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The night has many faces, but none more intriguing than that of Nyx, a Real Life Superhero who is active in and around the New York City and Northern New Jersey areas. Clad in black, with striped leggings and a distinctive red mask, Nyx sets out to do her patrols and homeless outreach in a mysterious, stealth-like manner. “Like the night, I cannot be proven or disproven to certain degrees; and also much like the night, when morning comes, there will be no trace of me.”

Nyx made her initial, tentative steps into the movement at 16, after considering it for many years (during which time she frequently changed her name—from “Hellcat” to “Felinity” to “Sphynx,” before setting on her present moniker—“I had a penchant for name changes,” she says, simply). A series of life-changing events came to provide her with a new perspective, and helped crystallize her goals. After discovering the active online Real Life Superhero community in 2006, and visiting New York to meet up with her online confidantes on her first patrol in March of 2007, the die was cast.

Contemplative and highly-intuitive, Nyx possesses a deep respect for any and all who are willing to step up, stand out and come to the aid and defense of those in need. Lessons she learned from her greatest hero, her mother. “Whenever I go looking for the best parts of myself, I always find her there. I want to live the life she never had. I live for her name.”

To that end, Nyx concentrates her efforts on behalf of those society has forgotten or worse yet, are made too uncomfortable to acknowledge, the homeless. “There’s a huge homeless population in New Jersey,” she says, “and I found I couldn’t just sit idly by.” Recognizing that poor people must often make hard choices between housing, food, child care, health care and education, she knew she had to act “Being poor means being an illness, an accident or a paycheck away from living on the streets,” she says, “and that makes the homeless easy targets on many levels.” Which is why she feels the strong need to protect these vulnerable individuals any way she can, from car patrols to foot patrols, to anonymous reporting to the city police department.

Nyx also recognizes that as a Real Life Superhero, she is part of a collective largely dominated by men, who, while acting on their best altruistic impulses, may also have a tendency to overlook and undervalue the efforts of their female counterparts. “We can do just as good a job,” she points out, “so it’s important to be viewed as a person, not just some chick.”

And she’d like to see more outreach to women, who she believes have much to offer the movement. “You have the power to shape your life, your life is your own. I take that to heart, knowing that I can own my life and make it good—and make it good for others as well.”

Nyx welcomes your support of the National Association of the Deaf:

Nyx’s Pictures:

Nyx's Poster Nyx's Portrait

89 Comments to “Nyx”

  1. Geist says:

    Keep up the great work, Nyx!

  2. Upcoming Hero says:

    Yea keep up the good work. We need more heroes in this world.

  3. Unkown Hero says:

    I like Miss Nyx page. She should be seen as a person, not as a chick. I am glad she helps New York and parts of New Jesey, but what if there were to be a REAL villian like in the comics. What then? would she get back up with the cops? I am just wondering.

  4. Heroic says:

    Unkown Hero if you must know the answer is yes because Nyx is a real Super Hero as is Life, Geist and every other RLSH out there they all will step up if a real Villian like in the comics were to ever happen. Nyx good job and thanks for what you do with the homeless.


  5. ElMarcio says:

    Nyx i think ur mission shuold be to bring more ladies to the project.. i mean have u noticed that ur the only girl in there?

  6. peter says:

    There are many female superheroes, Amazonia, Dreizehn, Raven, Foxfire and more.

  7. Minuteman says:

    I assume this isn’t a “Winter” costume? haha
    Great shots Mr. Tangen and like they said keep up the good work Nyx

  8. Nyx says:

    Hee. Winter brings a different uniform, yes.

    And as Peter said, there are many more female RLSH. TSAF, Moxie, Golden Valkyrie, Venera, Solaris, and Ferox are a few others that come to mind. Even then, it’s not just about being female or male; it’s about wanting to help the helpless. And all have the ability to do just that.

  9. Noah says:

    you are an inspiration…keep doing all you can. Godspeed girl!

  10. Nyx, keep doing this great job.

    You and the other heroes are truly heroes, I hope some heroes like you emerges here in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Or perhaps I should make a cool costume like those ones and keep the spirit.

  11. the dark valley says:

    yo Nyx what up girl keep up the good work see you out there

    love: dark valley

  12. Mark says:

    I agree with your beliefs and I agree that the homeless rate is high. I just posted a rant about homelessness over on thanatos page, and something has to be done. Also it’s nice to see someone on here who represents New Jersey. It’s not where I was born, nor where I live now, but it’s where I grew up

  13. David Davidson says:

    Not to disparage your work with the homeless, but you kind of look like a prostitute. I mean, if I was walking along in a bad part of town and noticed you in a dark back alley, I’d think you were a lady of the night if I didn’t stop to watch you. I’m just trying to say that it could appear that way and am doing my damnedest not to be insulting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the outfit is trashy or anything… if you were going to a rave or something, you’d probably fit right in, and you’re certainly attractive enough to pull it off.

    I understand you probably drew inspiration from comic books, but comic books are mainly drawn by and for men. As a result the females depicted within are typically over-sexualized. Helping the less fortunate and possibly defending yourself or others from violence in that outfit seems impractical. I mean, you couldn’t even /run/ in high heels, let alone fight. I just think you should be creating a new standard as Real Life Super Heroes rather than following the misogynistic standard that’s already established for the way a female super hero looks.

  14. peter says:

    Hi David, Thanks for your comment. I’d like to take some responsibility for this, Nyx has a very different uniform she wears when doing most of her missions. This particular wardrobe is rarely used, it’s more or less her theatrical dress look. My responsibility lies in having made the choice to photograph her in this outfit because it lends itself to the theatrical nature of comic book movie characters.

  15. Arixian says:

    Was just wondering if you have your own public twitter and facebook feed people can follow to keep up with all of the good work you are doing?

  16. Arixian says:

    Nevermind, found both, following you on Twitter and sent friend request on Facebook.

  17. Ahava M. Lotus says:

    Wow! you started doing this when you were 16. I was almost 17 when I finally started to get everything together for my own RLSH/RHIT site. You rock Nyx.

  18. Vanquisher. says:

    I remember the cat ears lol.

    This profile comes across as powerful and confident though, like the Diana Prince of the RLSH league. ^^

  19. Download Mixtapes says:

    … this is true right

  20. Luna says:

    Nyx you have inspired me to do what’s right at night! But in another way have inspired me to do what’s right for others and not lead a selfless life. Thanks for show me that at a young age.

  21. Korista Minney says:

    Hi Nyx,

    I’m just a little bit confused. I read through your page and I couldn’t quite discern exactly what it is that you do for the homeless in New Jersey. This is probably just me missing a crucial line in my reading, but I would really like to know more about what you do!

  22. Iron Lamb says:

    Keep up the good work, Nyx!

  23. [...] Many do charity work of all types, from championing various good causes to helping the homeless (Nyx and Life appear to be fine examples). You might think they'd be crazy to dress up in a strange [...]

  24. Warren says:

    This looks really cool. When will this film be showing?

  25. Athena says:

    I would first off like to thank Peter for the wonderful pictures that have been taken of the many Heroes on the site, the storys and slight background also help people to realise that Nyx and the others are not vigilanties or people who go out looking for a fight but if they see someone in need or someone doing wrong they step in when they can.

    We all try and do our part, here in oklahoma/texas we have our own version of this as well but we do more to keep ourselves lowkey as the Law inforcement in our states has some strict guidlines on what we can and can not do, they know we help and that we expect nothing in return and we like to keep it this way. The best way we have found to do this is that four of our Heroes are also State Law Inforcement officers during their normal life, they keep us informed of anything we need to know and let us know if we have overstepped our bounds.

    Nyx what you do in your city is a great help to everyone around you, the fact that you dont mind having a fan page and are willing to be a public figure is a great way to show the world that there are real Heroes still around and willing to help when it is needed.

  26. Vixx says:

    I wish I had time to help. Good job!

  27. Doctor Moebius says:

    The world needs more people like Nyx & her ilk.

    Do you have to have any martial arts training or certification? I would suggest that you all study Krav Maga, Judo and Jujitsu, as these are the most effective self-defense methods.

    If I even have any money (which is gonna take a lottery win, I’m afraid), I would fund a superhero school, which would be a year-long program (at NO cost – applicants would file and entrants would be selected based on their skills, grades, volunteerism, and letters of reference. So the year would only cost your time; school, room & board would be provided). I would include martial arts training 4 hours / day, learning some law and each particular state’s ‘Blue Laws’, and technology training. You all should have a superhero network, with a Blackberry and mobile device superhero app that ties in your location with nearby assets like police/fire stations, or other ’safe zones’ to get backup, if necessary, and also encrypted addresses so superheros could contact one another safely & securely.

    You should also form a ’superhero advocate/ ranger patrol’ – so folks like me who can’t do the ‘onsite’ work, but would help in other ways, such as software development, internet research, telecomms, etc.

    FYI Athena, it’s “law Enforcement” – not ‘inforcement. I’m an ‘English hero’, ferreting out typos, poor spelling and grammatical errors (my Mom was an English teacher..)

    Remember that together, we make the world what it is. For those readers who chide your efforts, they need to decide what side they are on – the good, the bad (or the ugly).

  28. Blackdown says:

    Great works !!!

  29. Ted says:

    Do you guys actually do any crime fighting or just dress up and post your pictures here? Not being facetious, I really am curious about it

  30. Bruno D.G. says:

    In my country (Switzerland), if somebody would run around the city with superheroes wear, he would get arrested from the police, because the help for persons they live at society borders is a task of humanitary organisations and for law and order there’s already courts and police. It is enough…(almost by us). Maybe in the U.S.A. that is not the case. I appreciate the the head goals of this organisation, but I see how would be difficult to practicise this in my country (lower crimes rate and the Country still help persons who are in financial o psycological bad situations). I wish you all many success in your private life and to be a real help for all your the persons who need you.

  31. Martin says:

    what you are doing is just great ! Helping people, serving the poor – i just can hope that your number grows.

    Greetings from germany

  32. Wasp says:

    @ Doctor Moebius: You and I have the same idea xD If I win the lottery, I’ll certainly fund something like that.

    @ Nyx: I seriously love your outfit! Just looking at your poster is inspiring. Makes me want to write a superhero novel so bad! And it also makes me wishes I were a hero like you guys. I’d seriously love to take time like that to help people. Maybe some day I will. Anyways, if one day you meet a hero named Wasp, it’s either me or someone who took the name faster than I did! Keep up the good work Nyx, you and all the other heroes are awesome.

  33. fox_fire says:

    are there any superheros in mississippi?

  34. Hyioka Spirit says:


  35. Haylicon says:

    I would be most proud to work along side you.

  36. Timo says:

    Hey Bruno D.G.
    I live in Switzerland too and I’d love to start a real life superhero project, but it’s hard to find companions and as you may imagine I’m not keen to try it on my own. please leave a comment if your interested in such a project. I live in St. Gallen, so if you’re not too far away it might be possible stick together and help the people :D

  37. Iron Lamb says:

    Keep up the good work, Nyx! Greetings from the Netherlands…

  38. HOW CAN I JOIN………
    plz tell me @ santosh.pyasa@gmail.com

  39. Grit says:

    how do you join this web site i cannot find the sign up spot

  40. The Knight says:

    I’m in Northern NJ. I’m scared to go on my first patrol. I have it planned for next week but wondering if you would give me any pointers

  41. andré says:

    musa inspiradora!!!!

  42. Wilder says:

    Definetly has a flair for the dramatic. Love the attitude & the focus on the poor & homeless. We could use you in Oregon.

  43. Ray says:

    What you say is true and it really strikes a chord. A lot of women these days lack the inner self-confidence to be ordinary every day heroes, let alone RLSHs – I among them. It is an inner challenge I take up every day. Thank you for representing and inspiring!

  44. The Doctor says:

    My dear, I have a friend who is hearing impaired and likes the idea of you lot becoming rlshs but I do causion you to do be careful. There are more than the homeless in the shadows.

  45. Redviper says:

    Hey could people please read these definitions at: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=rlsh now down the first 2 and up the last 1.

  46. StarKnight97 says:

    Keep up the good fight NYX and never give up

  47. The RaTMaN says:

    new york, the greatest city

  48. Subject 0823 says:

    Never give up, never surrender.

    - Subject 0823

  49. Subject 0823 says:

    Please stay safe.

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