Like us on Facebook. Watch us on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter. Get to know the real lives of the Real Life Superheroes, hitting the streets and doing real things. They help the homeless, dedicate time to charities, work to make their communities safe, and help kids regain a sense of the morality inspired by the comic books they grew up on.

They’ve arrived on the scene from every corner of the globe, in many cases entirely unaware that others had adopted this practice of Creative Altruism.

And now, staying connected with this latest evolution of the superhero is easier than ever. Make The Real Life Superhero Project a regular stop in your online world, and check back often for new additions, updates, and inspiration to make a difference in your part of the planet.

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477 Comments to “Connect”

  1. Bearman says:

    Hi I’m Bearman. I was wondering how to join this project. If someone would let me know that would be great.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Just wanted to say that its good to see other with the same idéa as me. Bring back what we grow up with. Ive been doing this for a few years now all around europe, meet some likeminded during that time but i wont join a team due to personal resons. But keep making the world a better place. Everyone, even the smalest individual can make a difference

  3. Mr. Infamous (aka The Myth) says:

    I just moved to northern Florida, I will continue training looking for anyone who would like to team up. the world needs justice and someone has to do something. never give up, never show fear, and most important of all , know that THIS is who you truly are.

  4. night watch says:

    I want to join if your 12 dose it matter
    I want to help the poor
    And kick ass

  5. Eclipse says:

    I’m a Real Life Superhero (Of My Own) Located in Pawleys Island, SC. I might be starting a team for anyone who’s up for it. It’s gonna be named the Silent Saviors. Who’s up for it?

  6. INterested says:

    I am wanting to join i think.. I’m different and need to connect to others like me in the state of Missouri or worldwide if i get better with my abilities .. someone please contact me

  7. robin says:

    im from greece if enyone out there is from the same place pls anwser this comment. i want to be a rlsh but in greece things are difrent

  8. Mystic Z says:

    Hi my name is Mystic Z I’m new to this whole hero thing but I’ve always felt the urge to help I’m decent build strong like an ox and ready to help I still need to make a costume I just can’t decide so ideas would be appreciated I’m stationed in laporte Indiana but moving to los Angeles California I’m lookin to connect with others interested in help the community so find me in cali

  9. Gentleman Strangely says:

    I’m looking for folks in the Vancouver, Wa/ Portland, Or area to bounce ideas off of, train with and fight crime with. I have the largest intolerance for animal abuse and abuse of anyone without a voice for which to cry, “help me!”.

  10. The Hidden bowman says:

    Hey, i would like to see if anyone would like to join me North Carolina, Charlotte, Mathews.

  11. Kick-Ass says:

    Growing Up, I’ve Always Wanted To Be a Super Hero. I feel that theres a super hero in every one. I’m only 13 but I wanna get involved and try to help citizens in my local area which is Staten Island, New York. Please let me know how to join

  12. Infamous says:

    Hi, I live in Minnesota and I was wondering if I could join your project, I heard that Geist is in minnesota too so it could work right?

  13. harvey says:

    CAN I JOIN PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ TO be a real life superhero

  14. Senshi says:

    I design RLSH armor…a lot of you need it. Anyone in need of armor, and not cheap, homemade costume armor, but fully functioning, protective armor, HMU!!!

  15. Arachnae says:

    How to join this project ? I m from philippines i wish theres also like this in philippines too .

  16. MirandaEsque says:

    You all are phenomenal. I’ve heard enough horrible stories on the news in this one day in Tampa, Fl, that I literally felt my heart sink. And the same day I come across the Superheros doc, it sort of saved the day, something like what each of you have commited yourselves to doing on many thankless nights. Thank you for giving my heart strength today again, with a smile and curiosity. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You have not heard this enough in your altruistic lives. Bless you all, and please never stop being yourselves, you are a rare breed this world can’t afford to loose. Peace, Love, & Badassery – Miranda

  17. johnnyanonymous says:

    personal 2 cents here…I carry med supplies, quick concealable defense weapons, and a mask…I think alerting people to your presence with a flamboyant costume and wearing a mask “on patrol” is working against you. I absolutely respect what you do, and the choice is yours..Of course keeping your identity secret is important. but I like to dress normally, fit in, but always ready…cops don’t hassle me, criminals don’t target me…you’ll never know where I’ll turn up..maybe I’m the guy next to you….it just seems “cleaner”… stay safe your pal, johnny

  18. MidNight says:

    Hi im 17 and live in England, ive always wanted to do something like this and woundering if your willing to expand your group, mainly i was inspired by the film KICK ASS 2 but i know it will be nothing like that but its what ive always dreamed of doing.
    please let me know how to join

  19. Bronze says:

    I would like to join in this. If any of you guys know where I can get armor for cheap, please let me know. I want to help the soon to be storm of drug dealers in Idaho. It’s happening but it’ll be much bigger in a year or two.

  20. Red Knight says:

    Awesome orginization. I’ve wanted to do it since I was a kid and now I am starting in Fresno, California. Look out

  21. James says:

    I just watched a documentary about some of you guys. I think you may be crazy! But kind of inspirational too! There is a message at the end of the documentary I watched that says “Use your super powers!” My super power is my art. I was wondering if you had thought about a mini comic to tell your story? These can be made pretty cheaply, printed from any computer and passed out to get your message across. And they are easy to assemble. I live paycheck to paycheck, so I have no money to offer you. But I would be willing to offer my art. Maybe a ten or twelve page mini comic? Free of charge. I am an armature. Have done lots of comics work. a little of it published. But I don’t have samples of that saved on my computer. But I will post samples of some drawings. At any rate: I thought it might be fun to get involved! So, give my superpower a look! I am interested in contributing and not for financial gain!

  22. Magneto says:

    You can call me Magneto, im a good guy true story. I would like to join you.

  23. Kage says:

    I dont know if there´s any crimes in the small part of finland called Åland, but i´ll try anyway. anyone else living in finland, interested in fighting crime?

  24. The Rascal says:

    I wish to know how I would go about joining the ranks of your illustrious group. Please send any relevant information if at all possible.

    With thanks, The Rascal

  25. Kuazar says:

    My name is Kuazar. I’m currently in the military and currently reside in Alaska. I will be out of Alaska in a couple of years, but I still want to be able to help those in need. Does anyone have advice on how I could do superhero work and military work combined? Thanks.

  26. Blur says:

    I see potiential in everyone of you. The fact that a spark ignited inside of ach and everyone of you heroes shows that someday perhaps the world will be a better place. I can merely say that as an 18 yearold who runs to the trouble I know what it takes and what its like to have a feeling of remorse knowing that another person can go home safe,unharmed, and the fact that violence isnt the answer. As an Pheonix Jones you have showed the most potiential out of all. And someday i hope we will meet its yours and my fate. A new world for the better as Ialways say. Perhaps it will happen in a “Flash”

  27. The awakener says:

    Hi im the awakener i am here to awaken the world and show them that violence is not the key to get what you want ad to also show that if violence is the key it will be stopped any means nessary on my quest to awaken the world i will be helping the poor oranybody who needs it in anyway possible…i am located in las vegas nevada if anyone would like to join me on my quest please email me if i am aloud to join the rest of you…or if you would like to join me…thank you for taking the time to read my comment

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