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If doing good starts with the willingness to try, Mr. Xtreme, a Real Life Superhero on the ground in San Diego, California, was born willing. Extremely so.

From his formidable body armor (“It’s kind of a hodgepodge”), to his daunting pinhole goggles (“It definitely takes some adjusting to,” he admits), everything about him is extreme. Like his belief in the power of the individual. His engaging at every level in the affairs and well-being of his community. Or his passion for preventing violent crime—and easing the suffering of its victims. Because while he may have derived his basic inspiration from the comic books, TV shows and movies every Superhero cites, the deeper reasons for his taking to the streets are intensely personal.

“I’ve been a volunteer crime-fighter for more than 10 years now,” he says, “but the thing that really made me get involved in this is that I myself have been a victim of violent crime and have also come from a struggling background. I’ve been jumped by gang members, bullied at school…,” he pauses for just a moment, “and I was molested as a child,” he reveals. But from the gauntlet of those experiences, Mr. Xtreme was born. “I wanted to do something positive, heroic and also as a way of protest against indifference in society. People are being victimized, and I feel that someone has to take a stand. Someone has to stand up and put a stop to it.”

To that end, he formed The Xtreme Justice League, and together with other like-minded Real Life Superheroes in the southernmost part of his state, goes on patrols, participates in outreach efforts to boost volunteerism in his neighborhood, and looks to make his city a safer place all around. “We’re a tight-knit group of guys who get together several times a week, sometimes two of us, sometimes by myself, and sometimes there’s more of us for special events like when we did a big homeless outreach at ComiCon here in San Diego, or went up to L.A. for the AIDS Walk with Team Being Alive.” And while the efforts of his Xtreme Justice League may not always meet with stunning success (“some are outright failures,” he says candidly), there are some initiatives that Mr. Xtreme can point to with a justifiable sense of pride.

“I’ve actually saved a life volunteering, so I know from true experience that what we do is very valuable and meaningful. If I was not there, this person might not have lived. So even if some people might think it’s ridiculous, I know it’s not.”

Still, Mr. Xtreme sometimes does have to face his doubters. “There are gonna be people who are receptive, and others who are gonna be against it, and others who just don’t care. I just want to get out there and do it. I’m not going to change who I am, so they can accept that this is who we are and what we do, or they can take it or leave it. Hey, I could wear a three piece suit there’s still gonna be people who are skeptical,” he states.

“I think the most misunderstood part of what I do with The Xtreme Justice League is saying that we’re vigilantes. We’re not that, we don’t violate people’s rights and we’re not here to look for fights. We’re here to prevent crime and empower people to prevent it themselves by being seen. We’re showing the community that they can take a stand, not be prisoners in their own communities,” he continues. “This is what you can legally do to prevent crime. Yeah, we draw on the influence from those fictional comic book vigilantes, but we know what’s real. What we can and can’t do.”

And the one thing Mr. Xtreme knows for sure is that at the end of every day, there is a new one. And a chance to get out and try again.

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95 Comments to “Mr. Xtreme”

  1. Animal says:

    I Love That You Have Taken Your Past Issues And Used Them To Push You Forward In A Positive Way!

  2. DG says:

    Fantastic profile. Mr. Xtreme rocks.

  3. dc says:

    It’s good to see you out there, keep going for your goal.


  4. Geist says:

    What a great guy!

  5. Kaiju says:

    I may have to direct friends who don’t understand this whole thing to this article in the future. Well said, Mr Xtreme. Urban Avenger and all the other XJL members are lucky to be able to team up with you so much.

  6. Drako says:

    Kaiju, your name refers to the king of dragons as in mythology right? Or did you find it cool. Because don’t get me wrong, it’s cool. As for me, my name refers to someone who doesn’t exist, but without them, things wouldn’t be the same. Anyone who is in NY let me know. So far i don’t think there’s any Heroes in NY on here.

  7. SkyMan says:

    A lot of us wouldn’t be doing what we are doing today if it weren’t for guys like Mr. Xtreme!

  8. Kaiju says:


    Actually, I picked my name after finding out it means “strange creature” in Japanese. It seemed fitting for me :P

    Oh, and thanks for saying it’s cool.

  9. Heather Shadethy says:

    I just heard about these guys… I must say, I’m very impressed by what these people are doing…. THE SUPER HEROES ARE BACK, BABY!!! wait… we never had super heroes… despite the ones in the movies… Anywho, I’m actually thinking seriosly about this. Think about it: Children will have REAL poeple to look up to; no spiderman, superman, hulk, elasta girl, ect. We’re talking reality here! When the cops aren’t around, these men and women are here to save the day! They are making history! I know this may sound crazy… unreal… even stupid…childish… Who cares what the people think?! Who has a say of what we do with our lives?! You want to know what I think? I think this is a perfect way to show children, teens, even adults of America that we can do ANYTHING if we just put our mind, our heart, and our soul into what we beleive in! It’s time for America to stand up! Everybody! Stand up against crime, the horrid casualities in our nation! To all the super men and women who are STANDING UP: I salute you. You have earned my respect, the country’s respect, and most of all, self respect. Keep up the great work! Some day, it may be tomarrow, maybe next week, next year, next decade; This planet will be at peace; this planet will be back to the way it was meant to be! I will show my great respect for you (which is rare at that, I never really show much respect towards anybody.) by somehow, someway, becoming one of you… I know, seems like a childlike dream, but, $hadethy will have her debute! I swear it! But why take the advise from me? I’m a thirteen year old girl for crying out loud! But… why not? It is time for our country to unite! Whether we are wearing rubber costumes or not. DO YOU AGREE WITH ME!? TIME TO TAKE A STAND!! THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT DOING HARDLY ANYTHING!! WHY CAN’T WE TAKE OUR TURN!? WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM AT ANY COST!! STAND UP PEOPLE!!! MUST I REPEAT MY SELF OVER AND OVER AGAIN!?? IT’S TIME! NOW IS THE TIME!! ahem……. sorry about that… anywho,keep up your awesome sause work! -Shadethy!

  10. mr man says:

    Hows about you join the fire department or the cops instead of parading around like an attention seeking moron?

  11. Green Galliant says:

    Here’s a way to do good. Instead of using google use

  12. X-Factor says:

    You close to where i live, your my local superhero!

  13. Nytholgoy says:

    Really awesome, what you guys are doing. Disregard the detractors, you know you’re inspiring many young people to work for a better world. It would be a tragedy if there weren’t people like you these days.

  14. Redviper says:

    Hey could people please read these definitions at: now down the first 2 and up the last 1.

  15. Redviper says:

    Does anyone know any Irish superheroes? My friend is looking for one and I’m helping him out.

  16. paladin says:

    you are a great person mr exreme id love to meet you i also had lots of bullies in school (thank goodnes its summer) you are somewon worthy to bare the title of a real life superheroe

  17. mulberry says:

    Man I appreciate what you’re doing but isn’t it dangerous ??

    Having a “costume” will only attract idiots from trying to take a pop at you.

    I wish you all the best anyway my friend.

  18. Zinthos says:

    Hey there Mr. Xtreme. I just saw a documentary about you and the other REAL superheros. And, well I was just AMAZED. The world really does need more people like you and the others. When I was a little kid I ask teachers at my school if superheros were real. They said no. But let me tell you I am glad they were Wrong hahaha. I would love to meet any of you guys in real life. The world needs heros!

  19. Kakashi says:

    I am part of the Punishers, a team of several members (nearing 20 as I write this) who operate in the shadows in the south of Sweden. My name is Japanese for scarecrow (because I can get very scary if I get angry), I didn’t rip it off of Naruto, if that’s what you’re thinking.
    There is a real problem in the city we operate. And that problem is people being beat up, robbed and raped on a regular basis after dark in certain areas. The Punishers use bulletproof vests, masks and other gear that are a necessity to help the people in these areas and we help as many as we can. But doing so means we can’t avoid fighting the people who terrorize this city at night. All of our members are efficient martial artists (not the fancy shit like Kung Fu, but rather the stuff that actually works in a fight like Jeet Kune Do. We even have a guy, Tengu, who is absolutely dangerous when he uses his Tai Chi Chuan and another guy, Whisp, who is an actual ninja. No bullshit.) and we know full well that either one of us might not come back from a patrol.
    We use LTL (less than leathal) weapons such as stunguns when we are forced to fight off attackers from their victims. We also are really good at hogtying these attackers to streetlamps, trees or anything else that is available and calling the cops on them. The police’s official standpoint on us is that we’re vigilantes and that we should stop what we’re doing, but I’ve personally met several cops who like us and what we’re doing. We can reach into the darkness where the long arm of the law can’t reach. Not a single one of any of our rescues have taken more than two minutes to perform.
    Plus, it’s fun to overhear conversations at the bus-stop of gangmembers talking abous us as if we were demons from some nightmare.
    Too bad that this doesn’t pay anything other than the satisfaction of putting away assholes who doesn’t deserve to be allowed out in society. Otherwise I’d make this a permanent job.

  20. Mr. Hardman says:

    Mr. Extreme, I watched the HBO special last night and I must say you were awesome and “extreme”. It’s great knowing there are people like you out there to protect the citizens when the police are too “busy”. I know at the end you were living in your van, are you still in it or did you find a good lair to be in. I am moving out to San Diego by Thanksgiving and would love to hook up with the XFL. I have been wanting to help out like you for sometime but never had the guts to do it. But after seeing that special I believe it was calling me out to help you. I would love any information you have to how I could join the XFL.
    Thank You,
    Mr. Hardman

  21. Dess says:

    @heather shadethy

    I totally agree with u, im also 13

  22. Palestinian says:

    Mr. Extreme is the epitome of righteousness. The world is
    is full of cruel and evil people. While many blame their past for
    ill they inflict, Mr. Ex uses his pain to promote good. Kudos to you.

  23. Thresher_V says:

    Congrats on the movie and I hope all is going well for you guys! I think the world needs more people like you to inspire the rest of us to change…

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.
    – Bob Dylan

  24. Jade says:

    I love what you guys are doing I’m 13 years old and you have inspired me so much. me and my friends love what you guys are doing continue your legacy! :)

  25. Godspeed says:

    Mr. Extreme,
    You have inspired me and a few of my friends. I too work as a Security Officer and it frustrates me the people that come in off the street injured and beaten. I hear of teenage girls getting raped and it infuriates me that I can do nothing. I have a daughter being born in just 2 months and I am already scared for her safety. You have inspired us to help make the world a better place, if only a small portion. You and the rest of the RLSH are in my prayers and wish you the best.

    Godsend Clan (Reno,NV)

  26. Simon says:

    Your heart is definitely in the right place. Take care of yourself as well as others.

  27. Mai Mai a.k.a. DREAMER says:

    My name is DREAMER… HOW DO I HELP….??? I live in the los angeles area where poverty is very much so common… I was once Homeless and would love to give back in MY OWN WAY that would truly make a difference… I am currently depressed and I believe helping othere would make me feel once again happy and feeling like I could really MATTER…
    ^___^ D.

  28. maddmaxx says:

    ive been a super hero fan since i was a little kid. comics always were better than anything else when i was a kid and its sad that when you grow up you are expected to give them up and be responsible. Well ive just watched your documentry and im glad to see some brave and civic minded people have managed to do both. WELL DONE YOU AWESOME HEROES. keep up the good work and please dont listen to anyone who tells you not to do what you think is right.

  29. Eric says:

    Saw the doc, if there is anyway i could donate to the cause let me know… im 28 and as an avid comic book reader as a kid and to this day , you guys made fiction real for me. Rock on!

  30. beth says:

    If we had more people like Mr. Extreme then the streets would be a safer place. Keep doing what your doing Mr. Extreme

  31. Dan says:

    loved the Doc, you rock Mr. Xtreme!

  32. Dr Banjo says:

    I wish there were more real life superheroes around the UK, we need people like you to bring about justice and just make things more fun over here.

  33. Detective samaritian says:

    If I wanted to contact some of the heroes, how should I. Do they have an email list somewhere? I can’t seem to find it, and that’s not helping my choice of name

  34. tj wood says:

    i just wanna say i watched the hbo documentary superheroes and i really admire what you do. keep doing what you are doing to change the world.

  35. Todd C says:


    Please email me. I would like to sponsor a uniform upgrade for you, same look, increased protection and performance. Once we are finished, I would like to extend the offer to others.

    Looking forward to your reply.


    For now.

  36. Morningstar says:

    Thank you for Inspiring me to be a superhero
    I am from manchester ,Great britain and your fighting spirit is going global
    so stay safe and keep up the fight
    sincerely Morningstar

  37. Yusri The Yus says:

    Hi Mr Extreme,i’m from Malaysia and i like what you guys are doing.True that some said that you guys should join the police,fire department and so on and it was a noble thing to do but they got paid for what they do while people like you do it voluntaraly.Beside,by joining a police dept,there some regulations to be follow and that can limits what you guys trying to achieve,and not all people can be a cop either.As for me,i’m secretly a crime preventer in my home town. I used to join a team called “The Guardian”,but it got disbanded a couple of years ago and now i go solo but not as frequent as before.What the teams used to do is mainly to gather information or evidence of any crime or vice activities around the area and alert the local police.But sometimes we also got a taste of battling real crime in progress when it happen in front our eyes.Anyway,i hope you and all your superfriends (“..they are super for they don’t have any superpower except for their super heart..” somebody quote to me that) keep on of what you do.You may not be able to change the world,but i may take off some of it burdens a little bits. Good luck!

  38. zFaaB says:

    I am truly inspired by these people, to think that regular people who are not rich like batman or come from a different planet like superman or has super human abilities they are just every day people who want to make a difference who want to stop violence and crime in the city it is very inspiring to see thank you very for protecting the people that need your help! keep up the good work.

  39. The Metal Skull says:

    im gonna go watch the HBO episode on you. and P.S, your outfit ROCKS! :)

  40. kyle says:

    I am gald that people are going out and trying to do good for the community helping people in need. this is realy brave lots a people look the other way when trying to help others. that i respect what you guys are doing and keep motivating others to do good Good luck Mr. Xtreme

  41. julieann rose says:

    y’all rock keep it up you are admired

  42. ricsyn says:

    Mr. Xtreme is the business! But please, get a damn twitter account already! Best of luck!

  43. JJSJ says:

    Way to go! Keep it going!

  44. black bee says:

    I just want to say you inspired me to start fihgting crime and showed you DONT need superpowers to be a superhero you just need super deturminatin so thanks from the black bee

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  46. ??????? says:

    i was wondering how to join. contact me at

  47. DeepHell says:

    Men… you are the most fantastic thing I ve ever seen… Congratulations from Brazil!

  48. moon knight says:

    You’r a great guy Mr Xtreme.

  49. moon knight says:

    And might I add it has been a honor working with you.

  50. Bluemoon says:

    He has a past, he has a present. KEEP ON ROCKING MAN, KEEP ON ROCKING.

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