About The Project

Do you recognize a superhero when you look one in the face? Do you think such men and women truly exist? If not, then look. And think again.

Indeed, there is a real subculture of genuine heroes, that bridge the gap between the fantastic and the practical. Anonymous and selfless, they choose every day, to make a difference in the world around them. Whether it be feeding the hungry, comforting the sick, or cleaning up their neighborhoods, they save real lives in very real ways. These are not “kooks in costumes,” as they may seem at first glance. They are, simply put, a radical response… to a radical problem.

So who are these modern day heroes? They are our neighbors, our friends, our family members. They are artists, musicians, athletes, and yes, politicians. Their actions serve as reminders that as most giving today has become reactive—digital and removed, temporarily soothing our guilt and feelings of helplessness—we have blinded ourselves to simple principles and practice of compassion and goodwill.

Photographer Peter Tangen has earned the trust of this loose network, to visually document the genuine power of these individuals—and in the process, reveal the soul behind their endeavor.

At first, The Real Life Superhero Project was conceived as an avenue to shine some light on this new breed of activism and altruism, through a photographic installation to benefit the established organizations the superheroes believe in. But as more people were brought into the wholly volunteer project, largely through Tangen’s infectious enthusiasm, the scope and purpose expanded exponentially.

Now, what began as a gallery exhibit, has come to serve as the launching pad of something far greater—a living, breathing community that inspires people to become the positive forces for change we all can be. To become more active, more involved, more committed, and perhaps, a little super in the process.

The website you have arrived at is your starting point. Look around, learn, absorb and ultimately, act. Here you’ll find continually evolving content, offering fresh insights into the superheroes themselves and opportunities for you to become involved, as well as news about the project and its progress. And hopefully, you will come to realize that it doesn’t take a cape to go out and help someone, just the desire to become an active force in your own life, and see how that can affect others.

Through The Real Life Superhero Project, Tangen asks you, the viewer to embrace the intention of the heroes, to take a moment to discover the morality and conscience behind their actions, and ultimately, make the commitment to making a difference yourself.

Celebrate and honor them. And find the hero in all of us.

182 Comments to “About The Project”

  1. VirgiVil says:

    I think that it is a very good idea. A website is very importante to inform people and to do act the persons, but, in my opinion, he is not enought popular whereas it is a beautiful project. This project, if they want, everyone can involved to help people and help persons who want evoluted, changed . For me, a person can be a superhero if he wants.

  2. LéaH42 says:

    This website is very interesting, but can we talk about superhero ? I don’t think so. They all make something good but i would like to speak about good actions at others. They are courageous as the people who work in the public service and they are a heart because they are help at other. Perhaps wearing a costume to get into the skin of a superhero. But the “superhero” anyway is the first sense of the word, it’s a character who is fictitious and not real. I would be a participed of this project but I keep my personality. I will help people but I do not consider myself a “Superhero”.
    But the project it’s very very GOOD !!!!

  3. Alex69 says:

    I think that this project is a good idea because the normal person which form the association , want help people. In fact, this one make many shares but they don’t have many person so as to make these actions. It’s why, in my opinion, I will come to help them but it is necessary of have a time under to power make these works. Whereas, I agree with the author on the subect that this normal person are a hero .

  4. Bé69 says:

    When i saw this text for the first time, i said ” oh my good, this text is very difficult! ”
    So, now, in my opinion, this text is very interesting and i like this so much!
    Moreover, this project is real, that’s why i suppose a lot of people read this texte for the real goals. These goals are good, i think these people can be change the world. The world can be better with volunteers,and persons like their. I would like to be superhero in the real life, so i would like to help all people, to give smile and hope all the time. For conclude, i want to be part of it. It’s a really good project !

  5. DJ Pyro says:

    I think that it is a good project , it shows that there are good people on the world . In my opinion , the creation of the website, is a good idea, it is showing to the other people that they exist, and that they can be as them of the good people. I would want to be a good person and to help other people. I according to the author, all the persons on the world can be good people.

  6. lilam says:

    In my opinion, the project is a very good idea because the world needs heroes. Futhermore, it is a hopeful message to believe that everybody can be a superhero. Everyone could make a difference with simply doings, it is very important to share this message with a lot of people. For the moment, i can’t be part of the project because i don’t have enough time with my studies but perhaps i would try more later.

  7. ChxtreI69 says:

    In my opinion, this project is a good project. I think, anyone can be a superhero if he do some efforts. This organizations contribute to change the world for the better. I will can go in this project but i would like that many persons also made it ! For once, think about more persons, we must be less selfish. Thanks to this website we will find the hero in all of us !

  8. Ju2306 says:

    In my opinion, the project is a good idea.
    In fact, I like this project because people can become better person thanks to it.
    I prefer the idea of the website than the gallery because people can be follow the evolution of the project at home, and may be attract to it.
    I think it is a good idea too, because you can participate if you want, you are volunteer.
    I love it because according to the author anyone can be a superhero, so he wants more people to act for the world.
    I would like join the group to help others people and become an activre force.

  9. Paaupy42 says:

    I think that this project is a very good thing for everybody !
    This project help us has to discover the superhero who is in us and also help many persons in their life. Members of this project are very good persons and they are real superheroes even if they haven’t got powers.
    I would like to be a member of this project because I love people. I would agree to give them a little part of my time against their smile.
    Finally, I love the idea to be a superhero of today !

  10. sasou says:

    The project is very interesting, but not popular. I never used to hear about this. Im my opinion, it is a good idea that create all these things. The website is the more famous, because all people can go to see and understand what the project is. I would like to be part of it because, for me it is so important to help people and to do good things. In my opinion, everyone can be a superhero if he or she decide to be it.

  11. lanaine says:

    It is a very good prodject.
    This evolution is very interested for people and your website is so good.
    I think the website attravt more and more people. People must have a better attention about the world. I am sure everybody would like to do something for help people in need. Your website and all the comments proved it.
    I think you must continu in this prodject …

  12. MissCroft says:

    The text is beautifully written, the author was able to find the words.
    The text can be used for some people, they feel useful and find confidence on themselves. The article is on website, it is a big community. He explains to the people that they can do good things. He may attract people in this project too. The author wants more people to act for the world and wearing a cape is not enough. I don’t want to be part of the project because I don’t like very much superheroes but, in my opinion, the website is very well for the fans and to have confidence.

  13. Caroline888 says:

    In my opinion, the project is very good. Everyone can make en difference in the world around them, everyone can save and help people in his everyday life and everyone can do what’s right. I think this community can breath a lot of normal personns. I want to be part of this league : I am not the most strong, or fast, I can’t fly but with simply and possible doings I can be a superhero.

  14. boubou42 says:

    This project seems to be really a good idea. If I have understand, the principal idea of The Real Life Superhero is all of us can be a superhero, isn’t it? The creators of this movement want to inspire people so they become good persons. They say that everybody can help people so our lives will be better. I think it’s a good opinion so I’m according to the author of this article and I would like to join this movement in order to try to change the people’s thoughts. But in my opinion, we can’t change everybody for the better. So for me, this project is more like a dream and not like the reality.

  15. jobllc69 says:

    I want to be part about this project because i think it is a good thing for everybody.
    It is important to help somebody to do something because it create some links of solidarity. It is important to feel useful and like a superhero without powers. I hope this project will attract a lot of volunteers. I think, if everyone do that, the world would be better and people would be more sociable

  16. Sunshine96 says:

    I think this movement and website are great ideas and I have never heard about this organisation ”Real Life Super Heroes” before.
    I have been helping people – just to make them happy. I was volunteering at my school in Latvia. The feeling about every smile that comes after your help is amazing. However, we didn’t have any organisation for that. It was just me and some of my friends. Now I am in France for my exchange year, but after this event of my life I certainly will be a volunteer. I know that.
    About this project. I would like to say that donation and volunteering are not something new for me, but the idea is in a new and fresh form. Can you be superhero without a costume? Yes, you can.
    It is wonderful that idea, which is small at the beginning, can grow up like a big industry and become a lifestyle. In my opinion, it is inspiring.
    According to the author, it is not a very difficult job to help someone. All you need is hope, faith, love, desire to help someone and an imaginary cape.
    I hope that this movement will ”breath” for a very long time, maybe forever. Who knows…
    Remember…Imagine that you have a cape… Go save the world!

  17. Mathe16 says:

    I am very impressed by this project! I think it’s really a good idea to remember at the people that nobody have a surnaturals powers and nobody can change the world alone and in tights! I love this project and his doings (as the photographic installation or the creation of the website) and I respect his autor because he shows to us the world as it is and he gives to us the desire to “change simply the world” around us.

  18. Hawkeye42 says:

    The idea of show a new face of the superheroes is very interesting. If some people are lost In their life, have a purpose for start a new beginning can be very good. A goal like this is motivated and gives the desire to be proud of himself thanks to his act. A hero isn’t made with just a costume but necessary qualities like courage or intelligence. Finely, what is a hero exactly? A man who save a baby in a house on fire? The winner of the golden medal of the Olympics games? A doctor who cured a child? In my opinion, a hero is hiding in each of us. So, come in this project is not a bad idea, but not for the moment, I think I’m too young.

  19. Kawin13 says:

    In my opinion, i think everybody can be a superheroes by themselves. It need not to wear a mask, a cape, a helmet, a weapon or costume superhero for go out to fight with criminal or protect people to be a superhero it not difficult. You just get up in the morning and think positive and help the others. I think the author would like to inspire readers to get better in their life and to see that they can be the superhero of themselves, that means they can make their life special.

  20. Nyfa says:

    I think this project is a good project !!! It begin with a photographic installation and finish with a altruiste movement it is good. This project can help at people to beccome good persons and help the other with simple things. Yes, I want to be a part of this project because I would like to help people like kids in pour country, I think it is a good action.
    This project prove that anymone can be a superhero.

  21. Ali 42 says:

    I think the movement of Real Life SuperHeros is a good project. Nowaday, there are many people who have problems like the homeless for exemple. I would to be part of it because I would to help people in the world. In my opinien, it is also very funny to wear a superhero costume in the street. I like to work in group. To conclude, I would to be a superhero nowaday because it is very important for me to help people and it is funny to work with other superheroes.

  22. kawin13 says:

    In my opinion, i think everybody can be a superheroes by themselves. It need not to wear a mask, a cape, a helmet, a weapon or costume superhero for go out to fight with criminal or protect people to be a superhero it not difficult. You just get up in the morning and think positive to help the others. I think the author would like to inspire readers to get better in their life and to see that they can be the superhero of themselves, that means they can make their life special.

  23. N/A says:

    I will train, and become a part of this force. I truly believe that it will be something that i will look back on and think i did the most i could in the time i was given.

  24. cheshire says:

    nice… any of you guys in san Antonio?

  25. [...] to try, Mr. Xtreme, a Real Life Superhero on the ground in San Diego, California, was born willing. About The Project | The Real Life Super Hero Project Indeed, there is a real subculture of genuine heroes, that bridge the gap the sick, or cleaning up [...]

  26. the reaper says:

    i think the whole idea of this is the greatest idea in the world you all are the best and in do time i will want to be a part of this but not yet we need more heros for kids to look up to the more we have the better the wold will be most kids today dont have a lot too look up too so im happy that there are a few ppl makeing a diffrence and the more there are the better and you guys all do this on you free time you dont get paid to do it you just do it i would like to thank all ppl that are in this program that put there life on the line every day and ask for nothing in return thank you all for make the world a better place for our kids to grow up in and for all the things you have do for use it has to start some were and it did thank you

  27. TH says:

    I heard about this, but finally decided to look it up. Great work you’re doing here, keep it up. :)

  28. Jace says:

    To be a superhero does not mean you have the power to fly or lift ten times your weight, being a superhero is what you find in your heart. Many people have lost family, friends, or children some are tired of seeing the world as a place that’ll harm us. A hero helps those in need. I do believe that sometimes a message needs to be sent out to let the people know that we are here to help. No one is born a hero nor a villain the world changes us and it shapes us, i believe this program will help us all but most of all it will help make this world a better place if people stop hiding in the shadows and finally see the light of a path…..

  29. Krimson Knight says:

    Hi I’m the Krimson knight I’ve doing this for 4 years and I love what I do I walk around the streets Arizona helping the good folks and can’t think of a better way to spend my time I’m glad there a place where real hero can be known for helping people out. it seem like a lot of are crime has went down sense we and when I say we I mean the a whole league of us who believe in the good ways of helping people so if your in the Arizona area and you wanna link up with us search for us on Facebook under the knight of the free world.

  30. red hood says:

    just heard about this organisation and i think that it is a great idea. Afew of my friends and i have been thinking of cleaning up the streets of nairobi and we are already training. any assistance from any one around here would be highly appreciated. keep up the good work and i also think that maybe this organisation needs a better name.

  31. Danielle says:

    Love this idea! I heard Peter talk about this at a Toastmasters contest. I was touched. The audience was moved. I am going to get my women’s network involved with being a superhero in our community. Thank you for the inspiration. Stay tuned as 4Lnetwork.com will take part in this movement.

  32. NightGuardian says:

    I want to join the RLSH project. I’ve wanted to be a superhero a few of my friends and I are going to help out people. I have been training every day since I was 6

    Maybe every RLSH in the world could be a team

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