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Being first means everything to Knight Owl, a Real Life Superhero working and living in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area. Being first means answering a call when no one else can—or will. It means minimizing a victim’s trauma, with the safety of all concerned in mind. Being first, simply, means saving lives.

“I stumbled across the Superhero community by accident several years ago,” he explains. “I started to write a comic book with a friend, working by sending our stuff back and forth.” Once he reviewed all the material they had created, he did some reevaluation, thinking there had to be a more realistic way to portray their protagonist. “I thought, ‘Let’s throw out the whole Bruce Wayne-type of thing, and instead consider what would a college student with limited resources do?’ That’s when I found some early Superhero websites, and I made contact with some people.”

Putting his writing project on hold to take a job as a firefighter—a first responder—on a military-support contract in Iraq, he gradually resumed his interest in the movement. “When I started researching this stuff again, I looked at tactical websites and gear, and I grew worried that some of these guys were gonna get hurt. With what I knew about public safety, I thought I could be a resource, so in early 2008 I joined the Heroes Network.”

He next sought to create the first manual for Superheroes. “That’s like why I got into it in the first place,” he says, “there’s no definitive guide or rule book, so I figured I’d throw some comments out here, and see what happened.” What happened was a significant step forward for the community—and Knight Owl’s role within it. His site covered basic rescue and recovery techniques and considerations, conscious of the safety of the “first responder.” Travels overseas caused him to set the work aside for a time, but having recently returned to the Pacific Northwest, he’s ready to begin again. “I need to get back in there and get it back up to par. I want to restructure the website to incorporate more modern rescue techniques, with the added benefit of medical training I’ve had, and get these facts to all the Real Life Superheroes out there,” he continues.

Trained as an emergency medical technician (EMT), Knight Owl is currently working toward his certification as a paramedic. As his studies progress, he’s focusing his activities on “more humanitarian stuff, like patrols and handouts,” than the kind of action he saw in the Middle East (“This isn’t a job for an adrenaline junkie,” he notes). And while he’s “not big on organizational stuff,” he’s also taken on further responsibilities as an administrator on “I try and be as humble as I can and not overplay my role in the community,” he reminds, probably more for himself than anyone else.

“I’m back home trying to pick up where I left off, to get more training at my krav maga studio, hitting the ground running full speed ahead,” he states. “We are not role-players and this is not pretend. My mission is basically what falls in line with firefighting and EMT—you do the best you can to alleviate pain and suffering, and maybe even, save someone’s life.” That’s the kind of “first” that truly means everything.

Join Knight Owl in his support of Heifer International at:

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36 Comments to “Knight Owl”

  1. SkyMan says:

    Having worked with KO first hand very recently, I can say that the man knows what he is doing and the reasoning behind it. He is truly an inspirational and knowledgable resource for all of humanity; not just RLSH. Cant wait for his updates on the manual!!

  2. Knight Owl says:

    Peter and company, I cannot tell you how great the shots look. Even having not seen them since February, they look fresh as ever. Thank you for all the wonderful time and energy you’ve invested in this Project.


  3. Geist says:

    Great shots, Pete!

    KO is really someone to hold as the standard. He’s a level-headed young guy who entered this carefully, with responsibility and he really knows what he’s doing!

    That’s a very accurate profile, Hillel!

  4. ZERO (Z) says:

    KO is the man. Couldn’t ask for bettr backup in a tough situation.

  5. Knight Owl says:

    Thanks Z. Appreciate the good things your guys team is doing in NYC

  6. Knight Owl was one of the first RLSH I read about upon going above ground. He’s a first class responder well worth listening to.

  7. Some random guy says:

    Hi! I have been looking recently at the ‘real life superhero’ thing. I think it’s pretty cool! And if I can get some guts, I may join you guys someday. Problem is, I am too young now. If you have any time to, please give me some information about how you arrange where you patrol, how do you have the time to do this, and stuff like that.
    Of course, some of it may be private, so you don’t have to tell me, but thanks anyway!

  8. Hello, I feel as though I may be in danger if I try this… But I would like to be a superhero as well. Well, maybe not the “super” part, but a hero nonetheless… I see that KO and I are in the same area… And I would like him to contact me… If there is any way for this to happen, please E-Mail me ASAP please.

    Sincerely, TNB

  9. Djinni says:

    You are not that far from me down in Olympia. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited.

  10. Yeah, that’s not my email anymore…

  11. someone says:

    Hey Knight Owl, being an administrator of the hero network forum, can you check the the followup emails for those who have registered and are waiting to be reviewed. Thanks.

  12. NewZealfighter says:

    contact me, I have lived in Portland for two years.I love Portland.I also have lived in Seattle for 10 years.

    I have what it takes to be a future Hero.You seem very level headed and can offer a light of insight

  13. Jet says:

    knight owl i am interested in being a superhero i love what you all are doing and would love to be apart of it ready for anything and would love to help anyway possible i have little money so i am a struggling american but i fell i could still give to the community … please contact me knight owl i would really appreciate it


  14. Knight Owl says:

    NZ & jet

    email me through my contact form on

    thats the only way i have to get ahold of you through this site.

  15. Wally says:

    Nice to know that somebody is helping make a different… I didn’t realize how many people there were just like me… Thanks

  16. David says:

    this is great hes like black cat who trains new super heroes :D
    its great that this is becoming a real thing and turning into a more organized (sorta) we have a real pro who guides in safety rescuing someone etc. hopefully more heroes to come will learn from him and make the new heroes more pro at being heroes, ever wonder about the kinda heroes that will have a Rorschach or the punisher type ideals were killing the criminals wouldn’t bother them?

  17. Brian says:

    I think you are so swesome and i have read the stories and it brings so much joy and happiness to see what he is doing. You are all one of a kind for all you do to make this country a better and safer place to live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep up the fantastic work. God bless and take care.

  18. Haylicon says:

    tis a good costume dude indeed, I feel ill need a lil more protection on mine but have very little martial experence etc but if i was a perp id think twice … anyone kitted up like you chaps means buissness.

  19. Haylicon says:

    P.s a utility belt could be handy for various itmes, its something i shall have indeed!

  20. FieceOwl says:

    Woah, that is so crazy, I know that youve been around longer than I have but Im just now getting into the movement, and its totally crazy because my alter ego was going to be named Knight Owl, Although a few weeks ago I decided it was probably not going to work for me, (Thus Fierce Owl came about…) I am right now looking up laws and regulations and ways to bend them or scoot around them, pertaining to masks in the state of Virginia, and the like.. But whats crazy is that, while my outfit is completely different from yours, along with my symbol, that is about the only thing differrent between the two of us! Knight Owl, you are officially my hero. I too, am an EMT working toward my Paramedics license, also have a few other medical Certs, but I really want to focus my energies on the growing number of assaults and such on the DC metro. Im really hoping I will be able to hook up with, and help out DC’s Guardian.. But I will be having to deal with these laws and such, if anyone could email me with some help Id really appreciate it.. This is the first time I have said anything, and anyone has heard of me, so I could use some help and support, with getting started.. I have a friend making me an outfit that is more like Nite Owl’s from The Watchmen, but mine will be cooler.. Any way, my email is And please dont think this is a joke.. Noone but 3 other people know who I am, and its going to stay that way. Also I have a couple ideas as to how we can maximize our usefulness in our communities and on our patrol routes..

    Fierce Owl (name is in the works, but will be done by the time my armor is finished..)

  21. Midnight's Edge says:

    You took my name! Dude…i know that you didnt know it was mine but…its just a put down y’know. Except i was spelt NightOwl. No hard feelings though i came up with a new one.

  22. Blue says:

    I feel stupid I had no clue you were on here. I get to patrol and fly with this rare wild animal of the night in July at HOPE : ) I couldn’t be more happy. : )

  23. paladin says:

    i wish i could go to hope

  24. not to belittle you but
    1-dont reveal true identities (pete?)
    2-did u take the name KO from watchmen
    3-you guys ae awesome!!!

  25. some random girl :l says:

    your costume is epic

  26. Blue says:

    The most awesome Owl who will eat up the bad guys (help stop crime) and feed his babies well (give to food shelters)! One awesome dude! (Blue is sucking up) He flies above the city with lightning speed! (drives awesome ride) He can save someone because he is well trained!!! (List of skills to long to type on here) He can make any day brighter. (has nothing to do with his bright colored uniform but his awesome personality and Blue is sucking up again) The ONE!!! THE only…. KNIGHT OWL!!!

  27. Batman says:

    Fierce Owl , Knight Owl.
    I need your help! I am the REAL BATMAN…I live in S.W. FL.
    I’ve been looking for people who believe in themselves to do what you do! To go out alone here is dangerous. People here don’t care about the laws or who they hurt or what they do. I am looking for back up here, in this area. If anyone else is here, please get in touch.
    Thanks for stepping up and being out there.

  28. The Nobody says:

    I’ve just started my patrols in Vancouver, WA. If you ever need any back up, I’m up in Walnut Grove and Minnehaha, just call me up and I’ll do my best to get to you.

    -TNB (

  29. Knight Owl says:

    anyone who was trying to get ahold of me, hit me up on facebook, my old website is closed down.

  30. Rose City Ranger says:

    I just found out about real life superheros and I am absolutely amazed. I’ve been reporting a massive amount of crack dealing around my house in portland to the police for 6 months and they haven’t done anything about it. I would love to chase off some of these buyers or maybe even a dealer some night, even if it were just for one night, it would be so great. They have sold crack in plain view of my daughter and other children in the neighborhood for years. Its out of control. Superheros Needed.

    I am an out of shape middle aged man with no combat training, but I would go out with you as an observer/backup/lookout.

    Get back to me if you take requests.



  31. The Dark Night says:

    Hey Night owl. I would like to join the RLSH. I am looking into make a difference when I can. The has been alot of drugs sold in my town and I have tried to stop it on more then one occasion. The police will not do anything about it. Please contact me so that I can help your cause.


    The Dark Night.

  32. Knight Owl says:

    rose city ranger, look me up on FB, KnightOwl RLSH

  33. the canadian says:

    just wondering where someone can find this handbook it mentions?

  34. Virus says:

    Hey Knight Owl, I think what your doing is amazing, you and the whole gang. I really admire you because your willing to step up and say no to crime, poverty and injustice. Can you please mail me as i want to join up, I also want to say no.

  35. ? says:

    I’m looking to become a superhero in the Florida area if anyone can help me become one and show me the ropes

  36. Josephine says:

    Hi Knight Owl.

    I saw your documentary, I live in Amsterdam. Keep up the good work! You guys are inspiring!

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