the outlying area as you do.

  25. Ark_Angel says:

    Hey Geist me and my freinds have been thinking about becomeing real life super heros. we are from london Ontario, and where wondering if you could give us some advice on how to start off.

  26. wonderboy says:

    Hi Geist,
    What are the problems in crimefighting we regard to law ?

  27. Hector J. MacHines says:

    What can I say, you’re my favourite. Quiet and elusive, but still reassuring and charismatic.

  28. Andy says:

    Geist, you rock man. Altruism and protecting people are noble causes. Inspirational man keep up the good work.

  29. Amy says:

    Geist, I’ve read up a lot on you, and as it seems so far you are one of the more outspoken, “leader”-like person out of the bunch. If you have time, could you message me on facebook or send your facebook page. I can’t find it, but I do have questions pertaining to the whole super-hero business. Send me a chat when you can

  30. Geist says:

    Endgame: Sorry, but it looks like I neglected to get back to you.

    Have you ever thought about being an Oracle? That’s someone with Mad Computer Skilz like yours who watches out for RLSHs in the field and stays in contact via cell phone. We sometimes need Googles, map-checks, addresses, license plates run and safety checks. And sometimes, just someone to talk to.

    Think about it, Bud.

  31. Sithon says:

    Hello Geist you soon wont be alone here in MN. Me “Sithon” and hopefully my partner “Clockwork” have been inspired by heros like you, “Life”, and other heros to help those who cant help them selves and to fight for whats right.

  32. Sithon says:

    O and I like your outfit its cool.

  33. ? says:

    Geist, anyone, I am willing to go the extra mile to become a superhero. I dont care what the costume is or my name or anything, the only thing I want to do is go out there and do so. I’m in the Florida Panhandle area. DO you guys know of anyone here that could help?

  34. Geist says:

    Sithon: We have all sorts of superheroes in Minnesota now. Members of the Great Lakes Alliance include Razorhawk, Arctic Knight, Blue, Misery White, Stingray, Celtic Viking, Legacy and a couple others who have apparently drifted away. But yeah, man. Join the party! We tend to meet an patrol in Minneapolis once every two months or so.

  35. MarsInTransit says:

    Of course there’s legal ramifications, in crime fighting, if you assault, arrest, or detain criminals. Law enforcement or security training would be very useful, if you decide to take an active hand. A retired police officer I know assures me that these actions, done properly, can be very legal, but only when done with cause and properly! Yet crime can be fought just by being a pair of eyes, by reporting things to the police, by asking people to behave. Sometimes, just an extra witness will prevent criminal activity: who wants to get caught?

    And on a tangent note, I think that the entire superhero gig is rooted in what it is or was to be a Ninja: secret identity, mystique, alleged supernatural powers. In other words, you’re all ninjas, even superman. ;-) But that’s a good thing, except for “supervillains.”

  36. The Ebony Fox says:

    As for me, Geist you are among the many RLSH that have inspired me… I’m still training right now but the costume I have in mind, (and drawn out ;) ) Is based on a sort of stealthy Ninja like black fox… It uses the base for the Batman: The Dark Knight’s costume with a foxhead cowl…looks sort of Anubis-ish, (I like that :) ) But my goal is to help out all who need it…albeit in shadow…;)
    I’ve even come up with an alias for myself… John Regence

  37. Anonymous says:

    i live in a dangerous area, ive been equiped with the knowlegde of how to disarm a person with a gun knife, of any weapon they come running and screaming their head off at me, im not a very well known real life super hero but i kinda prefer it that way, the media usually just blow stories up and exagerate the truth so thats why you probably never heard of me, my names not really anonymous i just prefer to keep my rlsh name a secret, do you know of any rlsh in syndey australia?, not that i desperatley need it but one day i might end up with a knife in my back, so basicly im pointing out that theirs safety in numbers, do you know of any rlsh operating in sydney australia, apart from captain australia whos sorting out family issues. ?

  38. Street Spider says:

    I’m planning to be an RLSH in about five or six years from now. (I’m only 14)Just wondering, what are the skills needed in the RLSH community?

  39. Anonymous says:


    I recently moved to Minneapolis and would love to be able to get a hold of you and talk about some things!

  40. Caligrio says:

    Hello Geist, my name is Caligrio. I, like yourself, am a Minnesota born and raised person who has decided to help out in a uncommon way. Although I am not a big or overly strong person, I am decently capable of self defense and aiding others. My patrols usually include suburbs of St. Paul, where honestly there is little crime, aside from the common weed smokers. Most of what I have done involves cleaning up here and there, and aiding the police when they are busy. My costume isn’t really much of a costume, due to low budget, and in many cases it changes to the occasion because I am a “Man of many disguises”. I would say that my talents lie in patrol and observation, ability of disguise, ability to be stealthy, intuitive, intellectual, and my fair share of connections that I have made over the years. I am nowhere near your stature, and I’m not really recognized by the media, but I would be honored to join your services or help in anyway possible. If not, I understand 100% and I wish you luck with all you do – Caligrio

  41. The Dark Traceur says:

    I read that you’re willing to help newcomers. Well, I need to. I need to help people. I need to be more than what I am. If you could respond and we could, perhaps, keep in touch via email, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to talk with you. Thank you, Geist. Cool name, by the way.

  42. The Variable says:

    Geist, I can say that you’ve been one of the biggest and coolest inspirations for me to become a hero myself. Thanks for being a part of this so I, too, may be like you guys and help the world in any way I can.

  43. Mary Cole says:

    You are one of them, that make a difference! Thank’s for being an inspiration for many to help others!

  44. Noob Hero says:

    I like your name, Geist. If I am correct, your name is the German word for “Spirit.” Meaning that you refer to yourself as a ghost.

    It also could be that you are shortening the word “Poltergeist,” in which case, you are still a ghost in your mind.

    Could you provide some advice with my name? If you’re not too busy fighting crime, please email me.

  45. the gray hound says:

    I want to make a team

  46. The Sherlock spider says:

    I like your costume. When I turn 17 I’m serious about crime fighting. I’ve ill ready got a costume that’s big for me. I was wondering what made you fight crime? Sincerely, the Sherlock spider (Ethan Kimbell).

  47. Geist says:

    Noob Hero,

    Your name should match both your costume and intentions. So like, don’t call yourself Rabid Mongoose if you intend to visit children’s hospitals. Y’know?
    Same thing with your appearance. Don’t wear pink bunny ears if you’re going into gang territory on patrols.
    Your name should be original, yours and no one else should pick it for you. Also, don’t change it once you have it. It confuses everyone and reflects poorly on your commitment.
    I also wanted mine to be no more than one or two syllables so I could say it fast if I need to. But that’s just me. I dig Urban Avenger’s, Master Legend’s and Vigilante Spider’s names plenty!

  48. Sportsplayer says:

    Hello Mr. Geist, my name is Sportsplayer and your one of my favorite superheroes (besides Razor Hawk but you have a more cool looking costume but don’t tell him that.) You have inspired me really to become a hero that I am today, so I was wondering maybe one day , we can meet up and maybe I could join your team. Since I live in Grand Rapids, MN. So contact me

  49. The Unknown says:

    Hey Geist,
    I just wanted to say I’ve been a huge fan of your work,and I have a costume of my own,helping the homeless and visiting different children’s hospitals at least twice a week. Now,needless to say, If you ever feel the need to take a break, I’d be happy to take up the mantle. I’ve also visited schools and parks to teach others about doing the right thing and telling them about what to do and not to do in life.
    I know it’s not about the costume,but needless to say my costume is nearly the same each time. No mask,just a T-Shirt with a superhero logo on it and pants.
    I’m also somewhat young. (01/03/02)
    But I feel like not just that any one person who’s a specific age has to help others.
    Kids could help too! Just like me! I help my friends at school,teachers,and other people who I haven’t even met!

    Geist,please consider this. Oh,one last thing: You deserve a comic book.

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