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If doing good starts with the willingness to try, Mr. Xtreme, a Real Life Superhero on the ground in San Diego, California, was born willing. Extremely so.

From his formidable body armor (“It’s kind of a hodgepodge”), to his daunting pinhole goggles (“It definitely takes some adjusting to,” he admits), everything about him is extreme. Like his belief in the power of the individual. His engaging at every level in the affairs and well-being of his community. Or his passion for preventing violent crime—and easing the suffering of its victims. Because while he may have derived his basic inspiration from the comic books, TV shows and movies every Superhero cites, the deeper reasons for his taking to the streets are intensely personal.

“I’ve been a volunteer crime-fighter for more than 10 years now,” he says, “but the thing that really made me get involved in this is that I myself have been a victim of violent crime and have also come from a struggling background. I’ve been jumped by gang members, bullied at school…,” he pauses for just a moment, “and I was molested as a child,” he reveals. But from the gauntlet of those experiences, Mr. Xtreme was born. “I wanted to do something positive, heroic and also as a way of protest against indifference in society. People are being victimized, and I feel that someone has to take a stand. Someone has to stand up and put a stop to it.”

To that end, he formed The Xtreme Justice League, and together with other like-minded Real Life Superheroes in the southernmost part of his state, goes on patrols, participates in outreach efforts to boost volunteerism in his neighborhood, and looks to make his city a safer place all around. “We’re a tight-knit group of guys who get together several times a week, sometimes two of us, sometimes by myself, and sometimes there’s more of us for special events like when we did a big homeless outreach at ComiCon here in San Diego, or went up to L.A. for the AIDS Walk with Team Being Alive.” And while the efforts of his Xtreme Justice League may not always meet with stunning success (“some are outright failures,” he says candidly), there are some initiatives that Mr. Xtreme can point to with a justifiable sense of pride.

“I’ve actually saved a life volunteering, so I know from true experience that what we do is very valuable and meaningful. If I was not there, this person might not have lived. So even if some people might think it’s ridiculous, I know it’s not.”

Still, Mr. Xtreme sometimes does have to face his doubters. “There are gonna be people who are receptive, and others who are gonna be against it, and others who just don’t care. I just want to get out there and do it. I’m not going to change who I am, so they can accept that this is who we are and what we do, or they can take it or leave it. Hey, I could wear a three piece suit there’s still gonna be people who are skeptical,” he states.

“I think the most misunderstood part of what I do with The Xtreme Justice League is saying that we’re vigilantes. We’re not that, we don’t violate people’s rights and we’re not here to look for fights. We’re here to prevent crime and empower people to prevent it themselves by being seen. We’re showing the community that they can take a stand, not be prisoners in their own communities,” he continues. “This is what you can legally do to prevent crime. Yeah, we draw on the influence from those fictional comic book vigilantes, but we know what’s real. What we can and can’t do.”

And the one thing Mr. Xtreme knows for sure is that at the end of every day, there is a new one. And a chance to get out and try again.

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95 Comments to “Mr. Xtreme”

  1. ArchAngel says:

    What is going to be done about the Home less murders in S. CA

  2. KaneFarnell says:

    Hi there, My name is Kane Farnell as you can see. I’m 16 years old and I live in the United Kingdom, Manchester. Just recently heard on the knews of what people like you are doing and how you have inspired many people across america and now obviously the world. It’s great that your helping people when the police are not around, I really do. But don’t you think the costume’s aren’t a little out there? Don’t get me wrong I think there cool, I just mean you don’t want to be attracting attention from those idiotic men and woman who will try to stir shit up with you. This was just a point out of something that may or may not help you in the future, Good look and take care. Seriously be carefull.

  3. David Moore says:

    I was saddened to read the response of Mr. Man. I think he is still in the dark about why you do what you do. Yes, we need the police and firemen and ambulance workers and all, but there is a need for the super, the over the top, the unexpected and hoped for. I think that real life Superheroes are exactly what the world needs and I commend all of you for your diligence, heart and belief that every effort changes the world in a positive way. I’m glad you’re out there!

  4. katniss says:

    i watched a video about you and i think you are a comic book geek but your doing a good job at it.

  5. Joy Meads says:

    I think the story of how you took personal hardship and transformed it into a reason to do good is really inspiring. I love the profile and the photos. Congratulations Mr. Xtreme! Good work Peter!

  6. John Doe says:

    I used a fake name because I am in a Leauge of Hero’s and I was wondering if you had any tips for the League of Hero’s and I. I am 17 years old. I was starting a Leauge of my own in Pennsylvania. I go out every night and I potrole our town untill 4:30 am. We are all makeing a difference together. The police are always thanking us and telling us to stay safe. Contact me if you ever need any help.

  7. eclipse says:

    Dear Mr. Xtreme,

    I’ve been following u, kick-ass (both the movie and the comics) and have decided to help join the movement. i will soon become fully suited, jest waiting on the money flow. i have already stopped a small number of crimes. I’m still in training. i try to go patrolling once a month, but I’ve been busy. i would like to know of some other superheroes in my area. Please reply back.


  8. mr.xtreme,i,like you,am a survivor of child molestation.and,like you,i’m a old friend once told me to”hand loose,do’nt get shook,bam with the bamboo & do’nt let the bastards,put you under.i did’nt let them.I’AM STILL HERE!

  9. blackdog phantom says:

    oops,i met hang loose,not hand loose.(HAHAHAHAHA!)

  10. M80 says:

    Be carefull out there, bud.

  11. NoxiousPurple says:

    If anyone is in the UK and wants to team up let me know
    also booked to go to the US in New York at some point
    So if you see a guy looking like a Purple RedMist then
    be sure to tag along

  12. Hey says:

    For all you people who say, oh you are just striving for attention, or you are just trying to live out a pathetic childhood fanasty, shutup! These people go out of their way to help others and they ask nothing for it. If they like the attention, so what? They themselves, as a person, aren’t getting attention. They are drawing attention to the program and everything it stands for. If you have the audacity to sit behind your pathetic little computer and complain about that… wow… You must be jealous that you don’t have the balls to do something that great.

  13. Jaigie says:

    This guy is straight up badass!

  14. keith says:

    i’d just like to say you are awsome and if i lived anywhere near you i would love to join your team. take care of yourself p.s my wife is also a big fan

  15. Colossus says:

    I don’t care what all the haters say. If ANYONE was in a position where they were about to become the victim of a violent crime, they would be thanking the Lord if they saw any one of these R.L.S.H.s coming around the corner. I know I would and for that I thank you and appoligize on behalf of the people that don’t have the courage to even stand up and thank you themselves. I live in Canada and I am looking for a charity to donate to on your behalf…any preferences? Thanks

  16. ? says:

    People like you inspire me and actually make me want to become a hero. I don’t care what my costume looks like, what my name would be, it doesn’t matter. I want to help people. Please, if there is anyone in the Florida area that is in Panama City or Tallahasse that is a hero, let me know. I want to be part of the cause.

  17. Batgirl says:

    Dear Mr. Extreme,
    I am a young girl the age of 14. I love superhero’s and I have always wanted to be one. I am starting training now and I intend to become the Batgirl. I need some tips in what to do where to start. I have looked at other websites and they say my training will take 20 years. I take ti quan do and I am am fairly good at gymnastics. I want to be a superhero so bad. I feel so alone right now sadly I have developed a crush on Robin Batman’s side kick. He does not exist and it hurts me deeply. If you know someone my age who shares the same passion please tell me. I don’t like being alone. No one understands that I want to do good for the world. You probably feel as everyone else that I am a silly girl with a superhero obsession, that I will grow out of it. But I have been like this for years now. I need this now. I need to finally feel like I am worth something, I will be careful and I will risk my life for others. Please help me.
    -Batgirl to be

  18. Taxil Necrobane says:

    I admit, i admire what you and all the other Real Life Super Heroes do. I do not know if i could do what you do every day, but that does not mean i can not help. In fact i do help, even if it is not seen in the public as you are. I am a member of the fraternal order of Odd Fellows. We help those in distress as you do. If it is in your power Mr. Xtreme to find a near by branch of Odd Fellows, please do so. We the Odd Fellows might be able to help you in your mission to help others.

  19. Tman says:

    Hi mr.extreme I’m a young man (13) looking for advise to become a hero and BTW your suit is so cool

  20. You can give me advice

  21. Mist says:

    in a way i understand what your going through, simliar things happened to me when i was younger, i understand your need to change things around your community, because i have the same need to change things around mine, in the community i live in theirs already been a murder, and two kids have been shot, i decided i needed to do something about it so i agree with you completley, things need to change

  22. black king says:

    hello I am the warrior atomic, and therefore the truth I’m a big fan of superheroes and passionate about what I think your initiative and that of other superheroes ral life is amazing I would like to be part of your team but I live in Mexico Mexican state k so it is almost possible for me to join your team, but there is a solution k let me make an extreme league to justice here in mexico I have many friends to participate in this initiative guataria superhero and give me real hope and opportunity if society does not lead to an ati-evil good peus thanks for listening and send me a reply to my email thanks

  23. warrior atimic says:

    hello I am the warrior atomic, and therefore the truth I’m a big fan of superheroes and passionate about what I think your initiative and that of other superheroes ral life is amazing I would like to be part of your team but I live in Mexico Mexican state k so it is almost possible for me to join your team, but there is a solution k let me make an extreme league to justice here in mexico I have many friends to participate in this initiative guataria superhero and give me real hope and opportunity if society does not lead to an ati-evil good peus thanks for listening and send me a reply to my email thanks

  24. Unknown says:

    After watching kickass and the amazing Spider-Man ,I have decided to help the police with the gangs in my city and make a difference. Next year get ready to see a new superhero on the news.

  25. Dark Spider says:

    Hello R.L.S.H

    My name is Gage, I have always had a way with weapons like swords and staffs. But I don’t want to help people by hurting others. I know to help I will hurt people but I don’t want to do permanent damage. I am 12 years old but I held my own against three other 12 year old bullies when I was 11. I want to help but I have no way of making a costume, I don’t have a team and I don’t want my parents to worry. I live in Nuremberg, Germany so anyone here that can help please contact me. I can’t do this alone, please contact me with the email address that was required. Can you give me a good place in Germany that will make good quality, but cheap costumes. My email is “” please contact me if you want to join my team. I am going to set up a website, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can join me. I will put the website link up another time.

    Dark Spider, founding member of the New Warriors

  26. your biggest fan says:

    swag overload

  27. Inspiredkid says:

    Hey Batgirl! I’m 13 and I feel the same way. But you are way ahead in training and stuff then I am. I don’t even live in a dangerous community! But I have had (and still having) a good childhood. I want others to be happy too. I want to help the world, no matter the ridicule!

  28. rage00 says:

    from monterrey mexico ,the real life super hero are amazing! keep it up..

  29. [...] armor, helmet, goggles, and a yellow cape. According to him, was put on the path to vigilantism because “I wanted to do something positive, heroic and also as a way of protest against indifference in [...]

  30. Dan says:

    Hi, I’m an ex convict, convicted for multiple felonys for violence, and I’m not evil. While some violent crimes are commited in the name of money, like the drug addict mugging a stranger, the vast majority is due to interpersonal relationships, fueled by drugs and alcohol. Nobody in state prison has a good story. Most of us were abused too. Does society need superheroes to help the police incarcerate offenders? To send men to prison to be hardened? Or would your efforts be more usefull in prison outreach programs? What about education programs in the inner city’s? Or voting to end the loss of rights felons get for life, ending any chance they would have to get a job that could support there families so they could get out of a life of crime? I’m not suggesting every stick up kid is a victim of society, but you have to ask yourself are we evil? Or is there more to the story?

    Our government is spying on its own citizens effectively ignoring the constitution. Police in liberal states act with impunity with the ability to charge virtually anyone of anything. The prosecution has near unlimited resorces

  31. Mystery Man says:

    Hello, I am a 17 year old male who has always loved not just superheroes but heroes in general. Growing up I was always bullied and ridiculed. When Amanda Todd committed suicide I read about other situations where bullying lead to death. I may not have the saddest back story, but I have the heart to help and serve those whom need it. It pains me to know that out there people are sad and hurt. Which is why I’m gonna start my role as being a superhero. Thanks for the inspiration to want to join the cause.

    One day I hope we can all live and die happy.
    - Mystery Man

  32. Patriot of freedom says:

    Mr. Extreme

    I’m the patriot of freedom, a member of the army on fort hood, tx. ; about to get out to the civilian side. I’ve been looking at this site and I’m proud to live in a world where people can stand up to wrong doers. I’ve had five years of army training in hand to hand fighting and all sorts of training in different weaponry. The reason why I write, is because I’m a new hero accidentally. I stopped several crimes in the bell county area in about two nights. One of the criminals definatly saw my face because I wasn’t wearing anything and I had gone to H.E.B and a man approached me and treatened me, he followed me for some time until I confronted him In which he threatened me again. I need some advice, please help!

  33. ComicNerd147 says:

    Hey I need some informatiom about this, I was really inspired! I’m real creative and inspired by your work. So if u can u contact me at

  34. jamie says:

    hi Jamie is not my real name but iv got to keep my name to my self as im a super hero as well iv been fighting since I was 6 and only in the last 4 months got real but I just wont to ask for your advice about something inbox me if u cant see my email if not give me some way of contacting u directly

  35. dylan says:

    So whos ready to save the world make it a better place

  36. The Manila patrol says:

    If anyone is here in Manila like me, sees that this ain’t the land of opportunity, people need a lot of help, maybe even a superhero. I don’t care about backround. As long as you have the will for good, mail me, we should meet up

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  38. LionHerow says:

    You are a real hero, I love you so much guys and girls!!!!

  39. LionHerow says:

    I love you so much guys and girls!!!

  40. Maeda says:

    No disrespect or anything, and I’m not trying to rant like a hater. I think its cool you guys do this kind of thing, but honest to goodness, when push comes to shove, you’re going to get yourself killed. Think about your family as well as your friends that care for you. You dont need a costume to prove something you’re not.

  41. T. Rasgaitis says:

    U folks hang tough and stay safe.


    T.S. Rasgaitis
    SSG / U.S. Army / Retired / Disabled Veteran

  42. Bronze says:

    I’m making a new team in Nampa ID to help spread awareness of crime in the Treasure Valley area. We’ll start real patrols when we have more gear and training. It’s called The Chrome Justice League.

  43. NightGuardian says:

    Dear Mr.XTREME
    I have to hand it to you I’ve had a good life I just want to make people feel the same.

    I got bullied 3rd grade and 5th grade I got in a “gang” but I didn’t know that they were criminals I left them beginning of 6th and got beat up I was good at fighting but that didn’t help.(Ninja fighting and street fighting)

    I have 2 teams in Iowa 1 is called ultimate justice team
    and 1 is NightWorriers (←join!!!!)

  44. Danny T says:

    Dear mr Extreme
    let me start off with saying thank you what you are doing is amazing I live in Jonesboro Arkansas and in the last couple years our city has grown so much but with it comes growing crime there are gangs in the schools as well as the streets drugs are killing good people and the police are afraid to do anything because of everything that the media has done to make them and their families targets we need more people like you in this world who will stand up for what they believe in and do whatever they can to make this country and the world a better place please don’t stop believing in people and yourself if there were more people like you maybe our children would have a future that didn’t involve drugs violence and heart ache once again thank you….. And for the rest of you please do not ever feel like what you believe in is a waste of time and never give up on your dreams if you want to be a superhero than you should be a superhero we all have a purpose and who’s to say that your not here to save 1 or even millions of lives you are not alone and just remember as long as there is someone like you that has hope that the world can be a better place there will always be good left in this world I am not a superhero but I am a father and I would and will do whatever I can to make this world a better place for my children and any other human I come into contact with you will always have people in your life who will tell you that you cannot do something but they are wrong believe in yourself and let the ones who said you couldn’t be motivation to prove that you can I believe in all of you and hope that you reach every dream you have thank you all of you

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