Project Credits

The Project has been created and supported by scores of people:

Peter Tangen: MC
Bryan Allen: Collaborating artist on the poster series, group shot series & logos
Paul Hoegh-Guldberg: Collaborating artist on the poster series
Rick Lynch: Collaborating artist on the poster series
Kevin Bachman: Collaborating artist on the poster series
Martin Gueulette: Collaborating artist on the poster series
Rob Russell: Collaborating artist on the group series
Henry Lehn: Collaborating artist on the poster series
Marco Blanco: Retouching portrait series
Roddy Navarro: 3D Artist
Hillel Wasserman: Writer
Elissa Greer-Arko: Publicist
Natasha Aiello: Video interviews
James Kocsis: Website
Tony Carlson: Motion graphics
David Schneiderman: Seismic Productions: Trailer producer
Jonathan Hayman / Sesimic Productions: Trailer producer
Scott Kozen/ Seismic Productions: Trailer editor
Matt Berkenpas / Seismic Productions: Trailer editor
Dana Precious / Vox Associates: Interview producer
Chad Russell / Vox Associates, Freelance: Interview editor
Joe Kaczorowski: Vox Associates, Freelance: Interview editor
Gary Clark & Ferras Alqaisi: Original music
“Human” by Gary Clark & Ferras Alqaisi
Netwerk One Music Ltd (BMI)
Copyright Control (ASCAP)
Produced by Gary Clark

John Barbour: Light Source & Imagery, Trailer producer (2nd trailer)
Gary Khammar: Light Source & Imagery, Trailer producer (2nd trailer)
Sean Miller: Light Source & Imagery, Trailer editor (2nd trailer)
Chuck Lynn: Light Source & Imagery, Trailer editor (2nd trailer)
Rob Arbittier and Gary Adante
for Noisy Neighbors Productions: Original music

Ed Obomsawin: French Translations
Thanos Kouvaras: Greek Translations

Special thanks to the people and companies that supported this project:

Los Angeles:

Roman Cho: Producer & first assistant
Joey Bernheimer: Producer & first assistant

Sara MacFarlane: Assistant
Ken Scott: Assistant
Aaron Ruff: Assistant
John Alfonso: Assistant
Charlie Johnson: Assistant
Joyce Mineros: Assistant
Lauren DiMatteo: Assistant
Danny Diamond: Assistant
Hugh Foster: Assistant
Michael Holdaway: Lead wardrobe stylist
Hilary Folks: Wardrobe stylist
Kate Riney: Wardrobe Stylist
Jeffrey Fetzer, Zenobia: Make up & hair stylist
Amanda Abazaid, Zenobia: Make up & hair stylist
Livio Angellieri: Make up & hair stylist

Siren Studios: Studio facilities, equipment and constant enthusiasm
Dean Gavoni: CEO
Monica Macdonald: Studio director and ray of sunshine
Carlos Clemente: Stage manager
Alfredo Sanchez: Shuttle driver

Industrial Color: Digital capture, RED capture, Pan HD capture, processing and post production
Steve Kalalian
Blake Pellenberg: Digital and RED capture tech
Jim Goethals: Digital and RED capture tech
Andrei Lucien: Digital and RED capture tech
Alex Themistocleous: Digital and RED capture tech
Melissa Bring
Hallie Irvine
Jennifer Coffin
Nathan Caswell

Jeff Huang
David Serafin: RED camera DP and co-director

Winston Davis: B-Roll
Al LeVine: DP
Nick Reczynski: DP

Catering: Catering by Frannie: Lunch for 60, wouldnt take my money!
Frannie Beers

Catering: Oranges Sardines
Carol Colin
Ted Waltz


Geoff Nuefeld: Assistant
Wayne Hoecherl: Assistant
Rob Seebacher: Assistant
Sean Frith: Assistant
Eric Thompson: Assistant
Sonia Leal-Serafi, They Representation Inc.: Make up & hair stylist

Vancouver Photo Workshop Studios: Studio facilities and equipment

Flashpoint: Equipment
Berndt Luchterhand

Digital Capture Services DCS: Digital capture, processing
Trevor Yee: Digital tech

Tesla Productions: Production support
Sara Tesla
Rob Calder

Special Thanks:
Planet Illogica
Tonny Sorenson
Kene Goldstein
Keri Moore
Dean Blagg
Justin Slobig
Greg Kachel
Tinker Candish
Massey Rafani
Laura Carrillo
Carrie Ferriter
Patrick Casciato
Shari Geffen
Glenn Garland
Sam Johnson
Kevin Williams
Kirby Dick
Eddie Schmidt
Danny First
Zachary Slobig
Peter Alsop
Alison Clark
Lady Catacomb
Apocalypse Meow
Jim Acheson
Allan Heinberg
Harry Vamos
Beverly Tangen
Hal Tangen
Ben Goldman
Peter Giannascoli
Ryan Leibowitz: Golden Apple Comics
Jonathan Garcia
Matthew “Stoog” Steger
Tea Krulos

I would like to offer my great thanks and appreciation to the many people who’ve joined with me in telling the story of our Real Life Superheroes. The people involved in this project gave tirelessly of their time, creating imagery and words to share the inspirational tale of creative altruism, and the power each of us has to make a difference in the world. Every one of you has my respect and deepest appreciation. It has been an honor to collaborate with you all.

Extra special thanks go to my friends Thanatos & Geist. Without the support of these two amazing men this project would not have been possible. Three weeks after I met Thanatos and with the enthusiasm and support he and Geist showed for the project I found myself on a stage with 20 heroes from all over the country. I am honored to call you both friend and forever grateful for this amazing experience.


15 Comments to “Project Credits”

  1. Ben Adams says:

    Don’t forget to add PHOTON, The Super Heroine of Education on Planet Earth to your collection.

  2. Gryphonsbard says:

    Anything on tv yet?

  3. Zimmer says:

    Hi! I was praising all of the volunteers to RLSH that weren’t at the shoot, and realized I hadn’t thanked you here! Thank you! You all worked for hours and hours to get everything perfect, smiles all around, put forth your very best and for free. You guys and gals are the real heroes!

  4. Blaze says:

    any base like in the G.I Joe movie?? :) )

  5. irma says:

    we need someone like all of you in Phoenix,Arizona

  6. John and G Show says:

    Please tell me this is going to be a series!!! Master Legend will be on our show tonight at 8pm EST.


    how do you join the site or create an account some one please HELP . fix it so everyone will know how too .

  8. Hybrid says:

    this is great! if there’s anyone here in dallas,tx who is a RLSH e-mail me. i’d like to help on this awesome movement!!

  9. me says:

    I wonder, what it is necessary to be a super hero?

  10. Roakin says:

    Bonjour , Je suis Dunker je suis francais et j’habite pres de paris, depuis tout petit jai des envie de volez au secours des personnes en détresse , et je suis contre la racaille de banlieu ect ect , j’aimerai énormement etre une personne comme vous tous le seul souci est que je n’est personne à qui me confier pour ce PROJECT , Je sais me battre jai enseignez le freefight et le karaté a haut niveau , mais je n’est que 17 ans donc pour une armure assez bien je n’est pas d’argent ;S cependant jai l’ame d’un héro j’en suis sur et certain je serai pres à tout pour Combattre l’injustice … aurai vous des conseil à me donner s’il vous plai ? Thank you

  11. Dark Knight says:

    im just a guy helping others this is the first time i have ever said anything about it after 5 years of standing in the dark waiting on biz and keeping trouble at bay i seen what u guys do with the site keep it up and thanks to all my brothers and sisters your tennessee brother dark knight

  12. kid darkness says:

    i would try and be a real life superhero

  13. OC ADVENGER says:

    I would love to do something like this or if anyone is doing this in orange county ca i would love to help out i just got out the Marine Corps in August im strong as fuck haha and im bored my family says i need a hobby and i saw this and i would love to help someone let me know

  14. Thomas Eliot says:

    I’m surprised Phoenix Jones isn’t on here. He seems to be the highest profile of the real life Superheroes. How come he isn’t featured here?

  15. Prophet says:

    Hi, Im Prophet, a lone hero.. Im from France and in my city, there are criminals but I can’t look after them all alone. I like the work you do and I am very grateful.

    Sorry, It’s English from France.

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