Enter the “outsider” world of the Superhero. Look past the mask and discover the true spirit of Creative Altruism. Photographer Peter Tangen’s stark, arresting portraits of these ordinary men and women who have chosen to live extraordinary lives, reveal nothing short of the reinvention of what it means to do good in the world.

The second set of Tangen’s photographic images immortalize the superheroes in traditional “one-sheet,” theatrical posters, created by the leading art directors working in the field today. And while this may at first appear to reflect the very anthesis of the superhero ethos, for the many people their work has touched, this is their reality. This is how they are seen.

Follow your favorites—and meet new ones, too, as The Real Life Superhero Project continues. Bookmark this page, and check back regularly for the latest new additions to this gallery.

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18 Comments to “Gallery”

  1. G.I. Stone says:

    Im in jacksonville, Florida.. Im loving this movement, I want to help.. Where do I sign up..

  2. ross wild says:

    hey you guys are awsome ! i’m from scotland and you guys are famous world wide i love it its inspiring i would love to be one of use and stand up to all the bad in the world !

  3. stewart says:

    hi is this just an american thing im from wales and find it realy interesting could you message me some info on how to start

  4. Barricade says:

    Hi, I’m also in Jacksonville,Florida and I was wondering are there any superheroes here currently active? This place needs them.

  5. Xaberax/Hammerax/Xaber says:

    I’m from Malaysia and I’m inspired by what you guys do. Don’t mind the name above. i still can’t decide which name. i’ve always wanted to use the skills i have learned for good but it seems that theres not much thing happening around me. so i fear i may not be able to be as great as you real super heroes.

  6. Brian Bryson says:

    The only necessary for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

  7. trevor says:

    Well, I have always loved superheroes, from Batman to Wolverine, to Captain America to Hawkeye. and now seeing Soundwave and Jetstorm, I am inspired. I have this metal skull in the back of my room from an old Halloween costume, and I am tempted, so tempted, to try and do this.

  8. Hybrid says:

    a hero is not the costume but of your self inside. the costume add’s “i’m gunna kick your ass bad guys” to your courage! awesome RLSH!

  9. Grey tiger says:


  10. Tron Costume says:

    You’ve got great insights about Tron costume, keep up the good work!

  11. katniss says:

    i think you real life superheros are doing a great job but what i would like to know is why do you do this besides for the people?

  12. No Name says:

    I heard about you guys from NPR’s “Snap Judgement”. You guys are insprirational(: Keep up the GREAT work, I support your movement all the way!

  13. Bounty Hunter says:

    I applaud you all for your ability to NOT look the other way in the face of destitution and violence. As a professional bounty hunter by trade I am aware of what happens in the night and hope that you all will continue to remain vigilant and safe in your endeavors, do what you do but remember to leave the dangerous ones to the police or guys like me who have proper training. Good Luck and stay safe…

    Bounty Hunter

  14. march test says:

    Me and my sister were out yesterday and saw a movie about this. Awesome!

  15. Hernan Cenobio Castillo (Electro) says:

    Q tal amigos no saben la emoción q me da al ver ¡super heroes de verdad! y sobre todo porque son personas que se preocupan por hacer el bien al planeta y sobre todo a la gente que los rodea, me gustaría formar tambien un equipo como ustedes, aveces por las noches patrullo mi comunidad y soy sincero tengo miedo de estar solo y cuando veo algo mal llamo a la policía, porque me he llegado a topar con 3 o 4 tipos y es ahi donde me invade el miedo, ¿ustedes sienten lo mismo o que técnica aplican?, espero me contesten con la verdad para que eso me inpulce a continuar con mi lucha. Hasta luego… amigos

  16. irod says:

    hey I’m from Trinidad and we don’t have real life superheroes here. I just found out about this on National Geographic and I think I’d like to be the first in Trinidad to be a real life superhero. but what can I call myself and that can I do?

  17. Bailey says:

    I in time will be or would like to be a real life superhero but I’m just not sure we’re to start

  18. Forty-Two says:

    Hey i’m french, glad to say we studied your movement in english class!

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