Like us on Facebook. Watch us on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter. Get to know the real lives of the Real Life Superheroes, hitting the streets and doing real things. They help the homeless, dedicate time to charities, work to make their communities safe, and help kids regain a sense of the morality inspired by the comic books they grew up on.

They’ve arrived on the scene from every corner of the globe, in many cases entirely unaware that others had adopted this practice of Creative Altruism.

And now, staying connected with this latest evolution of the superhero is easier than ever. Make The Real Life Superhero Project a regular stop in your online world, and check back often for new additions, updates, and inspiration to make a difference in your part of the planet.

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477 Comments to “Connect”

  1. i am a Hero in the State of Virginia but my fiance lives in Canada and with the most recent weather that has destroyed cities and towns i am afraid for my woman and her kids the next place to become a wet rubble is Regina Saskatchewan Canada i need to know if we have any Heroes in the Canadian Region that is able to help with rescues cause people have turned up missing people have dies and houses are turning to rubble even bridges are collapsing due to heavy water damage they are in serious need of help any1 that can help them weather is be with rescue supplies or the actual rescuing please do so more information is provided here >>>

  2. Bat Beyond says:

    Hey I’m just wondering I’m only 15 but I feel that I can do more for the people I wanna fight for good I wanna make changes show people that there’s still good in life how can I get started

  3. Noctua says:

    I was wondering, as many people have, how to join the group or how to create one.

  4. The First Ethereal says:

    I would like to say you guys and girls are extraordinary and I look forward to joining your noble cause as well as making new allies. I wish to start in my home areas first with some of my British brethren before i move to America to help you. The only problem I face at the moment is someone to help branch my ideas across and finish my costume any advice would be very helpful. One last thing although I am very young I do wish to serve unless defeated for a large amount of years so that the streets will remain liberated and safe once more.

  5. Kinecton says:

    is there any branches in Sydney if yes then YES if no then I am starting a team called the hotshots (catchy hey?) can you give us any advice just like sword said?

  6. Marcud McNary says:

    it’s amazing what this worlds coming to we have Hero’s every day cops nures doctors now you guys this world is full of Hero’s but you guys delivering food to the homeless that’s even better its people like you that we can count on I have recently thought about being a superhero but you have to take alot of responsibilities but I’m willing to take those responsibilities ill fight on my own and will work alone thanks for inspiring

  7. The Dark Knight says:

    I am not an official member of any team yet, but I am very interested in learning more about you guys. I am based in the city of Baltimore and the surrounding counties. Thanks to my resource, I have managed to pick up the cowl and become the symbol of the Dark Knight. I am looking to connect with serious people like myself.

  8. The Blazin Bandit says:

    Hey guys, this website has really inspired me to let my hero self out in public, to bring out the good in my town. Thanks heaps!
    -The Blazin Bandit

  9. The Black Knight says:

    I am the Black knight from Illinois i am 13 and i can fight and i do parkour and i want to help people as much as possible

  10. Magen Veteto says:

    When I originally commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps there is a way you are able to remove me from that service? Thanks a lot!

  11. wolf roy m says:

    Hello Good evening.
    I appear I am Wolf-Roy-M I am from France and I adore helping people who there not one need not.
    And we are two my other friend is called Mister.
    Our passion is the great hero we are really a fan
    Thank you and soon has

  12. DeadMan says:

    hey can you guys help by telling how I find any one in Holland MI

  13. KW says:

    anyone interested in becoming an RLSH that lives in perth

  14. night hawk says:

    im night hawk and i am in palmdale california. how can i become a real life super hero

  15. Spyder X says:

    I would love to join I am from Malone, Ny a small city in upstate New York. A lot of drug activity around here and I would love to help young kids get off drugs since i was once an addict myself.

  16. Raptorman says:

    Hey all, my name is Raptorman. I’m a superhero stationed in the northern Virginia area. I just wanted to say how good it feels to know I’m not alone. Keep up the good work, and take your roles seriously! -///-

  17. Occulta Bellator says:

    i have always wanted to become a super hero, but the thought of going out and trying to stop the crime out there was all in all, terrifying, it was only after I discovered this website that I had the courage to go out and do something about the crime, even though i am a young teenager, I am well built and quite big for my age so i could pass as someone alot older than me, all I need, is the mask..
    I live in England, not quite the place for drug lords but never the less, you never know whats out there, hence why I’m trying my best to learn smart ways to outsmart and overpower opponents, once i have all the equipment i need, it will be time to show Plymouth, that there are people out there, fighting for justice.

    Occulta Bellator

  18. Batman says:

    I want to become a super hero and help with trouble in texas

  19. me and my sidkick would like to help

  20. archer says:

    im from croatia and would like to join jour team….i will be croatias first superhero

  21. The Shadow says:

    I am a rl hero but not a part of the rlsh so i wanna be The Shadow UK

  22. Jae Crusher says:

    Really good job i seen on the youtube videos and good theres a real hero like pheonix jones

  23. Shield says:

    Hi I’m new to all of this and would like some help getting started. I have always had a passion for helping people and would love to do this in My community.

  24. american eagle says:

    i am 12 years old and live in middlefield ct i just want to help

  25. Batman says:

    Hello, I am from Brazil and I Wanna Know How It Started This Project For Much Crime In The City Where I live.

  26. Bonjours je me nomme le transformateur. Je suis un des héros français de la hahuman force si vous voulez des information poser moi la question sur ce site internet. Merci de votre soutient

  27. Daniel says:

    Hello. I watched your videos in Youtube and I noticed that you are making one common mistake in your way of fighting crime. Superheroes shouldn’t walk in streets like normal people, it has no persuading effect on criminals and people don’t get encouraged by your presence. What have in common  Batman, Ironman or Superman? They don’t walk, they fly.

    Batman’s cape is completely viable in real life. In the following link is explained how a cape like the ones of Batman could help a person to glide considerable distances.

    The only problem is the landing speed (80Km/h for a person of 90kg and with a wing area size of 2.5 square meters) but I think that it can be solved by using something like shock absorber polymers. They are a kind of gel wich reduces impacts in about 90-95%. The best example is Sorbothane. You could use boots made of it for landing safely. Another problem is that Batman’s cape is made of a polymer which gets stiffy when ellectrically charged. In real life this doesn’t exist and I suggest you to develop a cape which opens itself with the mechanical system of umbrellas.

    Take this idea as a suggestion and think about it. A flying superhero is much more stunning and can prosecute the criminals as well as hide himself a lot easier than one who walks.


    Daniel Arriaga

    PD: Sorry for my bad English, I’m from Spain.

  28. THE RECON says:

    ‘A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom’
    like hit girl said “kick ass is not a costume its whom you really are”
    My Uncle died he was a good cop,he take cared of me like I was his son but one day he leaves the and said to me a true hero don’t required any strength it needs a courage,bravery and heart
    I promise him that I would do that when im ready because the day that he left he didn’t come back because he died trying to bust a big drug deal
    I want to do my promise to him and to the community

  29. Chess says:

    I’m a 13 year old girl who, pretty much grew up on superheros (thanks to family)
    Recently seeing the movie “Kick Ass” it inspired me to do some research, to lead me to this. I am located in central PA and I would love to help in some way. I may not know any cool moves, but i am willing to help out my neighborhood and the such, even though I am planning on taking Karate later this fall. Thank you for being an inspiration. <3

  30. Death Knight says:

    I have been in a lot of life struggles, but only acted once or twice on things. I saved 2 people at Hampton from drowning and after watching a lot of super hero movies and seeing what marines do. I was very convinced that this is something I would love to do no matter where, or what I am. I will however conceal identity besides to fellow heroes I meet. I want to make this clear everyday people can and will one day be like a comic book, but more engaged with technology. I want to be clear not heard from my real self. I want society to be better place including any terrorist or guys with guns, drugs, or braking the law violently excluded from society in jail. Doesn’t matter what race, ethnicity, or sex. I want to change the world and people in it to think more clearly. Helping anyone in harms way or who need help.

  31. Nobody says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I think this is so awesome! I would love to be a part of something like this. I have a military background, two degrees, and I’m quite proficient with computers/networking/hacking. I have an extensive martial arts background, covering three styles, although it’s been a while since I’ve trained any of it. I don’t have a superhero name, or a plan, but I have the desire to rid the streets of crime, and help the community I live in.

  32. ............ says:

    I hope you all look at this and remember “a person who narrowly escapes being run over by a car remains motionless, his limbs frozen with fear. But a baby, which knows no fear, would continue to move innocently because it has no fear complex, still being in its natural state of mind

  33. anti whistle blower says:

    I would like to join you guys. i live right next to detroit so there is a lot of crime. I just want to help out the community

  34. Clownpool says:

    Hey guys…… a new and amateur hero from germany….i want invite in youre team…..i would like help you……

    Nice greets


  35. The Stricker says:

    How do you sign up on here to be a hero?

  36. Blackout says:

    I want to help

  37. mysterious wind says:

    Please RLSH can i please join im only 11 but love for helping people is as big as all of yours i named myself mysterious wind because i try to find solutions for people as fast as wind blows by and im a superhero so i have to be a mystery to the world but not to the helpless so please let me join and ill start a branch in new zealand (where i live)

  38. The Split Personality says:

    I just want to say that you guys are awesome, I want to become a Hero in my community, but can never seem to find support/help. I do not want my identity out as well, because I am afraid of what others will think. So if you could please give me some help, I would appreciate it.

  39. The Split Personality says:

    I am training to become a hero in South Georgia, people don’t realize how bad it is and I’m going to stop it. I need support from others however, I’m still in school and barely have time to train. I love this cause, because this is who I want to be.

  40. Ashrira says:

    Hi….i am a 16yrs teen girl…5 feet 6 inches tall….i also want to be a RLSH….i even jumped from a 2 storyed balcony once…when i saw 2 boys beating up a girl….Am Indian…and i have known it for a long time since then…that this country really needs a super hero…there are corruptions…and i see deadly incidents occur every day in my life…children…women…everyone is a victim…even i feel in this trap….mentally and i really want to aid the homeless and needy…and end this corruption!!But am totally a newbie!!I would be obliged if someone can kindly give me some guidance..thanks in advance….

  41. Red Rubie says:

    I am here to say I am proud to have people like you guys in our communities. I myself do the same work, just nobody really knows. I’m like a ’secret’-hero; not a super-hero. I am very careful though and am just saying that I love what you guys are doing! PLEASE keep up the GREAT work!

  42. friendzoned says:

    Im not a hero yet, but i wanna be.
    I dont know what kind of real-life superhero i wanna be yet,
    (im not the greatest at fighting…
    Im not very old either…

  43. ShadyDingo says:

    What is the process of becoming a part of this? Or is it just the idea of setting it up ourselves elsewhere and across the world? I’m not interested in the hero aspect to “fight crime as a vigilante” but being able to help the community and the city when and where I can.

  44. City Hunter says:

    I only want to know about more of this Group and how to join it????

  45. Subject says:

    where do i sign up

  46. Wounded Healer says:

    I am interested in joining up with like minded heroes in the Denver/Colorado Springs areas in the coming months.

  47. Midnight says:

    Hello, RLSH!

    I am an eighteen-year-old girl living in the States, and I am currently piecing together a merry band of superheroes in my small-town community. We’ve spent the past few days exploring the world of real superheroes, imagining names for ourselves, creating costumes, and – most importantly – coming up with ways to make our community a better place to live in.

    I have dreamed of becoming a real-life hero for some time now, but I didn’t know how to go about morphing the dream into a tangible reality. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered this project and was prompted to get off my ass. You have paved the way for a group of amazing kids who are eager to make a difference. For that, I thank you wholeheartedly.

    Thanks, stay safe, and sorry about the sappy message.


  48. Midnight Larson says:

    I think deep down everyone is a super hero. I spend my night walking the streets of the town I live in looking for peope in need that I can help. I am 38 years old and have lived my life with autism and have been thru so much in life that made it very difficult for me. I have never had people I felt I could trust to reach out to and had to face all my problems mostly on my own. I fear of having children having to grow up facing the same lifestyle I had and would love to do something to pervent them from having to live life like that. I have come upon many circumstances where I could have prevented people from harm but have been afraid to get involved because I feel people would point the finger at me and blame me for getting involved. I respect you all for what you do and would love to do the same but how do deal with the law and explain why you keep getting involved in all these situations without having the law question your motives? I would really like to be part of the RLSHP but am not sure I have what it takes due to the fear of getting into trouble with the law myself and pushing my limits.

  49. Midnight Larson says:

    BYW I think you all have amazing costumes…not too sure am ready for that myself just yet though.

  50. the avenger says:

    i am a hero in chandler texas also tyler and frankston texas with my partner poltergiest its not about fighting its about doing whats right

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