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While he may be a man of few words, Geist reserves his strongest ones for those who are considering donning the gear and joining the movement. “Wanna become a Real-Life Superhero?,” he asks, “COOL! But get ready to pay the price for all the secrets you’re gonna have to keep.”

Working to protect the people of southeastern Minnesota, kitted out in what can only be described as “green Space-Cowboy chic,” Geist focuses his efforts on those who need it the most; the victims of tragedy, the homeless, and various non-political local charities, getting in quickly and quietly, and getting out the same way, much like the ghost from which he takes his name. “I become a lot less interesting if I hang around,” he claims. He also devotes a considerable amount of time running crime deterrence patrols—fully cognizant of the boundaries between his work and that of the police—and is prepared to make a Citizen’s Arrest, if necessary. And he does it all with a uniquely humble wit that borders on the self-effacing. “I’m basically just a guy who tries to do some good things,” he says. “I’ve succeeded at some, had marginal success at others, and have had my fair share of total screw-ups.”

A relative newcomer to the world of Real Life Superheroes, Geist has quickly become admired and respected by his compatriots, which explains why so many potential Superheroes seek him out for advice. Eager to hit the streets swinging, they are quickly met with Geist’s own brand of tough love, actively discouraging such newcomers from taking on what he characterizes as a highly-compartmentalized life. “I keep my identity a secret among a few close friends. The rest [of my former friends] don’t think I like them anymore, and I’ve given them a lot of good reasons to keep away.” That said, once a neophyte demonstrates a sincere commitment to the principles of life as a Superhero, Geist is there for them 100%. “I’ll do anything to talk them out of it, but then, I want to help them do it any way I can.”

Yet beneath the no-nonsense demeanor, lies a heart that beats for the sole purpose of selflessly doing everything he can to comfort, aid, and assist those in need, whether it’s watching over the safety of others, exhausting his “Geist budget” to provide treats for cats and dogs in a local shelter, or bringing a smile to the face of a child living in Ronald McDonald House. “We’re all people who have met through the Heroes Network,” a stronghold of information, strictly limited to those in the Real Life Superhero movement, “who are trying to be good. We’d be doing this whether we get press or not. It’s awesome, sure, but with or without it, we’re doing it anyway. And we’re going to keep doing it. Someone has to watch over those who no one watches.”

Serving as a symbol to encourage others to think about—and act upon—what they can do to make their world a better place, without wearing a uniform, Geist readily admits to the transformative effect of suiting up and going to work. “You have to be pure, and when the costume goes on, it becomes pure. It’s the best thing you can possibly be, it’s the best I can possibly be. And every moment that costume is on, I am the best that I can possibly be.”

Learn more about Paws & Claws Shelter at:

And Ronald MacDonald House of Rochester, MN:

Geist’s Pictures:

Geist's Poster Geist's Portrait

157 Comments to “Geist”

  1. Watchdog says:

    Hi Geist
    I am somewhat new to the field of doing this, but it was guys like you who inspired me. As far as I know I’m the only one in my city who does anything like this (Ottawa Ontario Canada), but I try to do my best to help.

    My main focus is my namesake. I try to keep people safe, and act as eyes and ears for other authority figures, be they police, firefighters, EMT’s, local security etc. In canada, the laws on crime fighting can be very strict, so I try to leave busting heads to the professionals. I will get involved if I see someone in trouble, this dog has fangs after all, but its much more satisfying to see a scumbag get hauled away in a cop car.

    The thing I have found about the public service units, they can only see and hear so much, sometimes, you really need a good watchdog ;)

    I give what very little I can spare to those in need as well, though I wish I had a league to hook up with. That said, I intend to keep doing what I can when I can, and I just wanted to thank you and the other RLSH for giving me the inspiration I needed.

  2. Watchdog says:

    Thats weird, my comment never showed up. Well to sum it up, I want to say that you, and everyone here really, are an inspiration to us all. I just started myself, but even though I don’t feel I do much, the way I see it doing anything is still better than doing nothing right?

    You are a long way from Ottawa, where I am, but if I am ever down your way maybe I will look you up and we can do a patrol or two.

  3. hey geist, i live in a small town called greenville and i want to be a real life hero but i dont know what gagets to use for self defense.if you have any kind of thoughts about gagets could you tell me thanks.

  4. Geist says:

    Anyone can contact me at my facebook page and I also accept email from the public at Since I’ve been back to these posts, Caligrio and I have had several cool team-ups and tentatively call ourselves “The Twin Cities Cowboys” since we both have a sort of western look. But yeah, we’re always on the lookout for new Minnesota RLSHs who are interested in joining our charitable patrols in Minneapolis. As for more risky patrols, I’ll likely tell anyone to be smart, safe and stay home.

  5. blue eagle says:

    hello geist i am also a new rlsh any tips you got

  6. blue eagle says:

    also not many real life super heros in oshkosh that i know of.

  7. andy says:

    hay geist im a fan of the RLSH and i thought that i would say hi and ask how hard is being a super hero and stay safe:)

  8. tigerclaw says:

    hey Geist, im 15 years old i live in MN also, and close by to Rochester and I was wondering if you could use a partner perhaps?

  9. Dark Ritch says:

    “Someone has to watch over those who no one watches.”
    Noble and courageous. RESPECT!

  10. The Variable says:

    Geist, I can say that you’ve been one of the biggest and coolest inspirations for me to become a hero myself. Thanks for being a part of this so I, too, may be like you guys and help the world in any way I can.

  11. TigerClaw says:

    Geist Im from Minnesota as well and I was wondering if you could teach me a few things about being a superhero

  12. Garrlokk says:

    “getting in quickly and quietly, and out the same way”.

    “You have to be pure, and when the costume goes on, it becomes pure. It’s the best thing you can possibly be, it’s the best I can possibly be. And every moment that costume is on, I am the best that I can possibly be.”

    A perfect philosophy Sir. Much respect and honor.

  13. Future helper says:

    I think what you are doing is really cool.I travel with a group of my friends and we help out at shelters and sing for the seniors at the senior homes.And I really think you are an amazing person and I like your costume.Really cool but I’m in high school and I can’t do as much as I would like to now it maybe later on in life.Any advice would be good . And thank you for making out planet a better place.

  14. Spider-Man wannabe says:

    Hey Geist I was just wanna know, have any of u guys have been in any sort life-death situations when trying to stop crimes?

  15. Geist says:


    Thanks for the compliment! But if you go into this, make sure to Stay Safe, Stay Legal and Stay Sharp.

    All My Best,

  16. black stikes says:

    is there a minmum age to begin the crime fighting and humanitarian help cause I saw you like 1 year ago in a magazine and im still interest I know that thanatos is from canada but is there other canadian real life SH like in montreal ?

  17. Howl says:

    My words are my mask, they are my thoughts and soul, they are often misunderstood by many people but will still help the person achieve more understanding of my view if the person desires. When I say something I try to make meaning of it but find myself being discouraged by the quite common greedy nature of humans, leading me to share my mind much less often. Humans have evolved into fake and ignorant creatures and I am seriously not meaning to insult anyone, I am just sharing my thoughts about the human race. I feel similar to the character Kenny from the show South Park, he (even though I am a girl) says things often that have a lot of meaning (except for his racist perverted side that most of the characters have on the show) but he is never really understood (literally no one ever understands what he says because of his hoodie- coincidence that I practically live in my hoodies) and has capabilities beyond others (referring to his secret superhero life as Mysterion and the fact that he dies every episode and is always in the next one. Kenny is listened to but never heard while still making a very significant impact on the town of South Park, Colorado. (In the show of coarse, not real life.) My point is that I admire Kenny, especially the fact that he is only 8 and still so capable of having such a unique mind even if it was created by two adults. I am 14 and really wish I could have been different even when I was 8, I adore this show and long so badly for it to be reality but that will never TRULY happen. I both love humans for their inspiration fed to others through shows while despising humans for the same reasons. If only these shows that we all hunger for so much and so often could literally become reality. I suppose if they were to become reality though, we would find something else to long for (as it is just another part of human nature.) For example: Kenny lives this life that, although sometimes sad, many people would die (<–ironic*) to have he still longs for the other characters to remember his deaths and understand the pain of not being able to die…or dying over and over again. Yes it's foolish and much like a kid (even though I still am on the most part) to want to be a character from an animated tv show, but it is exactly the same as anyone's desire to make an impact whether they are famous for it or not (and lets face it, we all have that desire in some way even if you refuse to admit it.)

  18. Mary Cole says:

    You are one of them, that make a difference! Thank’s for being an inspiration for many to help others!

  19. Noob Hero says:

    I like your name, Geist. If I am correct, your name is the German word for “Spirit.” Meaning that you refer to yourself as a ghost.

    It also could be that you are shortening the word “Poltergeist,” in which case, you are still a ghost in your mind.

    Could you provide some advice with my name? If you’re not too busy fighting crime, please email me.

  20. the gray hound says:

    I want to make a team

  21. The Sherlock spider says:

    I like your costume. When I turn 17 I’m serious about crime fighting. I’ve ill ready got a costume that’s big for me. I was wondering what made you fight crime? Sincerely, the Sherlock spider (Ethan Kimbell).

  22. Geist says:

    Noob Hero,

    Your name should match both your costume and intentions. So like, don’t call yourself Rabid Mongoose if you intend to visit children’s hospitals. Y’know?
    Same thing with your appearance. Don’t wear pink bunny ears if you’re going into gang territory on patrols.
    Your name should be original, yours and no one else should pick it for you. Also, don’t change it once you have it. It confuses everyone and reflects poorly on your commitment.
    I also wanted mine to be no more than one or two syllables so I could say it fast if I need to. But that’s just me. I dig Urban Avenger’s, Master Legend’s and Vigilante Spider’s names plenty!

  23. Sportsplayer says:

    Hello Mr. Geist, my name is Sportsplayer and your one of my favorite superheroes (besides Razor Hawk but you have a more cool looking costume but don’t tell him that.) You have inspired me really to become a hero that I am today, so I was wondering maybe one day , we can meet up and maybe I could join your team. Since I live in Grand Rapids, MN. So contact me

  24. The Unknown says:

    Hey Geist,
    I just wanted to say I’ve been a huge fan of your work,and I have a costume of my own,helping the homeless and visiting different children’s hospitals at least twice a week. Now,needless to say, If you ever feel the need to take a break, I’d be happy to take up the mantle. I’ve also visited schools and parks to teach others about doing the right thing and telling them about what to do and not to do in life.
    I know it’s not about the costume,but needless to say my costume is nearly the same each time. No mask,just a T-Shirt with a superhero logo on it and pants.
    I’m also somewhat young. (01/03/02)
    But I feel like not just that any one person who’s a specific age has to help others.
    Kids could help too! Just like me! I help my friends at school,teachers,and other people who I haven’t even met!

    Geist,please consider this. Oh,one last thing: You deserve a comic book.

  25. bob jhones says:

    how do you even join rlsh and how do you guys meet

  26. Geist says:

    Sportsplayer, the Great Lakes Alliance meets up in Minneapolis from time to time. We have a rotating roster which always seems to include Razorhawk and myself. You’re always welcome to take part in our donations and street patrols if you’re able to travel there.
    Unknown, thanks bud, but I’m not planning on retiring at any point. But I like that you concentrate on charitable aspects of the gig and I think that at your age, that’s exactly what I would recommend. And I’m still waiting for that comic book too, but I’m not sure how exciting it would be. {;-)

  27. Frosty says:

    Hey im looking to be a super hero and idk where to start but either way i’m ready and willing to help hope u can answer me back with suggestions – from the helpful Frosty :)

  28. Midnight Raven says:

    Geist, I am a huge fan of yours. I want to become a superhero but afraid to do it on my own. I’m only 12 years old, hoping to become a hero when I get older. Do you know of any other superheroes in or around Benton, Pennsylvania?

    -Midnight Raven, Wannabe Superhero

  29. Midnight Raven says:

    Extraordinarily, I am also young of age,The Unknown. 12 to be exact. Heroes come in all sizes. As Horton says, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Anybody can be a superhero, no matter of age, gender or location. Anybody has the power to make a difference. We just need to find the power within ourselves and learn to channel it.

    -Midnight Raven

  30. Master Raven says:

    Hi everyone I’m Midnight Raven. I just can’t decide on a name. My current name is Master Raven. I need help! I need help deciding on a name once and for all. My sidekick is always telling me “No, you can’t change your name. You already have one.” Please help!!!

  31. Maître D says:

    Hey, Geist. I’ve read all about you and most of the other superheroes around the states. I’ve been operating here in my hometown for about 2 years now, being master of the house and protecting those in need and protecting others. I know vigilantism is risky like many say, but I have been inspired by the superhero community and I’m glad I’m making a commitment towards helping others. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you real-life superheroes for helping me get started. Signed, the Master of the House.

  32. Grenado says:

    Hi I’m french
    Geist I work on Heroes, in my english court.
    Can I have information on your conportement and why do you do this please?

  33. Red Talon says:

    Geist im a 6 grade kid I want to be a superhero like you. you seem to have a lot of experience. what kind of danger
    would motorcycle armor prevent.

  34. Harry Faust says:

    My life goal, for as long as I can remember has been to save someone’s life and life has its way of smashing dreams into tiny little bits until you have nothing left to live for. My own horror began with witnessing an alarming amount of apathy to violent crime, homelessness, and just general despair. I would do what I could to help people from simple crap like opening doors and helping stranded motorists, and the one thing they all would do is look at me like I was some kind of circus freak. It’s like some people just don’t know how to handle common altruism. One guy told me he was and I quote “Relieved to see someone still cares.” I thought about it and began to feel really alone. I first seen the RLSH movement on the documentary called “Superheros” It was like seeing all at once that I was truly not alone, for the first time I feel my dream burning inside me I am going to get that book you recommended and start getting my life together, so that I can Join you in Minneapolis some day. I may try to contact you on Facebook If that would be alright. I hope to hear from you, don’t ever second guess what you are doing because it is a true calling.
    – Faust

  35. Kinght Definder says:

    Hi first off I love the costume and every thing that comes with it. Secant I’m 16 as of the 27th of January and I’m new this hero stuf and i was wondering if I could git some help with a name this is what I halve come up with so far.I also got a costume it just needs made. Pleas any pointers would be vary helpful thanks

    1.Night blaze, Burning Shadow, Midnight Blaze

    2.Sapphire Ember, Sapphire Flame, Dusk Shadow, Night Burn, Shadow Flame

  36. Black Justice says:

    Hi Geist I rather not use my real name cause if you feel what I’m about to say is stupid I’d rather you not know who I was but I feel like there could be actual heroes that do the stuff like super heroes on tv but so far anyone I tell just thinks I’m nuts. Hence I don’t use my name anymore but the thing is I feel there could be a superhero like Batman or even those guys from kickass I mean I see no reason why not. If you have the skill to do so why not right. The gadgets depending on what you wanna use can be found different places and not for that much. I mean what do you think am I wrong.

  37. superhero in training says:

    hello GEIST im a superhero in training im very young 12 yrs old and i’ve been inspired by you guys to become a superhero i told my parents she said whatever makes you happy sweetie lol guess she thought i was joking im not i really wanna do this my plan is to train till im 16 i’ll be driving then for my training i been practicing muay thai and krav maga i wanna be ready for anything for my costume im thinking a mix of robin and green arrow (im gonna learn archery) if you could give me tips on crimefighting that would be great if you cant thats ok i know your busy being a awesome hero! p.s im thinking about a superhero name what do you think about teen justice i’ll be a teenager this year or kid hotshot

  38. Echo says:

    Hey there Geist.
    Name’s Echo. Me and a friend of mine were think in’ of startin’ something in Chicago. I was just wonderin’ if you had any tips for us and if you had any connections to RLSH in Chi-town. We’re both 15 so we’re kinda young to get into this but we’re both commited. (To the cause, not mentally.) I’d love to hear back so reply whenever you can!

  39. Silver Jade says:

    Is this still an active community?

  40. Night Stroke says:

    I’ve seen a lot of people in my community getting away with stuff they shouldn’t… drugs, grafitti, etc. Things I don’t like. I want to step up and do my part, and I want to ask you for advice. What gear should I get? What methods should I use? I already tried once, but it was a failed attempt, as I was seen by a random cop on patrol and told to go home, I need help, desperately, please don’t tell me the things I’ve heard from others. “The best hero watches things and reports them.” Because that never works, I want to make a difference. Please respond as soon as you can.

    Best wishes,

    Night Stroke

  41. NightGuardian says:

    i want to be a real life superhero so can you me some tips?My name is night-guardian

  42. NightGuardian says:

    i’m not really old enough to fight crime but i’m giving homless food i have my own costume and everything i even know fighting moves.I have a team too and i lead it ultimate justice team justice forever!!!!★☆

  43. NightGuardian says:

    i have name,a costume,gear and everything i even fighting moves but i’m not old enough to fight crime but i’m giving homeless food and water i even have a team that i lead and a sidekick ultimate justice team justice forever!!!☆★ :D

  44. Justin says:

    I’m so interested in this project. My inspirations are Hawkeye, Captain America, and Nick Fury. All soldiers-turned-superheroes. Anyway, I’m pretty inspired by you too Geist! Your costume is awesome, and I really enjoy the style you serve your community with: get in quiet, work fast, get out faster. Sounds like the way I run things when I’m serving. I was introduced to this project in freshman year of high school, and I really want to be part of it. Message me on FB sometime! My Facebook page is:
    Senrab Nitsuj
    Thanks! Have a good one

  45. Phoenix says:


    You have got to be my favorite out of everyone here. I love your costume, and what you do to help others. I want to be just like you. Keep up the awesome work!

    P.S Any advice for a newbie?…

  46. Geist RLSH says:

    Everyone can be a Hero in your own way with or without a costume. While you find your way to do that, Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, and Stay Legal.

  47. The Red Night says:

    To the guy who’s named ?,

    I looked it up, and there does not seem to be anybody in the Panhandle, at least, nobody with any kind of reputation. But there is a writer who may be able to help you out. Look up Edward Stinson, he lives in Florida (not sure what part – you might have to be prepared for a drive). He’s been following the Superhero movement longer than anyone I know of, and seems pretty knowledgeable about what heroes have become successful and how.

    To Geist,

    Sorry for stealing your question. I’ve been taking an interest in which areas have Superhero activity and who’s where.

    The Red Night

  48. kuba says:

    hi my name is kuba and i’m 8 i would really appreciate it if you would let me join i want to help others and crime fighting :)

    pc: i really like you i would like to see you some time

  49. kuba says:

    oh, my superhero name is iron shadow

  50. Daremyth says:

    “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

    Thank you for doing what you do

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