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In a City of Angels, Ragensi has come to know its demons. Referring to himself as a “Paranormal Investigator and Masked Adventurer Extraordinaire,” Ragensi occupies a unique spot in the Real Life Superhero cosmology.

“I was never really a comic book aficionado,” the Los Angeles-based hero explains, by way of an origin story, “I know the basics, but that world isn’t really my thing. Maybe because I’m rather skeptical about the whole notion of ‘super powers,’” he says. Yet still, the theatricality of the Superhero community drew him in. “Earlier on in my career, I gave patrolling a try, trying to be more aware of the need for outreach, trying to fight crime, but after awhile, I felt I was kind of aimlessly looking for good deeds to do. But it did lead me more toward what I am now doing.”

And what he is doing now, is exploring paranormal phenomena, that which is often “hidden in plain view,” and causing an individual great, unseen pain. Fascinated from a young age with the supernatural, Ragensi recalls a moment in the 2nd grade when he became lost in a library, and was entertained for hours by books about monsters, aliens and spirits—and developed “a love for anything where there’s more going on than what’s at face value.” Possessed of no psychic skills or “sixth sense,” Ragensi works by exploring and researching such phenomena as poltergeists, “cursed objects,” ghostly sightings, and the like, in a traditional “gumshoe” manner—all in an attempt to comfort someone’s suffering. “I came to realize that I function best in a more controlled environment than the streets. A client comes to me with a task, and I can help. It’s not so much a quest for me, as it is something I just feel compelled to do,” he explains.

A seeker on many levels, Ragensi is a fan of Objectivist writer Ayn Rand, and the notion she advances that people have direct contact with reality through sense perception, and can attain objective knowledge from it.
“But subjective experiences count as well,” he adds, “sometimes, the only tangible evidence we have is the individual.” Such as when a client comes to him looking for relief from hearing unusual sounds, “You’ll often find that the week before they saw UFO-shaped lights in the sky, ghosts following them around—all these other strange phenomena that go with it. That’s when you know these are not isolated incidents, these kind of phenomena are linked,” he says. And often that link is a surface manifestation of something much deeper, and much more frightening.

“The ‘occult’ is a broad term, but in its simplest form, it means ‘hidden.’ And it’s our hidden desires, feelings and emotions that if we don’t express them, turn corrosive, and eat us from the inside,” he continues. “And the paranormal episodes people often experience come about because those secrets have eaten away at their souls, and they’re hollow,” he asserts. “I care about justice for the individual, and I like to feel I have compassion for these people. Even if what’s happening to them isn’t ‘real,’ it’s real to them. And they deserve an unbiased ear. That’s what I’m about.”

Ragensi welcomes your support of Breast Cancer Care Services:

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58 Comments to “Ragensi”

  1. Helen says:

    Would be interesting to see the methodology ragensi applies to supernatural occurences & how many turn out to be everyday, explicable things. The psychology of supernatural phenomena is fascinating! But bravo for stepping up to sort things out when other people scoff!

  2. Geist says:

    Pete, you out-did yourself with this one. And I’ve said it before, but Ragensi is so spooky-cool! This is an astounding poster and profile.

    Hillel (the awesome writer), I just learned more about Ragensi than I’ve known in years of knowing our cryptic friend. Thank you, Sir.

  3. Robin says:

    Ragensi reminds us that even in the high-tech world we live in, humans still have primal fears and needs. Rather than prey or profit from them by using scare-tactics, he chooses to seek reason and fact. His knowledge of occult, history, culture, and media disinformation is vast. He treats every instance and case with care and passionate interest. He’s like a modern-day Houdini ferreting out the Spiritualists, however Ragensi willing to acknowledge “the Unknown”.

    I live in Los Angeles and have known of Ragensi for a few years now. He possesses that rarely occurring combination of empathy and erudition.

  4. moycon says:

    Excellent profile and wicked pictures. Really well done.

  5. Madison says:

    It’s stupifying that this much coolness could be contained by a single person and image. Bravo to Peter Tangen for bringing Ragensi to the masses. I want to see MORE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Chris says:

    There’s a mystery and intrigue here that is lacking in some of the other profiles. Ragensi is specific about his mission, unlike some of the other heroes previously featured. Is there a video of him on the prowl?

  7. Shay says:

    I have to say from experience that everything Ragensi studies and investigates ..he does his research. He has a library of books on these subjects and years of fieldwork…
    He has just been asked to join a paranormal team as their demonologist, (although he’s still thinking it over) and has other leads on the table…there IS more to come…. well done to Ragensi and Peter~

  8. Allen Ramone von Frankenstein says:

    That be badassedness to the nth degree!

  9. DG says:

    I think this is my favorite poster

  10. The Animal says:

    That Is An Amazing Poster, I Love The Fact That There Are So Many Different Types Of Us Heroes That Do Different Things To Help The World In Their Own Way!

  11. Van says:

    thIs guy should take on john edwards and that douche from paranormal state and that other “ghost hunter” that yells at “spirits” on his show.

  12. peter says:

    @Chris: Not that I know of but I’d like to see it too!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Ragensi really stands out and has what it takes to inspire hope. Not only is he wicked hot with his dark appeal, but also fearless and ready to use his knowledge to help his clients.

  14. Mel says:

    Ragensi, man you need a show, cuz if you have this kinda charima in an image. whoa. love the hat.

  15. Thre3 says:

    Wow. What a poster.

  16. Scarlett says:

    FINALLY! A mind-blowing image with an equally mind-blowing person behind it! This is seriously the BEST poster YET! WOW! I have a new hero!

  17. Asia says:

    YAY! I am sooooooo excited about this! You rock, Ragensi!

  18. Mark K. Hollinger says:

    This is an incredible image that is a visual treat. It already tells a story. Well done.

  19. Tracy says:

    Ragensi is the only super hero for this girl.

  20. Steven Sandman says:

    Bravissimo Ragensi!!

  21. Scaree says:


  22. Lenora says:


  23. Elle Dawson says:

    Wow, I’ve always been impressed by this, super hero, super HOT!!! LOVE the story behind the man… *fans*

  24. Miss Debra says:

    Wow…. These pictures are amazing… You have truly come into your own… Not that you havent always been great… Lol… But these pics are truly exceptional. We missed you both on Holloween! We all need to hang out soon…

  25. Miss Debra says:

    By the way…. Super cool profile!!!

  26. With Ragensi, what you see is what you get. Real, warm-hearted, and down-to-earth. I am happy to see such a positive write-up, yet a Ragensi video is something we all need to see next!!
    Kudos to you, Ragensi!!

  27. Bernice says:

    Love how Your Long Black Hair Flows in the Air!!!!!! Looks like your gliding…..Awesome Poster!!!!!

  28. Black says:

    I wonder if he checks for infra-sound and emp… they aren’t harmful; but are known to cause emotional distress thats unfounded and a fairly large number of “occurrences” that are considered paranormal…

  29. Now there is a different kind of Super Hero… Not your ordinary fellow in colored tights and a Mask. He packs a lot of “mystique” and I can see the line he descends from…… Shadowy and dark!

  30. Dean says:

    I really like this interview my friend :) Great job!

  31. shelby says:

    Would love to hear more .Great photos.

  32. Junebug says:

    Awesome! I cant wait to see the movie….there will be a movie right?????

  33. Jondog The Pirate says:

    Fantastic, superb! You are a REAL SUPERHERO my friend. Great new photos too!

  34. All I can say is you ROCKED it! Love the new photo! Keep up the good work!!

  35. Chaeya says:

    Having experienced having a ghost in a house I onced lived in (and making a friend of that ghost), sometimes it’s just nice to have people understand. It can be very frightening when you see things happening that you can’t explain nor can gather any concrete evidence to support why it’s happening. I think your approach is great because honestly, psychics often misinterpret things and in my opinion, many of them aren’t that good to begin with, and wind up making the situation much worse than what it is. Bravo!

  36. Daisy says:

    The people of Los Angeles can sleep safely at night knowing that Ragensi is here to protect us!

  37. Kalar says:

    Awesomeness! Just looked at this page thanks to Scarlett Harlott on FB. Will be sharing this page as I know some folks who would be very interested. :)

  38. Serpentlord says:

    It’s as if H.P. Lovecraft and Sherlock Holmes have manifested themselves in a single body!

  39. Gryphonsbard says:

    Ragensi, let me know if you need a sidekick! :)

  40. Siryn says:

    So very cool! Very nice article and that poster is just wicked! You are seriously awesome and an awesome hero.

  41. NCDS says:

    If you’re ever in WA state, I’ll be a guest-artist sidekick! I’ve got 6th sense, but more importantly, common sense, and a wide knowledge of the paranormal. Lemme know.

  42. FireCrack says:

    Very interesting charecter he and I relate so much it’s astonding.

  43. März says:

    Anyone that’s a fan of Ayn Rand is tops in my book.

    Of course, like always, long hair just makes such an easy handle for someone like me to start doing damage. C’mon, don’t make it so easy for the short one to get the upper hand. Otherwise, it’s an incredible persona you have built up.

  44. Isaac says:

    May the good lord bless you, and others of the cloth.

  45. Robert says:

    I have an extensive knowledge of The Occult, I also live in Los Angeles and am a medium. If you ever want to talk, or have help in any of your investigations I would be glad to assist.

  46. JustSarah says:

    Now your someone I can indetify with.^^ I’ll look at your twitter if you have one.

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  48. Lilifesse says:

    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

  49. DangerWoman says:

    I know about this fine gentlemen. I am the only real life superheroine who can sense his psychic aura, which has very strong and powerful hypnosis powers….

    When I sense him, I can’t move and I fall asleep at the computer.

    If he came to Atlanta and had the honor of hypnotizing me, I would provide him with the information that he seeks about the many Southern Ghost Legends.



  50. Nick says:

    I fnd this person very interesting, he was lost in a liabrary and was surounded by books about monters and spirits.

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